WWDC23, Troubleshooting Demonstration

WWDC23, Troubleshooting Demonstration
A Swift logo is used to promote Apple's World Wide Development Conference, starting at 10 a.m. PT on June 5, 2023.

Apple is using a Swift logo (Swift is a language developed by Apple) to promote their World Wide Developer Conference 2023, better known as WWDC23.. While it is aimed at programmers and software designers (and the Swift logo is a strong suggestion that development will be the main focus), Apple has traditionally highlighted a consumer-friendly introduction to new products, operating systems, and other goodies in the opening keynote of the conference. This year, the conference will be both in-person and streamed online.

The keynote — and everyone is encouraged to stream it, since it is free — starts Monday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, June 5, 2023. More details are available on Apple’s site. You can stream it on an iPad, Macintosh, or Apple TV — pretty much anything that can stream video from the Internet.

Then on Saturday, June 10, 2023, at 1 p.m., SMUG will have an in-person demonstration of Computer Troubleshooting for Non-Techies, covering both Windows and Macintosh computers, at Trinity United Methodist Church in Sequim. Check this website for more details, plus a poster for the event, plus three odd troubleshooting guides.

Woman computer techie and her faithful dragon busy troubleshooting four computers.

Computer Troubleshooting for Non-Techies, June 10

Join us for a free seminar on how to troubleshoot your computer on Saturday, June 10, 2023. The presentation is open to users of Macintosh and Windows computers.

Personal computers of all types — Windows, Macintosh, laptops,
desktops — are supposed to be “consumer friendly.” But when
they start acting up, they sometimes seem more fiendishly unfriendly.
SMUG will offer a free demonstration of basic troubleshooting
techniques for Macintosh and Windows consumers, with an
open question-and-answer period to discuss problems you may
be having and how to pin down the cause.

Place: Trinity United Methodist Church, 100 S. Blake Ave.,
Sequim, Washington
Time: 1-3 p.m., Saturday, June 10, 2023
Admission: free
Sponsor: SMUG (Strait Macintosh User Group),

Please grab a copy of the poster (PDF, 4.5 MB) or just look at it, below.

A Macintosh troubleshooting guide, a Windows troubleshooting guide, and a Windows computer troubleshooting guide are also available. They will not be used in the presentation.


May 2023 Apple Security Updates

Apple issued a large number of security updates on May 18, plus an unusual one earlier in the month for the AirPods and Beats headphones and earpods. The updates in many case also have performance updates (such as a bug that sometimes resulted in a long pause before a wireless Bluetooth keyboard synced with a Mac at startup, for example). And there is a hint that the updates are also laying the groundwork for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC23), which begins June 5.

An overview of the updates:

AirPods Firmware Update 5E133, AirPods 2nd gen. and AirPods Pro, AirPods Max

Issued April 11, 2023

Applied automatically when your AirPods are charging and your iPhone is within range of the charger.

Security update.

Beats Firmware Update 5B66, PowerBeats Pro, Beats Fit Pro

Issued May 2, 2023

Automatically updated when in Bluetooth range of paired Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Security update.

iOS 16.5, iPadOS 16.5

Issued May 18, 2023

For iPhone 8 and later, IPad Pro (all models), iPad Air 3rd gen. and later, iPad 5th gen. and later, iPad mini 5th gen. and later

Many, many security and performance updates.

iOS 15.7.6 and iPad 15.7.6

Issued May 18, 2023

For iPhones and iPads not capable of running iOS 16 or iPadOS 16

Many, many security updates.

macOS Ventura 13.4

Issued May 18, 2023

For all Macs that can run macOS Ventura

Many, many security and performance updates.

macOS Monterey 12.6.6

Issued May 18, 2023

For all Macs that can run Monterey but not run Ventura

Many, many security and performance updates.

macOS Big Sur 11.7.7

Issued May 18, 2023

For all Macs that can run Big Sur but cannot run Monterey or Ventura

Many, many security updates.

tvOS 16.5

For all Apple TV devices that can run tvOS 16

Issued May 18, 2023

Many, many security and performance updates.

watchOS 9.5

Issued May 18, 2023

For Aople Watch Series 4 and later

Many, many security and performance updates.

Safari 16.5

Issued May 18, 2023

The Safari update is included with the Big Sur, Monterey, and Ventura updates.

Several security updates.

You can sign up to get Apple’s security announcements by going to:


and filling in the relevant information. A typical message from the list will look like this. Yes, it is somewhat cryptic and technical, but the important thing is: it tells you there is a security update.

Hash: SHA256

APPLE-SA-2023-05-18-3 macOS Ventura 13.4

macOS Ventura 13.4 addresses the following issues.
Information about the security content is also available at

Apple maintains a Security Updates page at
https://support.apple.com/HT201222 which lists recent
software updates with security advisories.

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to bypass Privacy preferences
Description: A privacy issue was addressed with improved private data
redaction for log entries.
CVE-2023-32388: Kirin (@Pwnrin)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Entitlements and privacy permissions granted to this app may be
used by a malicious app
Description: This issue was addressed with improved checks.
CVE-2023-32400: Mickey Jin (@patch1t)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to bypass Privacy preferences
Description: This issue was addressed with improved entitlements.
CVE-2023-32411: Mickey Jin (@patch1t)

Associated Domains
Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to break out of its sandbox
Description: The issue was addressed with improved checks.
CVE-2023-32371: James Duffy (mangoSecure)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to observe unprotected user data
Description: A privacy issue was addressed with improved handling of
temporary files.
CVE-2023-32386: Kirin (@Pwnrin)

Core Location
Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to read sensitive location information
Description: The issue was addressed with improved handling of caches.
CVE-2023-32399: an anonymous researcher

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to bypass Privacy preferences
Description: This issue was addressed with improved redaction of
sensitive information.
CVE-2023-28191: Mickey Jin (@patch1t)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An unauthenticated user may be able to access recently printed
Description: An authentication issue was addressed with improved state
CVE-2023-32360: Gerhard Muth

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: A remote attacker may be able to cause unexpected app
termination or arbitrary code execution
Description: A use-after-free issue was addressed with improved memory
CVE-2023-32387: Dimitrios Tatsis of Cisco Talos

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to break out of its sandbox
Description: The issue was addressed with improved checks.
CVE-2023-32414: Mickey Jin (@patch1t)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to read sensitive location information
Description: A privacy issue was addressed with improved private data
redaction for log entries.
CVE-2023-32392: an anonymous researcher

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Processing an image may result in disclosure of process memory
Description: An out-of-bounds read was addressed with improved input
CVE-2023-32372: Meysam Firouzi of @R00tkitSMM Mbition mercedes-benz
innovation lab working with Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Processing an image may lead to arbitrary code execution
Description: A buffer overflow was addressed with improved bounds
CVE-2023-32384: Meysam Firouzi @R00tkitsmm working with Trend Micro Zero
Day Initiative

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to leak sensitive kernel state
Description: An out-of-bounds read was addressed with improved input
CVE-2023-32410: hou xuewei (@p1ay8y3ar) vmk msu

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to cause unexpected system termination or
read kernel memory
Description: An out-of-bounds read was addressed with improved input
CVE-2023-32420: Linus Henze of Pinauten GmbH (pinauten.de)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel
Description: A type confusion issue was addressed with improved checks.
CVE-2023-27930: 08Tc3wBB of Jamf

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: A sandboxed app may be able to observe system-wide network
Description: The issue was addressed with additional permissions checks.
CVE-2023-27940: James Duffy (mangoSecure)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel
Description: A use-after-free issue was addressed with improved memory
CVE-2023-32398: Adam Doupé of ASU SEFCOM

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to gain root privileges
Description: A race condition was addressed with improved state
CVE-2023-32413: Eloi Benoist-Vanderbeken (@elvanderb) from Synacktiv
(@Synacktiv) working with Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may bypass Gatekeeper checks
Description: A logic issue was addressed with improved checks.
CVE-2023-32352: Wojciech Reguła (@_r3ggi) of SecuRing

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to modify protected parts of the file system
Description: A logic issue was addressed with improved state management.
CVE-2023-32369: Jonathan Bar Or of Microsoft, Anurag Bohra of Microsoft,
and Michael Pearse of Microsoft

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to gain root privileges
Description: A logic issue was addressed with improved checks.
CVE-2023-32405: Thijs Alkemade (@xnyhps) from Computest Sector 7

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to bypass Privacy preferences
Description: A logic issue was addressed with improved state management.
CVE-2023-32407: Gergely Kalman (@gergely_kalman)

Model I/O
Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Processing a 3D model may result in disclosure of process memory
Description: An out-of-bounds read was addressed with improved input
CVE-2023-32368: Mickey Jin (@patch1t)
CVE-2023-32375: Michael DePlante (@izobashi) of Trend Micro Zero Day
CVE-2023-32382: Mickey Jin (@patch1t)

Model I/O
Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Processing a 3D model may lead to arbitrary code execution
Description: An out-of-bounds write issue was addressed with improved
bounds checking.
CVE-2023-32380: Mickey Jin (@patch1t)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to read sensitive location information
Description: This  issue was addressed with improved redaction of
sensitive information.
CVE-2023-32403: an anonymous researcher

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to modify protected parts of the file system
Description: A logic issue was addressed with improved state management.
CVE-2023-32355: Mickey Jin (@patch1t)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Opening a PDF file may lead to unexpected app termination
Description: A denial-of-service issue was addressed with improved
memory handling.
CVE-2023-32385: Jonathan Fritz

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to modify protected parts of the file system
Description: A logic issue was addressed with improved state management.
CVE-2023-32395: Arsenii Kostromin (0x3c3e)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Photos belonging to the Hidden Photos Album could be viewed
without authentication through Visual Lookup
Description: The issue was addressed with improved checks.
CVE-2023-32390: Julian Szulc

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to retain access to system configuration
files even after its permission is revoked
Description: An authorization issue was addressed with improved state
CVE-2023-32357: Yiğit Can YILMAZ (@yilmazcanyigit), Koh M. Nakagawa of
FFRI Security, Inc., Kirin (@Pwnrin), Jeff Johnson (underpassapp.com),
and Csaba Fitzl (@theevilbit) of Offensive Security

Screen Saver
Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to bypass Privacy preferences
Description: A permissions issue was addressed by removing vulnerable
code and adding additional checks.
CVE-2023-32363: Mickey Jin (@patch1t)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to access user-sensitive data
Description: This issue was addressed with improved entitlements.
CVE-2023-32367: James Duffy (mangoSecure)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to modify protected parts of the file system
Description: A logic issue was addressed with improved state management.
CVE-2023-32397: Arsenii Kostromin (0x3c3e)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: A shortcut may be able to use sensitive data with certain
actions without prompting the user
Description: The issue was addressed with improved checks.
CVE-2023-32391: Wenchao Li and Xiaolong Bai of Alibaba Group

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to bypass Privacy preferences
Description: This issue was addressed with improved entitlements.
CVE-2023-32404: Mickey Jin (@patch1t), Zhipeng Huo (@R3dF09) of Tencent
Security Xuanwu Lab (xlab.tencent.com), and an anonymous researcher

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: A person with physical access to a device may be able to view
contact information from the lock screen
Description: The issue was addressed with improved checks.
CVE-2023-32394: Khiem Tran

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to access data from other apps by enabling
additional SQLite logging
Description: This issue was addressed by adding additional SQLite
logging restrictions.
CVE-2023-32422: Gergely Kalman (@gergely_kalman)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to modify protected parts of the file system
Description: This issue was addressed with improved entitlements.
CVE-2023-32376: Yiğit Can YILMAZ (@yilmazcanyigit)

System Settings
Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app firewall setting may not take effect after exiting the
Settings app
Description: This issue was addressed with improved state management.
CVE-2023-28202: Satish Panduranga and an anonymous researcher

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: A remote attacker may be able to cause unexpected app
termination or arbitrary code execution
Description: A use-after-free issue was addressed with improved memory
CVE-2023-32412: Ivan Fratric of Google Project Zero

TV App
Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to read sensitive location information
Description: The issue was addressed with improved handling of caches.
CVE-2023-32408: Adam M.

