Useful things

General reference


Apple security updates:

Apple downloads:

Apple directory of Apple Watch faces:

Apple definitions of vintage and obsolete products

  • This tech note has an epic list of Apple products, going back to the Apple I of 1976.
    • Vintage products were produced between 5 and 7 years ago.
    • Obsolete products were produced more than 7 years ago.

Test the speed of your internet connection: Measurement Lab

Vintage Apple information:

Products with Soul:

Services status

Essential reference


Radio Garden: global map of the world highlighting radio stations, and allowing you to play them with a click.

Japanese documentary on Steve Jobs (in English):

1988 documentary on the Spreadsheet Wars between Quattro, Always, Lotus 1-2-3, Full Impact, and Excel.

Geekier reference

How to turn off Smart TV snooping: Consumer Reports

DNS Leak Test:

Development documentation:

Internet Storm Center:

Unix toolbox:

Reading UNIX man pages:

Regular Expression (RegEx) cheat sheet:

macOS automation:

Macintosh upgrades and parts:

macOS X man (Unix “manual” pages to document Unix commands) pages:



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