Troubleshooting Windows, in the style of Chaucer

This is what happens when you are not quite as specific as you should be when using ChatGPT

Good sir or madam, I shall now provide thee with a list of window troubleshooting tips, adorned with Chaucer’s style. Attend closely to these words:
1. When yon window sticks, refusing to move,
Apply a touch of oil to ease its groove.
With gentle hand, anoint the sash with care,
And soon thy window shall glide forth, aware.
2. Shouldst thou find thy window pane be cracked,
With caution, lest thou be harmed or attacked,
Replace the glass with one new and whole,
And thus restore thy window’s precious soul.
3. If cold drafts do pierce through thy abode,
Inspect the seals, both narrow and broad.
Apply fresh caulking, to close each small cleft,
And keep thy dwelling warmly well-fortified.
4. When rainwater intrudes with forceful might,
Check the window’s frame, aye, left and right.
Ensure it be aligned, solid and square,
And shield thy home from the elements’ snare.
5. Shouldst thou hear sounds, like whispers on the breeze,
Investigate the window, if thou please.
Adjust the hinges, tighten each loose screw,
And banish the noises, elusive and few.
6. When sunlight’s glare dost pierce thy weary eyes,
Seek out window coverings, a clever guise.
Hang curtains or blinds, to dim the light’s glare,
And bask in a room, with softened golden air.
7. If a lock doth falter, refusing to secure,
With skill and patience, find a solution pure.
Replace the lock, or mend it with deft touch,
And guard thy dwelling from danger’s sudden clutch.
These window troubleshooting tips, by Chaucer’s pen,
May aid thee when window troubles do begin.
Yet if the issue persists, despite thy keen eye,
Summon skilled artisans, whose craft shall decry.