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to read sensitive location information
Description: This  issue was addressed with improved redaction of
sensitive information.
CVE-2023-32415: Wojciech Regula of SecuRing (wojciechregula.blog), and
an anonymous researcher

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Processing web content may disclose sensitive information
Description: An out-of-bounds read was addressed with improved input
WebKit Bugzilla: 255075
CVE-2023-32402: an anonymous researcher

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Processing web content may disclose sensitive information
Description: A buffer overflow issue was addressed with improved memory
WebKit Bugzilla: 254781
CVE-2023-32423: Ignacio Sanmillan (@ulexec)

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: A remote attacker may be able to break out of Web Content
sandbox. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been
actively exploited.
Description: The issue was addressed with improved bounds checks.
WebKit Bugzilla: 255350
CVE-2023-32409: Clément Lecigne of Google's Threat Analysis Group and
Donncha Ó Cearbhaill of Amnesty International’s Security Lab

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Processing web content may disclose sensitive information. Apple
is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited.
Description: An out-of-bounds read was addressed with improved input
WebKit Bugzilla: 254930
CVE-2023-28204: an anonymous researcher
This issue was first addressed in Rapid Security Response macOS 13.3.1

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary
code execution. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been
actively exploited.
Description: A use-after-free issue was addressed with improved memory
WebKit Bugzilla: 254840
CVE-2023-32373: an anonymous researcher
This issue was first addressed in Rapid Security Response macOS 13.3.1

Available for: macOS Ventura
Impact: An app may be able to disclose kernel memory
Description: This  issue was addressed with improved redaction of
sensitive information.
CVE-2023-32389: Pan ZhenPeng (@Peterpan0927) of STAR Labs SG Pte. Ltd.

Additional recognition

We would like to acknowledge Sergii Kryvoblotskyi of MacPaw Inc. for
their assistance.

We would like to acknowledge Iconic for their assistance.

We would like to acknowledge OSS-Fuzz, Ned Williamson of Google Project
Zero for their assistance.

We would like to acknowledge Kirin (@Pwnrin) for their assistance.

We would like to acknowledge Koh M. Nakagawa of FFRI Security, Inc. for
their assistance.

We would like to acknowledge Khiem Tran for their assistance.

We would like to acknowledge Brandon Toms for their assistance.

Share Sheet
We would like to acknowledge Kirin (@Pwnrin) for their assistance.

We would like to acknowledge James Duffy (mangoSecure) for their

We would like to acknowledge an anonymous researcher for their

macOS Ventura 13.4 may be obtained from the Mac App Store or Apple's
Software Downloads web site: https://support.apple.com/downloads/
All information is also posted on the Apple Security Updates
web site: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201222.

This message is signed with Apple's Product Security PGP key,
and details are available at:

It is highly recommended that you install security updates immediately. While it is very easy to find people on the Internet recommending that you wait, it is very hard to find competent people recommending that you wait.

Apple iOS 16.4.1 and macOS Ventura 13.3.1

On April 7, Apple issued several security updates:

  • macOS Ventura 13.3.1 corrects a security vulnerability that could allow applications to change their security privileges; this was patched. Also patched was a vulnerability in WebKit (used by Safari, Photos, Reminders, and hundreds of other applications) that could be exploited by malicious software.
    • Also patched: some users (chiefly those in large corporations or other institutions) had problems with home directories located on external drives or servers; this was corrected. Other users had problems with the Quick Look function (that allows you to peek at files without opening them); this was corrected. Others had problems getting Universal Control and Handoff to work when using the Mac with other devices and iCloud; this was corrected.
  • iOS 16.4.1 and iPadOS 16.4.1 corrected an application security vulnerability similar to that in macOS Ventura, as well as a similar WebKit vulnerability.
    • Also patched were issues some people were having with the Weather app, some anecdotal issues with battery drain, and issues with the Home app (used for controlling smart home devices).

If you have a Mac capable of running macOS 13.3.1 Ventura, you are highly encouraged to install this operating system, and keep it up to date.

Similarly, if you have an iPhone or iPad capable of running iOS 16.4.1 or iPadOS 16.4.1, you are encouraged to update them, and keep them current.

If you absolutely, positively have a good reason to run an older Macintosh operating system, please consider getting a second Mac, and not allowing that Mac to touch the Internet. While Apple has a stellar reputation for creating secure devices, the security of your computer and portable electronics is closely tied to user behavior, and you are ultimately responsible for your own privacy and security.

If you have an iPhone that can’t run iOS 16, replace it. There is no other safe option.

March 21, 2023: Photo editing on the cheap

March 21, 2023: Photo editing on the cheap

The Strait Macintosh User Group meeting for March 2023 focused on photo editing, and how you could crop, resize, compress, and add captions to your photos using just the software that ships with your Macintosh (and iPhone and iPad). The demonstration involved macOS Ventura, Apple Photos, and Apple Preview.

Questions and Answers

Question about passwords — passwords that worked before do not seem to be working now. Your Mac automatically keeps track of passwords (from Apple programs, so yes, Safari and Apple Mail, but no, not necessarily Chrome or Firefox or Thunderbird) in a suite of software programs called, collectively, Keychain. Apple provides a utility to look at stored passwords, called Keychain Access. However, Keychain Access is written by engineers, and is not particularly user-friendly. If your Mac really did “remember” your password, you should be able to find it by using Keychain Access. However, you should also consider using 1Password, which is a commercial program that requires a subscription, but it is much easier to understand and can store, securely, a bunch of things (credit card numbers, secret notes to spies, loyalty card numbers, etc.) beyond just passwords.

A new MacBook Pro is not compatible with an existing laser printer — this may or may not be true. macOS can download drivers for a staggering number of new and obsolete printers. In Ventura, open System Settings > Printers & Scanners, press the Add Printer button, and if your Mac can “see” the printer, wired or wirelessly, it can probably find an appropriate driver. Printer and scanner manufacturers are notoriously poor about providing drivers for hardware they aren’t currently selling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it to work.

Planning to upgrade from a Mac Pro 2013 to Mac mini with M2 Pro processor — can I use the same external RAID? Most hard drives are warranted for 1 year, though a few may have warranties as long as 5 years. The RAID — with some adapters — should work with a new Apple Silicon-based Mac mini, but you might want to upgrade the RAID, too. You might consider upgrading the RAID, first, and copying everything from the old RAID to the new RAID, and then plugging in the Mac mini. The Mac mini (with appropriate adapters) should be able to handle the old RAID and the new RAID, allowing you to use the old RAID as a backup.

Later on, there was a brief discussion of ChatGPT, which has been in the news pretty much constantly recently. Vice President Lawrence Charters noted some of his interactions, and stated that ChatGPT isn’t really designed for heavy use, and is frequently unavailable, or slow, or unstable. This message was a frequent response to trivial questions:

Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.

There was an error generating a response

Regenerate response
ChatGPT Mar 14 Version. Free Research Preview. Our goal is to make AI systems more natural and safe to interact with. Your feedback will help us improve.

Other responses were accurate, if deflective, and some were quite funny:

Who will win the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament?

As an AI language model, I am not capable of predicting the future or the outcome of sporting events. The NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament is a highly competitive event, and the outcome depends on a variety of factors, including the skill and performance of each team, their preparation leading up to the tournament, and luck. The best way to find out who will win the tournament is to follow the games and see how they unfold.

Write a limerick on computer programming and kangaroos.

There was a programmer from Perth
Whose coding skills were quite an exert
But one day he went astray
And wrote a program for a stray
Now his code was jumping like a kangaroo alert!

Write a limerick on Apple Watch meeting an Android phone.

An Apple Watch and Android phone,
Met each other when they were alone,
They tried to connect,
But it was a reject,
Now they communicate by tone.

Write a haiku in Japanese

Certainly, here's a haiku in Japanese:


This is a famous haiku by Matsuo Basho, which is often translated as:

An old silent pond
A frog jumps into the pond—
Splash! Silence again.

One question involved passwords and Keychain, Apple’s technology for managing and storing passwords. Lawrence suggested as references Take Control Books, https://www.takecontrolbooks.com/ and several specific books:

Take Control of Your Passwords, https://www.takecontrolbooks.com/passwords/

Take Control of 1Password [one password is a commercial password management program] https://www.takecontrolbooks.com/1password/

Take Control of iCloud [Apple uses iCloud to synchronize passwords between Apple devices] https://www.takecontrolbooks.com/icloud/

Another question involved where to send membership checks or membership renewal checks to Strait Macintosh User Group. The address can be found in the Join link in the top menu of the website.

For other questions, and sometimes appropriate answers, please see the video or the transcript, below.

Photo Editing on the Cheap

The most common photo editing needs are:

  • Cropping: getting rid of unwanted sections of a photo, or changing the orientation from vertical to horizontal — Apple Preview or Apple Photos
  • Straightening: changing the “horizon” of the photo so that the world, or room, does not look crooked. — Apple Photos
  • Exposure: correcting for under or overexposure — Apple Photos and, to a lesser extent, Apple Preview
  • Color correction: Correct for poor color, such as the yellow cast that comes from incandescent lighting. — Apple Photos and, to a lesser extent, Apple Preview
  • Captioning: adding captions to photos. — Apple Photos and Apple Preview.
  • Masking — Apple Preview, or, on the iPhone or iPad, Apple Photos.

You can do all of these editing functions with Apple Photos and Preview. For example, you can turn a photo of someone walking on a curb, copy just the person, insert a caption or title over the photo, and paste just the person back over the photo, to make it look as if the title is embedded in the photo and the person is walking toward it, like this:

Using Apple Preview to create a mask of the subject, then using Preview's annotation function to add a title, and then pasting back the masked subject over the top, to create an embedded title.

Using Apple Preview to create a mask of the subject, then using Preview’s annotation function to add a title, and then pasting back the masked subject over the top, to create an embedded title.

Or use Apple Preview to modify a photo of a famous Chinese spy balloon and add a photo of a child jumping over the balloon:

Chinese spy balloon turned into child'd toy through Apple Preview masking magic.

Chinese spy balloon turned into child’s toy through Apple Preview masking magic.

There is one piece of software mentioned in the meeting that was not made by Apple: ImageOptim. ImageOptim is a free (free!) utility that compresses photos, so that they take less room when sent in an email or put on a website, or embedded in a document. It is free (free!) and easy to use: just drag one or more images on it, and ImageOptim will compress them. You can get it here:


And, if you care, they also make a Windows version.

A video of the meeting, including the Question and Answer (Q&A) session, is shown below. Closed captioning is available, if you select it in YouTube, and a transcript is also provided below the video.

Photo editing on the cheap, plus questions and answers.

Transcript of the meeting. The numbers in the left-hand column is the time, using a 24-hour clock. 18:39:05 translates to five seconds after 6:39 p.m. Pacific Time.

