MacTraders closed

The only Macintosh specialty shop on the Olympic Peninsula, MacTraders, closed on November 13, 2020. Employees of MacTraders were mainstays of Strait Macintosh User Group at various times over the past six years, and the store’s closing is a genuine loss to the community.

You can read about the closing on their site:

That leaves the nearest Macintosh specialty shop in Victoria: ReStart. ReStart is an Apple authorized reseller and an Apple premium service provider. Unfortunately, the border with Canada is still closed, but someday you will be able to hop on a ferry and visit the store in Victoria.

More practically, the nearest Apple Store, via the Kingston ferry, is the Apple Store at Alderwood Mall, in Lynwood. A bit farther away, also by the Kingston ferry, is the Apple Store in University Village, Seattle. The University Village store also features a living tree, growing through the roof.

If you don’t like ferries, but are fond of spectacular bridges, the Apple Store Tacoma Mall, in Tacoma, can be reached without a sea journey. It is a 90 mile trip, one way. If you drive around via 101 and I-5 to avoid the bridge, it is almost exactly 100 miles, one way.