18:39:05 Turn on close captioning. And the reason why is that closed captioning, in addition to giving you closed captioning also makes a trcript of what we're talking so that I can later on find what lies I told people.
18:39:25 There is a book called Take Control of Icloud and take control of Troubleshooting.
18:39:31 Your Mac. I'm gonna show you the one for Icloud, because I know it has a a chapter on on key chain, and if you have the chat window open I'm going to the URL into the chat window.
18:39:48 So that, you can see what the book is. It's an electronic book.
18:39:54 You can buy it online. And the E, and then download it immediately, so that you can start reading it.
18:40:03 But what teaching is? It's a database on your macintosh that keeps track of passwords, and a lot of passwords you use passwords all the time when you log into your computer after rebooting or trinity it on you're using after your username and
18:40:21 password, and it's being stored in Keychain.
18:40:22 The other nice thing about Keychain is that if you haven't, if you have an iphone or an imax any password that you use on your on your iphone or your ipad automatically get synced to icloud and get synced to your mac so if you log, into your
18:40:40 your bank, from from your computer, and then you're out at the grocery store and you wanna check on what your bank is doing.
18:40:49 You can do that from your iphone, even though you've never logged in from your iphone.
18:40:58 Okay.
18:40:54 The key chain will remember what your bank password is, so it's very handy because it syncs among all the apple devices.
18:41:12 Okay.
18:41:04 But the reason why I don't recommend that you try and edit it with a reference is that it's really easy to delete things that you say.
18:41:16 I've never I don't know what this is. I'll just delete it.
18:41:17 Okay.
18:41:17 And then, later on, that you really needed that.
18:41:21 Right. So you you did send something, and I could see that it would be a way to get you to get to the book that you recommend.
18:41:31 And then it disappeared was just a tiny little.
18:41:35 Well it should scroll. It should be in the chat window.
18:41:41 If you open up the chat window, it should appear there.
18:41:44 There it is. Okay. Thank you. And it'll just stay there.
18:41:49 Okay.
18:41:49 Yes, and at the end of the at the end of the session, where that there's 2, little, 3 little dots down at the bottom of the chat window, and if you click on it you'll see that you can save the chat so anytime anyone types anything in during the meeting into the
18:42:17 Okay.
18:42:06 Chat window. It'll it'll save all the chat messages to a text file so that you have a copy of what we talked about and things that we might have referenced I'm going to type something into it later on.
18:42:20 When I get to talking about tonight. So topic.
18:42:27 But the key chain is just a little on the confusing side.
18:42:34 It's extremely important. But it wasn't really designed to be user friendly.
18:42:41 There is a commercial program that that I you personally use instead of keychain.
18:42:48 Mike Mac still uses Keychain. I'm not saying I'm replacing it, but there's a commercial program called One Password.
18:42:55 That does a really nice job of saving your passwords, your credit card information member member cards like you.
18:43:07 There, you if you were a member of various rewards.
18:43:12 Things you can store rewards things in there, and all kinds of things.
18:43:16 You can store, or just notes like, for example, when I go to the to the doctor's office, and they want to know what drugs are you taking?
18:43:25 I don't remember what drugs I'm taking.
18:43:26 They've got these, you know, 47 character long names. I don't know what they're so I type those into one password and a note, and then I can bring that up at the doctor's office, and they say, are you taking section section.
18:43:40 I say yes, and they say how much? Oh, I'm taking 50 milligrams, and it's it's there on my phone.
18:43:47 So I don't have to when they give me that sheet to fill out.
18:43:54 Okay.
18:43:50 I just say, huh! I got this because I already know.
18:43:57 So I recommend, when password, what password costs money, key change built in your Mac, so you can use it for free.
18:44:03 But it's it's just one password is just much easier to understand and much easier to edit.
18:44:13 Okay.
18:44:12 Then thank I cannot tell you. The number of people that I've had to rescue after they edited Keychain and ended up destroying something that one person deleted the passwords that they were using for their other computer which was awkward but
18:44:37 Problematic yeah.
18:44:36 hmm, Uhhuh, yeah, there are times there are times when we try to make things simple, and it turns out less than simple.
18:44:50 Anyway? Any other questions. Yes.
18:44:52 I have a question. Hi, just recently purchased a used Hi, Mac, because my macbook pro I downloaded the latest and greatest operating system.
18:45:09 But I have a hey laser, printer, brother, printer, that's older, and they won't support that operating system.
18:45:19 So I'm not willing to give up that I didn't want to give up my my printer, laser printer, so I just got a a used imac.
18:45:31 Okay.
18:45:32 So. And I'm using that and it prints. You know, it works perfectly problem I'm having is to, you know normally you have an Imac, and then you might add a macbook pro.
18:45:45 And I'm sort of going the opposite direction. So like I can't get both of my email addresses to link on the Imac, and I don't know how I put in my when I first got it, I went through my.
18:46:07 Anyway, so is there some way that I can check to link it to the cloud?
18:46:13 To my cloud account.
18:46:16 What? What kind of who's your email account with?
18:46:20 It's with Gmail.
18:46:23 Gmail. It should just happen automatically.
18:46:32 Okay.
18:46:30 If if you go into, let me show you easiest way is to share that screen and that's kind of not what I was interested in.
18:46:41 Sharing. But go away. Go away. If you go into yeah system preferences is that? No, it's not.
18:47:00 I'm thinking over. Thank you. An old operating system.
18:47:08 I don't remember where you have accounts now. Internet accounts.
18:47:13 There it is, and unfortunately I can't move this screen because there's a bar at the top.
18:47:23 From zoom that makes it difficult. You go into Internet accounts and use.
18:47:28 I have Icloud and Google. But if I had say, I didn't have Google here, you just say add account, you pick what kind it is.
18:47:36 Google. And then it says to open a browser Google requires that you do this using a web browser, you open a browser.
18:47:46 It goes to gmail dot Ddd. And it doesn't like this, because I've I'm doing a zoom session same time.
18:47:55 So things are slow, but pretending I was in there.
18:47:58 It'll ask for my name and as a password, and assuming I do it correctly, it'll just add my Gmail account right there, and that will happen on your macbook, or it'll happen on your Imac.
18:48:13 Both of work the same way you do have to put in your your, the correct username and password.
18:48:20 But that's that's basically all you have to do.
18:48:24 And then it remembers that. And if you write a message on one machine it'll appear in the cent folder on your other machine, and if you write a new message on your other machine it'll appear on the scentma folder on the first machine.
18:48:40 It. It's basically just one account. It's 2 different views of the same account.
18:48:44 I. So I've gone through that, and I have added it.
18:48:47 And it says it already has it but a like on my ipad and my iphone.
18:48:54 It shows. You know, I can like you're saying in both accounts.
18:48:59 Show there, for some reason on me that my new Imac doesn't show the second email address.
18:49:08 And it's not that big a deal, but it would just I'm just curious why it didn't.
18:49:13 Sync, you know.
18:49:14 Well did you get? Did you get an error message or anything, or did it? Just not?
18:49:18 Oh, it's it's there, but it doesn't show.
18:49:21 I can put it under favorites, but none of it isn't bringing over any of the messages.
18:49:28 Okay, something to think about. If you have touched something typed in the search bar in in your email account, it will show no messages.
18:49:44 Okay.
18:49:40 If nothing matches that. So we have to clear your search bar and the other thing to note is that it is the firm.
18:49:47 I'll go back here again, for if you bring up mail email, mail is on the other screen, you may have it so that it's not showing, because it's so.
18:50:02 It's minimized. So, for example, I have all of these different accounts.
18:50:05 Actually, I only have 2, but the icloud here is minimize.
18:50:10 So if I bring it down now, it's showing Icloud.
18:50:11 Bring Google here. Now, it's showing Google. They're there.
18:50:15 And up here at the top, showing all the inboxes at once, so depending upon.
18:50:22 If you're using apple mail for your mail client or Google, it may be that you just have told it to minimize it, and it's there, and you just don't see it.
18:50:29 Okay. Okay.
18:50:30 Uhhuh, but it as an example. Let me come up here to my search bar.
18:50:36 Come on. Search bar. Huh!
18:50:39 Go! Be there!
18:50:43 Where is the search?
18:50:48 Oh, there it is, usually on my regular account.
18:50:52 I don't have it there. So that's why I'm confused.
18:50:56 But if you type in Jeff, and that's Zach.
18:51:03 Sorry, and that's apparently I'll type in something else if I have something here in the search bar.
18:51:11 You come over here and you don't realize that this is in the search bar.
18:51:14 All of your messages look like they're blank, and they're really not blank.
18:51:17 It's just you need to go over here and clear the search bar that the search bar filters everything.
18:51:26 And if you forgot that you're searching for something you think, why aren't there any messages here?
18:51:30 And it's just because you haven't cleared the search bar.
18:51:33 So that's another way that you can do it. But quite often it's because people have minimized this, or they've even for some reason, turned it off.
18:51:43 And if you do that, then it's it's not going to show up.
18:51:47 So for example, here, if I go into my male settings, I can go into my accounts.
18:51:53 I can come here, and I can make that inactive, and if I make it inactive, it's just doesn't show up, and you can do that.
18:52:00 Sometimes accidentally, cause I've done that accidentally. So.
18:52:06 So there several possibilities there. But if it's a Googler email account you typed in the name and address, and it says it's there and it act. Then I would look to make sure that you haven't hidden in some way.
18:52:22 Okay. Thank you.
18:52:23 I had, I think I told this story before I had one of my coworkers in National Ocean, and it can atmospheric administration who told me that his email box was empty, and I knew that he never threw away anything so I found the hard to believe and he went over there.
18:52:43 And there was nothing there, and I said, Send yourself a message.
18:52:47 And so he sent himself a message, which means that that it should discipline, and then it should reappear in the screen, and it disappeared, and then it reappeared just as a flicker, and disappeared, and I thought what the hell he had set a a script, that said put
18:53:06 all red messages into red mail. Well, since he was in the inbox as soon as it shows up, but we count as being read and put it in his read Mail.
18:53:18 So his inbox looked like it was empty. No, it wasn't empty.
18:53:22 It's just he had set this script, and I tried really, really, really hard.
18:53:27 Not to laugh, but I had. I had never seen anyone do that before, and it cracked me up.
18:53:33 But I'm not making fun of him, or you.
18:53:36 I'm just saying that with with email, you kind of have to think like a robot.
18:53:42 The computer's not particularly bright, and if you told it, for whatever reason, to nest your email messages or to filter them, or something like that, it'll do it.
18:53:53 It does. It doesn't really care. Why, it'll do.
18:53:56 And sometimes you have to. If it says it's there, then then believe it, and then see what it is that you might have done to make it be invisible.
18:54:07 I had. Yes!
18:54:10 Yes.
18:54:07 I'm sorry I have a question. So on my iphone for settings.
18:54:16 I have no clue. Anything about family sharing, because it's just me, and it says family.
18:54:25 It's got my little red dot that says it needs to be updated family purchase sharing up.
18:54:29 And then it says, You know, view details, and it says, then the my next thing says, Allow sharing but I don't want to allow sharing. If it's just me.
18:54:39 So what do I do?
18:54:43 At some point you might have turned on family sharing.
18:54:45 But if there's nobody to share it with, then, if family sharing can is usually for things like photos and a bunch of other things, and just go see if you've accidentally turned it on, we have a family plan for Kathleen and I have a family plan that also
18:55:05 includes our daughter in England, because it's the easiest, fastest way to get pictures of our granddaughter.
18:55:12 But if you if you're not intending that, then you've probably turned it on in either photos or documents.
18:55:20 Hi Ted it on in photos to share something on photos.
18:55:24 So that's what that is.
18:55:24 Oh, okay, if you turn it on in photos, you don't have to turn on family sharing.
18:55:29 Okay.
18:55:32 Okay.
18:55:29 You can share individual photos or do a lot of people do.
18:55:35 And just email it, that's one of the things going to be talking about tonight is how to shrink your photos.
18:55:40 So you don't blow up people's mailboxes.
18:55:41 So where do I find vine sharing? Is it in my settings?
18:55:46 Is it what I?
18:55:50 Okay.
18:55:46 It's in this. I think it's in the settings for photos, but I've had it turned on forever, and I'm not absolutely sure.
18:55:54 Yeah.
18:55:54 Hi! Thank you.
18:55:58 Hey? You got about 5 more minutes before we start. So.
18:56:01 Laurence, I have a question. I talked to you last time about the fact that I'm I have a Mac.
18:56:10 Yes.
18:56:09 Pro 2013. It's on his last legs, and I can't update it to the latest operating system.
18:56:16 Yes.
18:56:18 So I'm looking at a Mac mini pro to replace it.
18:56:22 Yes.
18:56:22 But I have a external Owc. For bay 4 TB each.
18:56:33 Drive that lot of my photos and things are on. Can I upgrade my Mac?
18:56:41 Minnie, and keep my bay for a while without upgrading the bay.
18:56:53 Yes, it is real.
18:56:46 Yes, yes, you can. But if the if your rate it cause it is a rate, if it's Scott, for if your raid if the drives in the raid are more than 5 years old, and the Mac pro came out in 2,013 the the longest warranty, you can get for
18:57:07 our hard drive is 5 years. So if you're approaching that 5 and some places only have them a year warranty.
18:57:15 But it depends upon the manufacturer. So the some have one somewhat tab, 2, some have 3, some have 5, but if you're drive has a one year warranty, and you're on, its fourth or fifth year, then you're probably already into replacement range, there, and if it's got a 5 year.
18:57:33 warranty, and you've had 8 years, and you're also well into the replacement range.
18:57:38 And I mentioned this because if you have a new machine and your new machine is doing things, and when you plug in your rate into your new machine, you'll need an adapter for that, by the way, but when you plug your raid into your new machine the first thing, your new machine is going to do is
18:57:53 re-index everything because it's a new operating system, and so on, so forth.
18:57:57 That's creates an awful lot of dis activity.
18:58:02 And I can tell you a number of people that the first thing they did with their new machine was, plug it into these old drives that re-indexed everything derived, overheated, and died.
18:58:10 Oh no!
18:58:09 And I'm not saying that's going to happen to you.
18:58:12 But I do want you to to give some serious thought to either buying replacement drives to replace the ones that you have, that you bought.
18:58:22 Whenever you bought them, or to get a new raid.
18:58:32 No!
18:58:27 The raid that you have right now, I know, does not have thunderbolt, for which is what is offered on the new Mac Macbook Pros.
18:58:37 So drive a rate that had Thunderbolt forward.
18:58:41 Be a good idea, and or thunderbolt 3, for that matter.
18:58:51 Hey? Are they doing? Between 3? The difference between 3 and 4?
18:58:57 Is not that dramatic? But yeah, they, if getting a new thunderbolt rate, is probably a good idea.
18:58:45 I was gonna say, the Owc's highest thunderbolt is a 3 right now.
18:59:06 You probably don't have to do it immediately. But you do want to think about the fact that if you're running old tires and on your new sports car, that's probably not good for either the sports car or the tires.
18:59:19 So I at first I was gonna replace both of them upfront, and then I thought, What if I do?
18:59:26 The Mac Mini first, and then, you know, after things settle down, then upgrade the Owc bank.
18:59:35 But you're saying it's gonna re-index, and it might be not worth it right.
18:59:42 I'm not gonna say that it's gonna re-index. It.
18:59:46 Then you're old. Rate is going to go.
18:59:47 Proof. I'm just saying that plugging a raid that's been formatted back in 2,013, plugging it into a Mac Mini and new Mac Mini is going to be running apple silicon the operating system because it's completely different the operating system
19:00:05 Bye!
19:00:07 is also so far more advanced than it was back then.
19:00:10 So it's going to spend a lot of time re-entering that raid.
19:00:15 It'll basically rewrite pretty much everything. And if there's something wrong, even a little thing wrong with the old raid, it could be it could be bad.
19:00:24 What I have done when I've had similar things. What I do is I buy a new raid, and then I use that new raid to suck the brains out of the old.
19:00:34 So could I do so. You're saying, maybe do the drive first even though I'm on a older operating system with my Mac pro.
19:00:45 Do the drive first, and then upgrade to the next.
19:00:53 Okay. Yes.
19:01:01 Really paranoid.
19:01:01 I mean I can do it all at once. But if I don't know how to do this, and am I?
19:01:23 A little question is, when you buy an Owc. Drive, it comes optionally with software software if you want it. But I don't have that right now.
19:01:25 Yeah, it's.
19:01:23 I think I'm just using Mac raid software. I well, initially, when I set it up, I was using the server software because it wasn't integrated in the Mac at the time.
19:01:33 So I actually had separate server Max Server software.
19:01:38 Now it's all integrated, and I'm not quite sure you know, so much has changed since then, so.
19:01:46 The service offer is actually fairly irrelevant.
19:01:48 You can actually turn it off on the on your old machine.
19:01:52 It's not necessary that it be turned on for anything and the way in which you get the stuff from your old rate to your new rage, you just plug them.
19:02:02 You plug them into each other, and you just grab folders and you just drag it to the new machine.
19:02:09 I usually do it in stages, and and I color code.
19:02:16 The the folders after I'd made them. I color code.
19:02:20 Them blue blue means they've been black backed up, but you can colorcod it any way you want, but just keep track of which ones you've dragged over.
19:02:28 So you make sure that you get everything but you know, take, like, you know, 50 GB 100 GB, 200 GB, whatever you want to at a time.
19:02:40 And drag that over until everything is done doing it in stages, does 2 things.
19:02:46 First, it confirms to you that you're doing it right, and second, it minimizes the amount of time that both drives are spinning and using electricity.
19:02:58 It gives them a chance to rest.
19:03:00 So are you doing this? Would you do this while with my Mac pro before upgrade?
19:03:06 The AIM when you plug, if if you, if you have, if you're not changing anything on your old raid, and you copy everything to the new rate, then you plug your your new Mac mini into the new rate, everything should work perfectly the new, rick the new Mac
19:03:23 Mini is still going to index everything but I shouldn't really cause any great strain, and if there is a problem, keep in mind, you still have your old raid.
19:03:34 That's true, right?
19:03:34 There. So it's basically your backup at that point.
19:03:40 Okay. I'm very nervous about all this.
19:03:44 I didn't set it up. In the first place, I had Mac. Traders actually did it for me, and so I'm trying to put the pieces together in the right order.
19:03:56 Yeah, well, I'm just very. I'm just very paranoid myself.
19:04:02 So I tend to do things in stages.
19:04:09 Somebody asked a question and asked if I have a sign in sheet.
19:04:14 No, I did not make a sign in sheet.
19:04:19 So sorry about that. I should have. But no, just do it, do it in stages, do one bit, then do another bit, and because, among other things that it reassures you that you're doing it right.
19:04:33 Thank.
19:04:32 Lawrence.
19:04:34 Yes.
19:04:37 While this conversation has been going on, I've been writing D, the screen names of everybody who's here.
19:04:45 That's useful.
19:04:46 I could, so I could, you know, backup.
19:04:50 Yes, thank you.
19:04:52 Okay.
19:04:54 Mine. It's a time to go onto a program and is is our president here?
19:05:05 I don't see her.
19:05:08 I'm here.
19:05:10 Huh! Well!
19:05:14 I'm here.
19:05:13 She's with. She's with that she's with an Alice.
19:05:17 Oh, okay. Sorry.
19:05:17 Yeah, she's here. Good evening, everybody, and welcome.
19:05:27 I just put in the on the side there where we have the chat window for the address, for to send your yearly dues.
19:05:40 They are $24 per year per household if you haven't done so, could you?
19:05:46 Please just do that. And for those that have a we really appreciate it.
19:05:51 I have a question. Does anybody here know a Jim Arnold and Elizabeth lead?
19:06:02 Hello, butchering the last minute. Does it sound familiar to anybody? Lauren?
19:06:10 Hey! Have you spoken with any of either of those 2 names?
19:06:14 I don't have.
19:06:14 They sent us dues. But we don't have an email address for them.
19:06:21 Well, unfortunately, I can't wait. Could could you send me an email message with that?
19:06:26 And I'll take a look I can't see the database with with.
19:06:32 I made my fake user account right now, so I can't see. Can't see the records.
19:06:33 That's fine. I can.
19:06:36 You. You want checks, right?
19:06:38 Yes, please. Yeah. And do you see the address there in the chat where you can send it to? And.
19:06:47 Would you make it out? Who do you make it out to?
19:06:51 Smart. Okay.
19:06:49 Smug. Yeah, it's yeah. And it's a secure mailbox.
19:06:57 If people are concerned, it's it's like a Po box, but it's a personal one here by the oases in that parking lot.
19:07:07 So it would be secure if we don't check it daily.
19:07:12 I think that's everything. Oh, and, Lauren, I just have to tell you we really appreciate you and thank you always for doing such awesome meetings and a big thanks to your lovely wife, Kathleen, for always doing dictating and posting and the notes that's fantastic you don't get
19:07:32 enough appreciation or I don't know if people think you in private or not.
19:07:37 But we definitely appreciate you.
19:07:38 Thank you.
19:07:40 And now I turn it over to analyze the register and show, update the the money that was taken in.
19:07:48 I think through the news. Yeah, we got 5 more membership payments this last month, and like Sabrina said, We really thank you for sending a meeting.
19:08:03 And now at this point the balance is a $2,099 and 90 cents, and no expenses.
19:08:13 This month, Lawrence, you said you're gonna have some coming up right.
19:08:19 Yes, I there's there's the renewal for the the Forum software on the site, and also some wordpress expense.
19:08:34 But I don't remember offhand what it was.
19:08:39 I. I'm not terribly diligent about keeping track of this stuff, but that's.
19:08:52 Yup!
19:08:47 I just know there was something that was coming up in the end couple of months or so, and the other question was, When did you want to do it?
19:08:57 The in person. Have we discussed that?
19:08:59 We did, but then I got my church is busy doing the run up to Easter, and so I got.
19:09:09 I've been kind of swan with that, but I wanted to do it on a Saturday, and the reason why is that if we do it on a Saturday afternoon, that it's light out and such, and so it's easier for people to do things, and Sundays it's
19:09:30 hard for it's hard at a church to do anything on a Sunday but a Saturday afternoon.
19:09:35 People are working short should be off, and people don't have to drive in the dark and so on.
19:09:40 So forth, so as I, as, and just. Sometime April, May, June, I'd like to do it before we get too much further into summer.
19:09:56 Simply because it's a. It's kind of a public service thing.
19:10:00 And B. It would. There's some things that I really can't over.
19:10:06 Zoom I kinda have to have. I have to do it in front of people, because if I reboot my machine during a zoom everything goes bye-bye.
19:10:15 So!
19:10:15 Okay, just that. We leave enough time and not try to do it.
19:10:21 At the end of the meeting, when you're creating, you know, finishing up.
19:10:25 Right.
19:10:26 And I thought maybe we betterd better to discuss it prior to, so that we give it enough time.
19:10:31 So this is something that smock will put on, but it is a community.
19:10:36 It's open to the community.
19:10:38 Right? Okay.
19:10:39 And it'd be it'd be something that among other things, we need enough time to actually kind of advertise it.
19:10:46 Then tell people that we're doing it. Hey, June!
19:10:50 Yeah, yeah, so, we're probably looking at May, June and order to have enough lead time to do this.
19:11:01 And we have to make sure that the churches, and doing something else that same Saturday like, for example, somebody asked me to do something next Monday, and I said, No, can't do that.
19:11:13 We're having a blood drive. And they're saying, you're having a blood drive a church and says, Yeah, we go through a lot of butt at our church and says, Yeah, we go through a lot of butt at our church.
19:11:23 Okay. Sounds good.
19:11:27 Any other questions?
19:11:31 Okay, I wanted to talk tonight about photo editing, using basically stuff that you already have do stuff for free.
19:11:44 And a lot of people don't know what their Mac and their iphone and their ipad can really do.
19:11:51 I would. There's one. There's one thing that I do all the time that you can't do for free.
19:11:56 It does cost something. But for most of the stuff that most photo editing that people need to do, they can do using tools that they already have. And I'm going to share my screen.
19:12:14 And turn off stuff that I don't need, and move this bar some place else, because it's in my way.
19:12:23 First thing I wanted to do is talk a bit about photos. Photos, has a whole bunch of editing tools built in.
19:12:36 And.
19:12:45 Has a bunch of editing tools built in, and a lot of people haven't really thought about it.
19:12:51 This is just a collection of random stuff that I threw into a library.
19:12:56 The library. Among other things, you can sit here and look at thumbnails of the various things that you have in your in your library.
19:13:05 You can also change the size of the thumbnails so you can have it like this, which I think looks really cool even though it's impossible.
19:13:13 Actually see anything, or you can zoom in so that it's so.
19:13:16 The individual photographs are quite large. Most people will want to have it, and something like that size, so they can scroll through things and actually have some idea you can sort things by years by months by days, or you can just go all photos which again, is something a lot, of people have had been had this for years never
19:13:38 paid attention to it. The Mac automatically iphone does this to automatically sorts things into what it calls memories.
19:13:49 And these are topics that the Mac picks out either because there are a bunch of photos introduced on that day, or you created as a series of events that it thinks are interesting, or you have a I created an album called airplane.
19:14:04 So it made a thing called airplanes, cause it things I like airplanes.
19:14:09 Memories are done by the computer with the, with a few exceptions, you can create new memories, but for the most part these are automatically generated.
19:14:17 If we had a bunch of people it would have people by photos that I have really don't have any people.
19:14:24 But normally a lot of us will have a whole bunch of pictures of people there.
19:14:28 Places are places that the Mac can figure out from the photographs where they were taken.
19:14:36 So, for example, this showing that there are 3 photos that were taken in Denver, and I happen to know what these are, and if I click on it eventually, it'll show me what the pictures are.
19:14:47 It's pictures taken at the Denver airport. So.
19:14:54 But this. These are places that it knows where the pictures were taken.
19:15:00 You'll see that I have some that were taken in England, and some that were taken in, and this is just things that it can tell from the from the photograph.
19:15:10 If you take a photo with any recent. I found when I say recent in this case, like I ate, or better, it actually embeds geographic information into almost every picture that you take.
19:15:24 So it knows where you took those pictures, but you can also add things so for things that it doesn't know where they were taken.
19:15:32 You can actually add that. And I'm gonna show you how to do that later on.
19:15:37 Favorites are things that you put a little heart by. Reasons are things that have recently been imported, imports of things that have been imported, and the newest version of photos also has a duplicates feature.
19:15:50 It goes through and flags all the duplicates that you have.
19:15:53 So if you have a bunch of duplicates, it'll go through and flag these, some of your some of your photos can get quite large.
19:16:01 So let's go back here. None of these are particularly large, but some of them give me quite large, and so if they're duplicates, it's a good idea to know that.
19:16:11 And you can just go through and kill off a bunch of duplicates and save a lot of space on your hard drive.
19:16:18 It also has media types. Now, there are different kinds of media types and I'm gonna talk about what it thinks as a media type, a videos, obviously a video.
19:16:27 And these are the videos that I have on there. You'll see that when it was finding duplicate photos it didn't find duplicate photos.
19:16:34 It doesn't include duplicate videos and there's a reason why it doesn't include video.
19:16:40 So if you have a video that takes a lot of space like this one, you have to mildly, manually say to delete it.
19:16:49 And this, by the way, is going to save several megabytes just by deleting that duplicate selfies.
19:16:56 You'll notice that none of these are traditional selfies.
19:17:00 Instead of being pictures of my face. These are pictures of other things, and what a selfie is!
19:17:10 It means that you took this picture, using the front facing camera on your iphone.
19:17:15 So this is actually the roof of a cathedral in Helsinki.
19:17:20 I believe, and I was interested in it, because these are electric lights.
19:17:25 But one upon a time. Those were candles, and I didn't fill like craning my neck, back, and trying to take a photograph.
19:17:33 So I helped my phone flat in front of me and just said, Take a photograph straight up, and I use that quite often.
19:17:43 This is the roof of the Chapter House and York Minster.
19:17:50 Actually, this is not Chapter House. This is in. This is at the University I'll sync up.
19:17:55 Tells me right a stop is university of sinking. This one is the chapter House in New York.
19:18:03 So just shooting straight up. It's a really fantastic ceiling.
19:18:08 So you might as well take a picture of it, and this is again in York. Minster.
19:18:14 It's a it's a it's a canopy over a tool in the main sanctuary, and I don't remember what that one is.
19:18:23 That's also at York Minster. This is kind of interesting.
19:18:29 This bottom part of the photo back back here. This square grid.
19:18:31 Those are oak beams, and those oak beams are over a 1,000 years old, so you can.
19:18:39 You can learn a lot by staring at ceilings.
19:18:42 This is the underside of our table. I wanted to know where the brace was for the table, and I didn't feel like crawling into the fold, floor, so I stuck my kicked by phone under there and took a photograph of it, but as far as the
19:18:57 Mac is concerned, anything taking with the front facing camera is a self.
19:19:03 This is the only thing that kind of looks like a selfie.
19:19:07 This is Kathleen, dressed up to go bike riding on a cold day.
19:19:12 Now this cold day was 55 degrees, but Kathleen doesn't like cold, so she's well bundled up.
19:19:21 But the anything taken with the front facing camera is a self, a portrait is not necessarily a portrait.
19:19:28 A portrait means that it uses the portrait settings that are built into the iphone.
19:19:36 So this is a picture of George and George Washington in the town of George Washington, and I use the portrait mode because I was having trouble with the light.
19:19:46 It was on overcast day, and I just didn't like the light and the portrait mode does.
19:19:51 It does different things with the light, and I wanted to see if it wasn't to take a better picture of the statute.
19:19:57 This is a survey marker. And again it was a day that I didn't like the lights.
19:20:02 So I use the portrait mode to get the kind of light I wanted.
19:20:07 This is the closest to what a portrait mode!
19:20:08 Normally this, these are the steps going up to the altar in our church, and it's only about 6 feet away.
19:20:16 But it's fuzzy, and that's what the portrait Numuno.
19:20:19 Normally does. If you take a picture of a person's face with portrait mode, it'll try and blur out the background behind it, because when you're taking a you don't really, you're not interested in what's behind the person you're interested in there in their face so this was done with portrait
19:20:37 mode, because I wanted to blur out the background. But a portrait mode, again, is using the portrait mode setting on the phone a panoram.
19:20:47 These are not true panoramas. These are clipart that just happens to have a horizontal aspect.
19:20:54 But the Mac looks at things with that homeizontal aspect, but the Mac looks at things with that horizontal aspect. It says, Oh, that's a panoramic, and no, these are just it's Clip art that happens to have a horizontal aspect.
19:21:05 This is a true panorama. These are power turbines just slightly west of vantage.
19:21:13 Washington, and I wanted to get a I wanted to get a panoramic views.
19:21:18 I took a panorama, and this is just some prairie. Ouch!
19:21:23 In Eastern Washington, Kathleen and I went to school at Washington State University.
19:21:28 So we had this thing for empty prairie type areas.
19:21:33 This is the inside of the a dungeoness hook.
19:21:43 It's the sea shore there on a cold winter day.
19:21:47 This is not really a panorama either. But again, it's a vertical.
19:21:51 It's a horizontal aspect to the photograph and it's a fake.
19:21:56 Harry Potter quote that cracked me up, but it's a sign that I saw.
19:22:02 So basically a panoram is something that's really it's got a horizontal aspect.
19:22:07 This really is a horizontal. This is really was done in panorama mode, but I wanted to take a picture of this.
19:22:15 Get old gas, station, pump, it's at a pub in near the Uw.
19:22:23 And it was tall and narrow. So I put my phone in panorama mode.
19:22:30 And then I just move the camera up and down to take a panorama.
19:22:34 Most people think of panorama's as horizontal, but this is a vertical panorama, and the Mac Mac Mac knows that it's a panorama, and so it threw it in.
19:22:44 There, but that's what a panorama is.
19:22:46 Time, lapse. It's just it. You set your phone in time.
19:22:51 Lapse mode, and then it goes, turns these gently moving power turbines into really really rapid fans, or this is a fountain and Bouchard gardens that looks like that had too many amphetamines.
19:23:16 And this is a ferry that you definitely do not want to take.
19:23:20 If you're going to Canada because it's really moving a rapid clip.
19:23:26 Slow-mo is just the opposite of that. Instead of something being very rapid, it's very slow, and this is an example of what it means.
19:23:36 This was a very windy day, and this is at regular speed.
19:23:41 And a couple of seconds. It's gonna this is now in slow MoD.
19:23:46 It's still moving very, very rapidly, but the camera switch to slow motion.
19:23:55 Can anyone tell me how slow motion works?
19:24:01 When you see something on the movies. That's a movie frame, a movie is normally at 20 fourfour frames a second when they do things at in slow motion.
19:24:12 And to make it look and slow motion. What they do is they double, triple, or quadruple the film rate and then they play it back at normal speed.
19:24:22 So if you play back something that was shot at high speed, and you play it back at normal speed.
19:24:28 It looks like it's in slow motion or in this case it was moving very rapidly, and it looks like it's moving very slowly.
19:24:35 And here's the Dungeness River normal speed.
19:24:42 And it's slow motion.
19:24:45 So it's just taking a lot of pictures very rapidly, and it's playing it back at normal speed.
19:24:53 And your Mac can detect. That's what it's doing.
19:24:54 So it automatically classifies video selfies portrait panorama by information in the photograph and cinematic is using a cinematic filter to take a a video, a burst mode means you're taking a whole bunch of pictures.
19:25:12 Very rapidly, and I do this for things sometimes. It's by accident.
19:25:18 I didn't mean to do that for this ceiling, but these fireworks!
19:25:21 It's very difficult to take fireworks, so in order to get a good picture, the fireworks and it's dark and a whole bunch of other things going up.
19:25:31 I hold it in burst mode on a on a iphone.
19:25:34 You just hold down the button, and it just takes a whole bunch of pictures rapidly and then up here at the top you'll see it says, make a selection, and it gives you this menu down at the bottom, and you can go through the individual frames of that burst and if you find when you really
19:25:53 like this like this one. You can say that's the one I want it's a way of cheating to get a good picture when when you're having difficulties taking a normal picture.
19:26:06 Burst mode for a fog is really useless.
19:26:09 That was definitely not one of my better ideas. Screenshot.
19:26:17 When you take a screenshot on your Mac, you take a screenshot on your ipad or on your iphone.
19:26:23 It knows. You took a screen shot. So anytime you take a screenshot.
19:26:28 It, puts them all together, and so I don't know why.
19:26:31 I took a screenshot of that, but this I took.
19:26:34 This is a watch face. I took this screenshot for my presentation on for our presentation on health that we did couple months ago, and so it just puts them all together.
19:26:44 If you if you use Google Photos, Google Photos will periodically nag you to get rid of your screenshots because it knows that as a mistake.
19:26:57 And you probably want to delete them. But in my case I actually deliberately take screenshots.
19:27:01 An animated one means that it's got several frames that have been compressed together it to create one image, and it happens to move.
19:27:10 So this is a it's a series of stills that are offset to make it look like it's old fashioned movie.
19:27:20 Or in this case, it's a series of stills that are put together to make animation, and this was done mine by daughter.
19:27:30 This is her daughter here, and these are her other grandparents, and they're feeding ducks in England.
19:27:39 And essentially, what an animated movie what animated gif is just several images that play one after the other, and they're sent as one phone.
19:27:47 So it knows what these things are, and I'll raw.
19:27:50 Is that on high Endend cameras you have the option of shooting something wrong with what a raw photo does is that it captures an unbelievable amount of information, so that the images tend to be much larger.
19:28:07 But you can do a lot more in terms of editing, and I gotta talk about those in a in a bit and in terms of what you do.
19:28:14 You can also create drawings. You can also create albums and an updum is just a collection of photos that you've put together for a particular reason, like there's one drawing that's a drawing black and white photos these are black and white photos airplanes these are
19:28:30 airplanes. And I created this thing of airplanes, and same thing with ships and actually, there's a lot of boats, too.
19:28:37 So these are all alums are something that you create.
19:28:43 But the media types. That's Mac does that automatically and memories. For the most part, the Mac does that automatically.
19:28:49 And if I had a bunch of people photos it would I put in people photos and ask me who they are?
19:28:57 So the Mac does that automatically, and you can do all that with photos.
19:29:00 But when it comes to editing you can do an awful lot of stuff with editing as well, and I'm going to go take hey?
19:29:13 If we get back to the black and white photos if I go to the black and white photos, you'll notice that there are couple that look kind of yellow.
19:29:23 These are actually scans out of a newspaper, and it was a the newspaper is 30 years old, so it's in sad shape.
19:29:33 So what can you do about that? If you open it up and you go to edit there's a edit button up here, among other things, you can have it do black and white, and there's an automatic button for an audit black and white, or you can do it.
19:29:44 Manually. Now look at the photograph as I move back and forth through these settings.
19:29:49 It's not going to do much, because black and white doesn't have that much to do.
19:29:53 But if I press auto it turns it into a black and white photo.
19:29:58 Does that automatically. It's no, it gets rid of all that yellows now, just black and white, and if I don't like that, I can say reset adjustments, and it goes back to looking yellow.
19:30:06 But you can also do all kinds of other strange things, so you can.
19:30:10 You can. It's probably not gonna do that, because this is.
19:30:19 I can change what the, what, the level of orange or white is, and that photo, by coming up to the light options I can change the color settings here as well to change it from different ways.
19:30:37 But I really did. Wanted a black and white. So we're just gonna press that button.
19:30:41 Come up here and say done, and now it looks like the other black and white photos so that's one of the many things that you can do.
19:30:50 But there are other things that you can do, and for that I'm going to take a hey?
19:30:59 A real photo.
19:31:04 This is a submarine and health syncing, and there's nothing particularly wrong with it.
19:31:11 But I'm going to play with it anyway, so you can show you what to do.
19:31:14 Notice the color of the sky and the color of the boat.
19:31:18 If I come up here and say Otto, it'll see if it can do anything to to enhance the lighting of that.
19:31:25 It's probably not gonna make much of a change. So it made a little bit of a change.
19:31:29 But it's just a little bit of a change.
19:31:32 There's a bar here in the center. If I drag it back and forth it can turn it from late knee afternoon to noon to.
19:31:40 So if I wanted to look fully exposed. That's a good way to do that.
19:31:45 I just came here and picked it out, but I can also go back here and do this manually.
19:31:50 You can adjust brilliance and exposure.
19:31:53 Exposure means just letting more light in, and you notice that if I let more light in, it washes out the sky, which is probably not something I wanna do.
19:32:01 I can also do things like these shadows down here at the bottom of the submarine.
19:32:06 I wanna bring out the shadows so I can see more of the hull, and if I do this it lightens up just the shadows.
19:32:15 So I can see more of the hull, and if I do this it lightens up just the shadows.
19:32:18 Now, how does it know what a shad here? And it's brighter here, and darkness here.
19:32:20 So it just tries to make the stuff down to the bottom look more of the stuff at the top, and it doesn't very gradually and that's just built into photos.
19:32:31 You don't have to do anything particularly clever about it.
19:32:33 One thing that sometimes you have trouble is, you can't really tell what colorors something is, and there is a way to take care of that.
19:32:43 Where is that? Right? This second, okay.
19:32:51 White balance. White balance works by telling the computer that something is either white or gray, because the computer knows what white or gray is.
19:33:03 So if your hair were inside and you had a trungsten light, everyone looks like they're jaundiced in yellow, and by pointing to something that's white, it'll change the color of everything else, because it says I know that that's white.
19:33:18 So that helps correct the color for everything else. In this particular photo.
19:33:21 Not too much really needed to be done, but wanted to show you how those controls work. And I'm going to import a a program that's in really sad shape.
19:33:44 Now some things to note. This is a 137.2 MB photographs and it says I already have it.
19:33:53 I don't care. Import it again.
19:33:57 This is a photograph of Trinity, United Methodist Church.
19:34:03 Here in swim. It was taken sometime before the year 2,000, and I know that because it's got this bell tower that doesn't exist anymore.
19:34:11 The bell tower, the church open, and I think, 1989.
19:34:17 Something like that, and the bell tower was very poorly constructed, and it lasted about 10 years, and then it rotted out so it had to be dismantled.
19:34:27 So this is an older photograph, and this is a damaged photograph.
19:34:31 You'll see in a second what I mean about that, and it's under exposed.
19:34:37 And it's got all kinds of problems. So we're gonna say that we're gonna and the first thing we're gonna do is go up here to the top.
19:34:46 And one of the things it says under light. It says, auto, I press auto and look at the colors on the screen.
19:34:52 It made everything a bit brighter automatically. And if I say color it'll also adjust the color the same way.
19:35:00 But it didn't do as much as I want. It's still very dark.
19:35:04 I can change that by changing the exposure, and if I do the exposure, you can actually see that the grass is beginning to look a little on the green side.
19:35:15 But you'll also notice that the sky is washing now.
19:35:19 So instead of doing that, I gotta move that back. And I'm gonna do what I did before I'm going to move the shadows and going to raise the shadows.
19:35:27 And by raising the shadows, I'm actually see that the grass is green, so that's a step in the right direction.
19:35:37 This was scanning from a photograph from when I stand it you'll see that there's a whites right side, and that's because it picked up part of the scanner.
19:35:48 So I'm going to crop it. And there's a controller here at the top.
19:35:53 Say, crop, and I can just pull in on the side here and crop out the parts that I don't want there's a little bit over here, too, and then, when I'm done, I press the return key, and I got rid of that edge there and I didn't mean to go back I undid
19:36:11 it. So let's go back here. Crap that again!
19:36:19 And little bit over here.
19:36:30 You can also pull from the corners, but if you look at this, it also has something up here.
19:36:37 It says, straighten, what does that do? This is something that normally you'd have to do in Photoshop it creates a grid.
19:36:46 And then I slowly straighten it so that it looks more like it's supposed to do and say done.
19:36:56 And and it I was done a little bit too seriously.
19:37:00 This. This is the one that I was playing with earlier, and this is the one I was playing with.
19:37:06 No, that's the old one. You'll notice that.
19:37:10 It didn't straighten it because I pressed the wrong button. So let's go to crop and straighten.
19:37:23 Okay? And it went back. Why is it undoing?
19:37:34 Adjust.
19:37:38 Something to note when when you straighten photos, you're going to lose the edges.
19:37:52 And that's because photographs are always going to be rectangular or square, and if you tilt it it's going to have to shrink.
19:37:59 The photo to get rid of the corners that aren't in the picture anymore.
19:38:05 So, we've we've done quite a bit of work here to make that look better.
19:38:11 One of the things, though, that you can also do is you can go to.
19:38:17 No. Where is the retouch thing? Retouch I'm going to retouch.
19:38:23 If you look at the bottom of the screen I'm holding down the command key and the plus sign to zoom in, you'll notice all these little white spots, these white spots are essentially dust that is appearing and I'm not gonna get rid of them all because it would take too long.
19:38:39 So I'm just gonna kill off some of them.
19:38:42 If you had infinite amounts of patience, you could go and get rid of all of this.
19:38:47 But this allows you to to retouch the I also.
19:38:55 I can move the size up a bit.
19:39:00 When you do this, how is it? How is it fixing this?
19:39:05 You'll notice that if I pick something like this you don't see a spot there anymore.
19:39:11 How did it get rid of the spot?
19:39:17 This. The white spot in the center is the part that's being touched and that circle around it is the stuff around it.
19:39:25 And what it's doing is, it's evening out.
19:39:27 The photograph, using colors and patterns from around it.
19:39:32 So you're not. You're not really revealing the grass behind it.
19:39:35 You're pulling a magic trick, and I can do it.
19:39:39 It's a little prop might be easy to see here on the on the roof.
19:39:43 If I click this white spot, it's gone, and it just filled in from the from the rooftop around it.
19:39:50 Now, if I zoom out a bit, you probably won't notice that much difference, because I didn't get rid of that.
19:39:56 Many but it's a little bit cleaner down here.
19:40:00 These are all things that you can do with with the editing tools and and photos and if I look at this one compared to the original, you'll see it's straighter. It's brighter.
19:40:14 You can actually see that there's grass and that's a lot of things to do well, I'm now going to exort this and as I export it, this was originally a Tif image.
19:40:27 That's a test stands for tagged image file format.
19:40:31 And just. It's one of the original image formats, and they tend to be huge.
19:40:36 And this one was a 137 MB.
19:40:40 So I'm going to export it, and when I export it I can specify whether it's what I want it to be.
19:40:46 I can have it. Be a Tif a Jpeg.
19:40:48 Or a Png. I'm going to say it's a Jpeg.
19:40:50 And I say export, and it wants me to tell me where it's going to export and gotta export it to the desktop, and it exports it to the desktop, and then we're going to leave here.
19:41:10 That's not far as from this one.
19:41:22 I'm doing a get info coming up here to the apple menu, I'm saying, get info!
19:41:30 And the original file was a 137,218,014 Byte, and this one is 5,511,285 still pretty big.
19:41:45 But it's much, much smaller, and it looks better. And so now I'm going to double click on it, and it should open up preview.
19:41:55 Open Preview.
19:41:59 Okay. It's open and preview preview is you normally use it for all kinds of things.
19:42:05 But it also has a photo editing capabilities.
19:42:08 So I've got this file, and if I come up here under tools I can go to a just size.
19:42:14 Now this thing is done at 1,200 pixels per inch, which is really excessive.
19:42:23 Your screen, a normal screen resolution is 72 dots per inch.
19:42:30 That means there are 72 pixels per inch, going horizontally and vertically on your iphone.
19:42:36 It's something like 240, which is why your iphone looks pretty clear.
19:42:39 But when you're sending something as an email, 72 dots per inch is enough.
19:42:43 The other thing to think about. If I turn this pixels in from pixels to inches, you'll see that it says that this is 93 inches across in 61 inches high.
19:42:55 You probably don't want me to send you a photograph that's 93 inches across to look on your iphone photo screen.
19:43:04 Which is only a few inches across. So you can change that right here.
19:43:07 Just turn it back to pixels the maximum that you probably want to send something to somebody else through email is probably gonna be 1,500 pixels.
19:43:19 So I type in 1,500 pixels, 72 dots per inch.
19:43:22 I say, okay, and you see, it looks really small. But if you I'm still in preview, if you come up to view and you say actual size, and it's still larger than this frame will hold.
19:43:34 So we could even shrink it down a little bit more and say, Yeah, if you think about it, if it's 72 inches, if it's 72 pixels per inch if you're sending you something 8 and a half by 11 in sheet of
19:43:49 paper, and he made it 720. That's 10 inches across.
19:43:53 So, even if I made this 720 that still gonna be pretty good size and go back here, say, view size again.
19:44:03 Actual size, and that is the actual size. So it's that big.
19:44:06 And I can also undo it in case I decided that was too much.
19:44:09 So here's my. So here's my photograph.
19:44:12 Now, and I save it, and now, after making those changes, instead of being 5 and a half, megabytes, it's now 460,554 Byte.
19:44:25 So it's just it's it's a tiny, tiny fraction of the original size.
19:44:31 And yet, if you send it to someone, it's still a fairly good size.
19:44:36 Now I'm gonna show you something that does not come with your Mac, but it is free.
19:44:40 Okay. And this, a program called Image Optimum. I am A. G.
19:44:45 E optim, and I'm going to paste the address of the company in the chat window.
19:44:59 As soon as I find the chat window.
19:45:15 That's the web address. And this program image optimum is free and you can drag one or more pictures in a time.
19:45:24 You drag it in there, you let go, and it'll compress them.
19:45:28 So I tell it to compress this and this.
19:45:35 Photograph is now a 104,000 Byte, and it used to be over a 137 MB.
19:45:44 In other words, it's more than a 1,000 times smaller than it was before, and I highly recommend image optimum again.
19:45:53 It's free, but it allows you to take a bunch of photographs, shrink them down in preview to something that's usable by whoever you're sending it to, and then to make it even smaller, drag them onto image optimum dozens of photographs at once and it'll it'll Crunch
19:46:11 them down in size, and yet it doesn't really change the it doesn't change the way it looks.
19:46:18 It still looks the same as it did before it was it compressed it? And I'm not even going to bother to explain the mathematics. Just trust me that it works any questions about that. So far.
19:46:32 Cause. My next magic act is a little bit more complicated.
19:46:39 Oh, there's couple of things I was gonna mention in the question and answer session.
19:46:45 I forgot the end of this month is world backup Day, where you're supposed to backup your computer and a lot of things that people are should also backup at their passwords.
19:46:54 And I saw this cartoon, and it cracked.
19:46:57 Well, this meme, and it really cracked me up.
19:47:02 I just I can't tell you how how amused this made me.
19:47:15 The other thing I wanted to do was I wanted to show you a logo.
19:47:21 This logo. It's an apple's logo that they created as a screen saver screen for a new apple store that they opened up in Korea, but they published it on the apple Websites.
19:47:33 So I download it, and I just thought it was a really cool, graphic.
19:47:36 But they open up this new superstar in Korea, and the last thing I was gonna show you was something that I took.
19:47:44 This is a photograph I took of my television set. Kathleen and I were trying to watch the extraordinary attorney Wu, which is a Korean TV series on Netflix.
19:47:55 Only Netflix showed this image from a series called Punk on Earth, and it's a BBC fake documentary series where this woman is pretending to be.
19:48:08 This woman named Philip Philanomia Punk, and she goes to various places around the world to examine earth's history.
19:48:15 And she's an idiot and but it's she's an actor pretending to be an idiot, and it's really, really, really quite funky, although what it uses non. Pg.
19:48:26 Language and on occasion. But anyway, Netflix screwed up, and they're showing the summary of extraordinary Attorney Wu and showing a picture of a completely different show.
19:48:38 And I thought this was great. But one of the things you'll notice is that there's a picture of my wall.
19:48:43 You can't really tell us. My wall, but this black space above here is above the TV set.
19:48:47 So what can I do? With this space? Well, this is a good place to put a caption.
19:48:52 So let's go over here, and we say that's create a text.
19:48:59 I, found some web results. I can show them. If you ask.
19:49:03 Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, I don't want you to do that.
19:49:08 I went to add some text and it has a text box way down here and I don't want it down there.
19:49:13 I want it up there. So here's my text box.
19:49:17 And I type in net clicks, does it again. And it gave me this strange box because it's longer than it should've been.
19:49:32 So I'm gonna move it out this way and to select it and I'm going to change the right now. It's red. I don't want it to be red.
19:49:41 I want it to be.
19:49:53 And that's not it.
19:49:59 Anyway. You can. Oh, there it is! I want it to be what?
19:50:05 And I don't want it to be that I want it to be palatino, and I want it to be 60 points.
19:50:18 Okay. So here's my caption, and I've captioned that that photograph that I took of my TV set.
19:50:29 But it's also too large. So I want to also crap it.
19:50:32 So again using preview, I come along and I tell it that I want to crop something, and I do that just by dragging a box.
19:50:45 And then, after I drag my little box, I go up to to text edit, and I say and to preview and say, Crap!
19:50:55 And it crops it, and I did that in preview.
19:50:58 So I edited a photograph. I added text to it, and I didn't use anything other than preview didn't have to load it into photo or anything.
19:51:07 It's just it's just done with preview.
19:51:12 And now I'm going to show you one of the few photographs I have of my granddaughter.
19:51:20 This is my granddaughter going off to school in England, and there are very few photographs existing of her face, because she likes to run so almost anytime.
19:51:32 You see her? She's disappearing off in the distance, and you see the back of her head.
19:51:36 So I would recognize my granddaughter anywhere, just by the back of her head.
19:51:40 And this is, this is a nice photo, and I, first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna drag it to my desktop, make a copy of it, because the next thing I'm going to do is a little bit on the dangerous side this is my granddaughter and i'm
19:51:53 going to. I'm going to remove her from the photograph sort of I come up here and I go to Preview Window.
19:52:06 And I say, remove background, and it makes a little sparkly thing.
19:52:10 Around her, and she gets well at all. Yeah. I removed her from the Coder.
19:52:17 I'm not gonna save this. And I'm going to save.
19:52:24 And I now have this picture of my granddaughter, and I'm going to drag the original photograph back again.
19:52:37 And then go to type on it. So I come up here and I say that I want to annotate it with text.
19:52:44 I get a text box again. I say.
19:52:49 Education. I probably wanted to make it even larger. So where was that?
19:52:59 Hmm! There you are!
19:53:06 Yeah, that's not enough.
19:53:10 That's good.
19:53:15 I take education, I put it right over my granddaughter.
19:53:18 Well, that isn't seem terribly nice so I'm gonna come here and I'm gonna say, I'm going to export this as a Png file and I'm going to name it.
19:53:30 Curve, 2.
19:53:36 And I'm going to take this one and gonna say, copy.
19:53:45 Paste!
19:53:50 And what I've done is I pasted my granddaughter over my granddaughter and the text now appears as if it's in the background.
19:53:59 I created a three-level photograph. There's the original photograph.
19:54:03 There's the text on top of that, and then there's the image that I captured out of it beforehand, and in order to do that I have to use a Png file, and the reason why I have to use a Png file is that a Png file has something to it called
19:54:23 an Alpha channel, and you don't care what an alpha channel is.
19:54:27 But a Png file can have multiple layers. So I have the original photograph is layer one.
19:54:35 The text is actually another layer. When I type that text over the top of it, I was creating another layer.
19:54:41 And then this photograph of my granddaughter, removed from the background is yet another one.
19:54:48 So I pasted this. I pasted her on top of the education.
19:54:55 And now looks like she's walking in front. She's walking up to the word education, and it wasn't there to begin with.
19:55:04 So it's just a it's a way of captioning photos in such a way that people look at and say, How did you do that?
19:55:11 You'll notice they do this all the time on TV when the weather people are, are there, and they're pointing to the weather map.
19:55:17 That weather map is actually just a large wall that's painted either green or blue, depending upon what equipment that they have.
19:55:24 And they're moving their hands around, and the only trick is that the producer has to make sure that the weather person is not wearing the same color, because if they are, and this happened a couple weeks ago one of the weather people on Channel 5, I think had on a dress a green dress that had the same color.
19:55:46 Green. In spots it had various little panels, and when she was moving back and forth you could see Mount Rain here through parts of parts of her dress, and that's because it was keen on that color to show what was in the background, and since it thought her dress was the background, it was
19:56:07 putting mount Rainier over the top of it, and that's how this is done.
19:56:11 It's doing something it's called an Alpha channel. And it keys on a particular color.
19:56:15 But in this particular case it heat on my granddaughter, and just to show you another one.
19:56:27 This again is my granddaughter, hey? Am I going to drag her out here?
19:56:35 And we're going to drag this picture of a balloon out here.
19:56:43 This is the famous Spotoon, and this is my granddaughter.
19:56:51 She just walked up on this railing and now she's jumping off of it, and a beam, and she's and she's jumping off of it, and I couldn't have done that when I was 20, and I she's completely fearless.
19:57:07 But anyway, I say that I want to remove the background for that, and yes, it's going to convert it to Pmg.
19:57:15 And there it is, and I'm going to save this.
19:57:22 And I'm going to convert this balloon to Png.
19:57:28 Say, save!
19:57:35 And.
19:57:39 Go back to granddaughter again and select this.
19:57:47 And paste it. Now, my granddaughter is jumping over the Chinese spy alone, and I'm not using any special software other than preview which comes with your with your Mac.
19:58:07 Nothing else was required.
19:58:14 Questions.
19:58:21 Could you do that again?
19:58:23 Yes, I can.
19:58:25 That was so cool.
19:58:32 Yes.
19:58:31 So for me, so like you're in your pictures.
19:58:36 You're in your photo library and you pick a picture and you save it.
19:58:43 Well, it's a little bit more complicated than that.
19:58:46 I'll I'll take a different picture.
19:58:50 Okay.
19:58:56 This is a why isn't not opening up? This is a dragon at Bouchard Gardens, and.
19:59:15 This is a picture of an elk. This is out towards.
19:59:25 Over me!
19:59:28 It out towards the coast. Some place there is elk in someone's backyard, and I'm going to put this dragon into that picture, and so how do I do that?
19:59:39 Well, I have to save the Elk as a Png, because it only works with Pngs.
19:59:47 So I just say to say, the alk is a png, and.
19:59:54 Then I have to do something with my dragon, and again I click on it.
20:00:00 So it has some idea of what it is. That, I think is my target.
20:00:04 I say, remove background, and, as I say, remove background.
20:00:08 It has this little lightning that goes around. What is going to remove, so that you have some idea that you're getting the right thing.
20:00:15 Say convert, yep, there's my dragon now, there's a little bit of artifact, cause it's tongue is kind of oh, that's a water coming out of his tongue.
20:00:25 So that's kind of a strange idea. But otherwise that's that's the Dragon, and I'm going to take my dragon, and I'm going to select it all and copy it.
20:00:42 And here's my elk, now the dragon is actually way too big.
20:00:49 So if I paste it in here, it's dragging kind of takes over.
20:00:53 But that's perfectly okay, because you know, he's a dragon, and if I wanted to, I could shrink him down.
20:01:00 Because again, remember, this is a layer, so I can shrink him, and I can put him in the background of this.
20:01:10 Elk so, or I could have done the other thing, or I could have had him in the back of the dragon in the background and put the elk in the front, and I couldn't do that the same way.
20:01:21 I could do a multi-step where I take out the elk, put the dragon in the background, paste the elk back over on top of the elk, so the dragon looks like it's behind the elk, but that's basically just playing with layers.
20:01:36 And you can shrink them and expand them, and do all kinds of things with them.
20:01:44 We're gonna have this elk over here threatening this other elk off in the distance.
20:01:51 But it's yeah. You're combining several photographs.
20:01:56 It's getting so easy to do this that if you see a photograph of Yo, yeah, like, President Bob Biden, shaking hands with Hitler, that's really easy to do.
20:02:08 Now, which is why you is why, among other things, you see so much fake news now, because it's so easy to doctor things like that.
20:02:18 But that was done, using nothing more complicated than then. Preview.
20:02:26 And.
20:02:26 Oh, I'm sorry!
20:02:30 Yes.
20:02:38 This new camera, called Pixel, and 8, when you could remove.
20:02:43 A person from the picture, and somehow the back ground gets recovered so that it looks like the person was never there.
20:02:54 Yes.
20:02:55 Is that possible in preview?
20:02:58 It's not possible in preview. It might be possible, using.
20:03:05 Now there are a whole bunch of steps to this. If you have a Google one account and a Google one is a paid Google account.
20:03:14 If you have a Google one account, they've added some of those pixel tools to Google photos.
20:03:23 But it'll only show up if you a have Google one.
20:03:29 And you're using Google photo if you're photographs are in Google photos.
20:03:34 And when I say some of them I haven't really explored all of them.
20:03:36 But I do want to talk about it a bit about what the trade-offs are when I did this bit of manipulation here with my granddaughter, and so on, so forth.
20:03:45 None of this information got sent to Apple. It was all done on my computer.
20:03:51 If you have an older, Mac is, some of it has to be sent to apple, because unless you have an apple sellicon processor, it doesn't have some of the the apple silicon machines have something called a graphical processor in it and my particular machine's got like 24 of them.
20:04:10 So if you have an older machine that can run Ventura, you can still do this, but it's gonna have to send some information back to Apple.
20:04:20 Not much, but some with Google. It sends pretty much all that information back to Google.
20:04:25 So that's one disadvantage in terms of just privacy, like, for example, you notice, I didn't show you any photographs of my granddaughter's face.
20:04:34 Why? Because her mother, my daughter, insists that we don't not do that.
20:04:38 She says that by the time her daughter's reaches age of maturity, her daughter should be able to decide how she wants to be exposed to the world, and so she just doesn't take, she doesn't allow me to take photographs to publish photographs of her face and
20:04:58 that's a privacy. Insecurities concerned.
20:05:02 And Google doesn't do that when you play these tricks with Google photos or with the Pixel, it's sending that information back to Google.
20:05:21 Oh, okay.
20:05:12 It is suspected that Google is crowdsourcing information for the background from other photos that were taken in an area and adding it in and and recently an issue came up.
20:05:28 And it's gotten a whole bunch of play in the technical press, and I even saw one of the national news channels.
20:05:33 Had it talking about the some snap, something around there.
20:05:45 Their latest phone has a 100 times digital zoom.
20:05:48 Well, let me tell you something about a digital zoom.
20:05:51 If I zoom in on this picture, and I do it enough.
20:05:55 It's starts to look really fuzzy. It doesn't look much like an elk anymore.
20:06:01 And that's only about so 10 times zoom with a 100 digital zoom, you basically end up with something that looks very noisy.
20:06:12 So if you take a picture of a of an elk, that's 500 feet away.
20:06:17 With that, with that Samson phone, you end up with a fuzzy picture of an elk.
20:06:23 It'll just be larger on your screen, but it's still really fudge.
20:06:25 It's fuzzy. Well, Samsung was running ads, showing people taking pictures of the moon and looking really crisp.
20:06:32 So some people got together and thought, Huh! How did they do that?
20:06:36 Samsung created a database of moon photos.
20:06:40 So when you take this fuzzy picture of a two-thirds fold moon, Samsung sends a picture back to its computers, and they say, Oh, let's fill in the blanks from our database of 2 thirds.
20:06:52 Photo, of 2 thirds, photos of the moon. And you end up with this really nice Chris photo of the moon on your phone, except that it really wasn't what your what your phone took.
20:07:05 Alright!
20:07:05 It was, it was added, it was added artificially, and I was suspicious.
20:07:14 Other people were suspicious, and so they tested it by putting the phone into a an electronic kind of durable cage so they can measure the electronic signals going out.
20:07:27 And they saw that it was contacting Samsung, and it was downloading.
20:07:31 This information to create this photograph. So it's very clever.
20:07:35 But it's not really a photograph taken with your phone.
20:07:41 And yes.
20:07:46 Yes.
20:07:39 So, Lawrence, back to the Png files that you created.
20:07:50 How do you get rid of the layers? If if you wanted to say print it?
20:07:55 I think they, once you save it. It's embedded in there like I close this.
20:08:02 It's all just one layer. Now. There are.
20:08:03 Oh, but does it need to be called Png again? Still?
20:08:10 Or we, okay?
20:08:09 Oh, no, no! You can go back here. It's just the Png that there's a special thing about the format that I can export.
20:08:15 Right.
20:08:17 This is as a Jpeg. And save it as an hour.
20:08:22 I already have it as a Jpeg. Let's call it elk, or and now it's a Jpeg image again.
20:08:31 Just a jpeg of a elk with a dragon of, and a figure perfectly normal thing to have.
20:08:33 Okay. Alright. Yeah. Thank you.
20:08:37 Oh, but the pn. The Png is just part of of of the process that it has to be in that format, because Png allows layers.
20:08:50 Right.
20:08:46 If you were using something like adobe. Photoshop, you can retain layers in Photoshop, and you can rearrange them.
20:08:55 Right.
20:08:53 Preview is free. It doesn't have that ability. So it doesn't.
20:09:01 Right.
20:08:58 You can't do that, but in Photoshop you can actually retain the layers and save it as if so you could manipulate later on.
20:09:06 But Photoshop is like 500 bucks. So there's a difference between free and $500.
20:09:12 The most important thing that that of all the things that I showed you, to do, that the one thing that it was almost impossible to do until recently was straighten a photo.
20:09:22 You can straighten the photo and I'll show you this is a preview. And if you come up here and you want to rotate things.
20:09:29 Rotate them that way. Not terribly useful. You can also come up here, and you can say, flip horizontal and flip it backwards, and which, incidentally, this main.
20:09:45 This is not as silly a trick as you might think.
20:09:47 A lot of people they'll take photographs of themselves with their self, with their camera is Selfie.
20:09:53 And if they're wearing a logo or something, the logo is backwards, and now they have this picture with the logo permanently backwards.
20:09:59 The way to fix that is, just launch Preview and say, flip horizontal, and your logo that's backwards.
20:10:07 Will be slipped properly, but when it comes to rotation that's been really difficult.
20:09:24 Alright!
20:10:14 Because again, Photoshop is $500, and Photoshop lightroom, which is used by photographers, is 200 and with the new apple photos and the ability to to a straighten photographs to minutely straighten photographs, just think of that as a free 200 to 5
20:10:36 $100 extra that that you now have in photos, because one of the things as a photographer one of the things that really annoys me about photographs is people send me photographs all the time, and it looks like the land is sinking or there's an earthquake.
20:10:49 Or there's a tidal wave or something, and straightening photos has been really difficult until they incorporate and photo in photos.
20:10:58 And so you definitely want to. You definitely want to take advantage of that.
20:11:05 Any other questions?
20:11:08 I also want to show you something else that you might know the apple, several years ago came up with this atic technology.
20:11:19 And it's a much, much more advanced compression algorithm for photographs.
20:11:24 So here's a picture of of 3 deer, and I'm going to save it.
20:11:28 I'm gonna export it. And I'm gonna say, if it is a Jpeg, so I'm gonna save it as a Jpeg and I already have 3 derel, let's call it 3D 2 I don't know why I have probably cause I was going to do something with
20:11:47 it. Okay, here's the original photograph from Apple.
20:11:52 And this h h e, I see photograph. That's the extension.
20:11:58 Hgic is 1.4 MB.
20:12:02 Well, if I save it as a Jpeg, you'll see that it's twice that size.
20:12:10 And apple did this so they could cram. They were finding out that in a single day people were taking as much as a 1,000 photographs on their iphone, and they only had, like a 60 four- gigs of memory on their Iphone.
20:12:25 So they were filling up their iphone. They were complaining about it.
20:12:28 So Apple came up with this phone, this format, to compress the files, and it it compresses it losslessly, which is hard to explain.
20:12:40 But it means that they look really crisp, and that it means that they look really crisp, and that's the native format.
20:12:44 But then people started sending these photographs to their in-laws, and their in-laws said, I can't open the file. Why?
20:12:50 Because their phone, their their their their phone, or whatever couldn't read this new file format, that apple device.
20:13:00 So what do you do? You launch it in preview? You come up here to say export, and you pick the format you want, and anybody can see Jpeg, so pick that one.
20:13:13 What you should never pick is this one that, says Jpeg.
20:13:15 2,000. Don't ever pick that one Jpeg, 2,000 is for geographic information.
20:13:21 Hmm!
20:13:20 Systems. And if you know what a geographic information system is, then that's great.
20:13:25 But if you don't, you don't care but what always want to use Jpeg cause everybody can read Jpeg.
20:13:34 But that's precisely why I stuck that one in there.
20:13:38 I wanted to know that you can do that kind of transferation using just preview any other questions.
20:13:50 There's one other thing I want to show you. It's because I forgot about it, and it has nothing to do with the photography, and that is, I was playing with the Chat Gpts.
20:14:07 Some people asked me last time about chat Gpt, so I wanna show you a session that I had with Chat Gpt.
20:14:15 And I asked, Who is the writer named Lawrence? Eye Charters?
20:14:23 And that's me, Lawrence. I charters is an American writer, software developer who has authored several books in programming, including the Microsoft Visual Basic Net step by step and programming the Microsoft Windows driver model that entire paragraph is wrong I don't know who that lawrence
20:14:40 charges, but that's not me. However, the next one is mostly correct, and addition to his work as a writer charters has also been involved in the software industry for many years.
20:14:50 True, as worked as a software developer project manager and consultant.
20:14:54 He has expertise in various programming languages, including languages and technologies, including, and then half of this is wrong.
20:15:04 This third paragraph, though, is almost impossible. It's completely correct, charges also known for his involvement in the Science Fiction and Fantasy communities.
20:15:12 He has written several works of Science fiction. Actually, it's about Science Fiction and has served as an editor of various Science Fiction and fantasy publications.
20:15:20 That's true, did Lawrence, I try to ever work for the Seahawks newspaper.
20:15:26 It's a newspaper, not newsletter, and sketch chat. Gpt said something went wrong.
20:15:31 If this issue persists, blah blah, blah! And then it came.
20:15:35 It rebooted and came back, and it says, I'm not sure if Lawrence, Ichard has ever worked for the Cf.
20:15:40 Newspaper, and so then I said, Who is Kathleen Charter's?
20:15:45 Phd. And Kathleen Charters. Phd. Is an American author, educating research.
20:15:51 She has written several books and articles on various topics that related to education, technology, and literacy.
20:15:55 That's sort of right charges received her. Phd.
20:15:59 In language, literature, and technology from the University of California. Irvine, not true.
20:16:02 And as taught at several universities, true, including the in of Hawaii, Manoa, and California State University.
20:16:10 Fullerton, not true. Her research focuses on blah blah blah.
20:16:14 Then this third paragraph is mostly correct, it says she worked with educational software.
20:16:20 Digital media says, received grants to supporter research in that and so on. So forth.
20:16:27 So apparently with chat. Gpt, you have to at least go down 3 paragraphs before you get something that's mostly correct.
20:16:34 I asked, who's going to win the Ncaa.
20:16:35 Women's Basketball tournament and it says this, an AI model that's not allowed to do things like that.
20:16:42 Write a limerick on computer programming and Kenya, roose. Now remember, that's what I told it to.
20:16:47 There was a programmer from Perth, who's a coding skills, were quite an exert.
20:16:53 But one day he went astray and wrote a program for astray.
20:16:56 Now his coding was jumping like a kangaroo, alert.
20:17:03 It's pretty nice.
20:17:00 Not a great Limerick, but it is right a Limeric on apple watch meeting Android phone.
20:17:09 This one's really funny. And I'll watch. And Android phone met each other when they were alone, and they tried to connect.
20:17:16 But it was a reject. Now they communicate by tone.
20:17:19 It's not only true, but it's funny. Write a hikeu in Japanese.
20:17:25 So Rona Hiku in Japanese, and then it gave me a translation.
20:17:28 It's actually a famous haiku. So what Chat Gpt does is that it has a massive database of stuff that collected from the rep web, and you give it a prompt and it tries to come up with a response.
20:17:41 But, as you can see from my biography quite often, it's it's utter nonsense.
20:17:47 I was thinking that this might be how George Santos created his resume.
20:17:52 He just asked Chat Gpt to come up with random stuff, and it put it into a resume, and he went with it.
20:18:00 But if you want to know what Chat Gpt is right now, it's just an experiment, and it's difficult to get it to work correctly.
20:18:08 And it's really not useful, Google announced today that they're doing a beta test of their AI programs called Bart and I know this because they sent me an invitation.
20:18:22 But it doesn't. It's not available to the public yet, and I really can't tell you anything more about it.
20:18:28 But it's become an issue, not because anyone really needs an AI powered search engine.
20:18:35 It's become an issue. Because Microsoft was getting too much publicity.
20:18:40 So Google had to respond. Google's been working on their AI for about 5 years.
20:18:45 So it's nothing. Yes.
20:18:46 Loris, do you think, in your opinion, that Apple will use Chat?
20:18:53 Gpt. Is Siri.
20:18:55 No, I do. I'm positive they will not use Chat gpt, because they don't need to.
20:19:02 They have already got siri, and what they need to do is just add a little bit more artificial intelligence on the back end.
20:19:10 Apple's really really cautious about this, though they don't want to see a lot of the mistakes that Microsoft made.
20:19:17 People people were talking to. You have to remember that Chat Gpt learns from users as well as other things and some people got on there, and they started pretending that they were or maybe they weren't pretending they came up.
20:19:32 They started feeding extremist technology and such. And it turned chat.
20:19:38 Gpt parent, and it started saying, racist, sexist things, and said there was kind of fighting suicide, and so on. So forth.
20:19:46 And that's because it was learning that from the people who were, it was talking to Apple doesn't want to do that.
20:19:53 So Apple's going to be fairly cautious, but they've been working on AI.
20:19:58 Oh, for 10 years now! And consider, for example, that.
20:20:04 This is an iphone. If you could see it did not get blurred out.
20:20:08 This is an iphone and the iphone has as much power.
20:20:18 My, yeah, oh, Kathleen's not saying sorry about that.
20:20:28 Stop, share. The iphone has been the very first iphone had more power than a supercomputer, which is what they originally were doing.
20:20:40 The Artificial Intelligence programming on this iphone has about I'll equivalent of about 150 crate supercomputers inside of something that weighs 8 ounces.
20:20:53 I don't know how much it was, so that's a huge amount of power.
20:20:57 So the in terms of the computer power apple has the computer power.
20:21:02 The problem is the AI, that the learning algorithm coming up with a learning algorithm that is useful and doesn't make terrible mistakes.
20:21:14 They were asking chat, gpt health information, and it doesn't know your health insurance.
20:21:21 So it was either getting back very bland responses that made no sense to most people, or it was giving me overly a specific stuff that did not apply to the actual user who was asking the question.
20:21:36 And so Apple's very, very cautious, because it doesn't want to make these kind of mistakes, and on the good news bad news.
20:21:43 It's good that that Microsoft kind of stumbled because it taught Google and Apple to be much more cautious about that.
20:21:55 There's a huge amount of artificial intelligence in your phone already.
20:21:58 When I was doing that, pulling my daughter out of a granddaughter out of photograph and placing it into another, where we, drawing the the boundary that's called masking.
20:22:12 If I used Photoshop to perform that kind of masking, it would probably take me 10 h to do as good a job, and I didn't have to do this.
20:22:23 I just said, remove the background, and it did it so there's an awful lot of artificial intelligence, but that's for a very discrete task.
20:22:32 If you give it more general things like I can tell Siri to turn my TV on and off, because we have an apple TV, so I can tell it to do that.
20:22:42 I cannot get it to tell me to bring up Channel 5, which is kind of Cairo.
20:22:48 Whatever Channel 5 is among other things, it's not even called Channel 5 is, among other things, it's not even called Channel 5 anymore, because it's not broadcast TV.
20:22:54 I just think of it as Channel 5, because when I was a child it was Channel 5, and I still think of it that way.
20:23:00 So there's a there's a limit as to what what a generalized AI can do.
20:23:06 And so you it's Apple's been giving them very discreet tasks and say, Do this, my monitor, which is an apple monitor.
20:23:14 I told it to tune itself to the room, and it created a color palette that matches the lighting in my room.
20:23:21 Does that automatically. But that's something that engineers know how to do.
20:23:25 And all they had to do is just teach the intelligence in the machine to duplicate that when it comes to something that humans haven't done before it's gets it gets much trickier, or when it comes to giving advice like who to bet on and super bowl it should have enough sense to say i'm
20:23:42 not gonna give you that information apple doesn't want to get sued because it said, Go with the the jets.
20:23:51 I can guarantee the jets aren't gonna win.
20:23:53 So you know, yeah, they're gonna take this cautiously, and they're gonna be focused. It's amazing.
20:24:02 Sometimes what? I asked. I can't Kathleen and I were watching something we couldn't.
20:24:09 This actress seemed.
20:24:13 Really young, and yet it was, and we've seen her in movies forever, and she looked like she was 20 years old.
20:24:21 So I asked Sarah how old she was, and she just popped back up 43!
20:24:25 But if you think about it, that's a very discrete task.
20:24:29 That's it's easy for Siri. Somebody else is probably already asked that question, or it's something that it pops up as a first result in a search result. But if it's more, I'm ambiguous, Siri will tell you things like I've sent the results, to your apple.
20:24:44 Phone, okay, if I'm not looking at my apple phone, that's not terribly useful.
20:24:50 But it's a way of answering a question that it can't come up with a discussion that it can't come up with a discrete answer and that's the way Apple's been running their their artificial intelligence.
20:25:00 I realize that's a complicated answer to a question.
20:25:03 But sometimes that's the way it works. Any other questions.
20:25:11 Hi!
20:25:11 I have a duplicate photos.
20:25:22 Oh, I forgot to show you that the new photos gets ready to do well, it can get rid of.
20:25:28 Actually, I did show you. If you dump a bunch of photos into the new photos and you give it a day or 2 to digest.
20:25:36 What's happening is that you either have your phone and your computer both logged in, or something that you're getting feedback.
20:25:49 But anyway, the new, the new apple photos does fine duplicates, but you have to give it like if you import a bunch of photos, you have to give it overnight to digest on it, and it does a really good job.
20:26:05 Okay.
20:26:06 I cleaned up out of this one photo album, probably 200 GB worth of duplicates.
20:26:14 Can you explain that a little bit more thoroughly?
20:26:19 Yes, because at 1 point you said that there's really, truly no duplicate.
20:26:17 How it finds the duplicates or.
20:26:26 I said, there's really, truly no duplicate.
20:26:29 Right, you know, like, maybe something like I took a picture second one and then second, 2.
20:26:35 Oh!
20:26:35 I took another picture, and it's not necessarily truly a duplicate, but it's close enough.
20:26:39 Yes, yeah, those it will not call duplicates a duplicate really means it's the same file.
20:26:47 Okay.
20:26:46 And what it, what it checks for is, it checks the file name, it checks the date time stamp.
20:26:57 Okay.
20:26:53 When you look at a when you do a get info on a photograph, you'll see that it has a timestamp that goes down to the well.
20:27:03 Actually, it says it's it just shows it to the minute.
20:27:07 But when it stores that it actually stores it down to the second, so it can tell if you take 2 pictures in a row a second apart, not only is the file name going to be different, but the timestamp is going to be different, but the timestamp is going to be different.
20:27:20 Yeah.
20:27:20 And if the timestamp is different, apples of apple photos will not think it's a duplicate.
20:27:24 So, but it looks at the the file, name the timestamp, the file size, the dimensions of the file, and that and I'll give you an example of this.
20:27:36 Say you have a photograph, and you took that on yesterday, and then you made a copy of the of the photograph, and then you cropped it like we were talking about here and you made a copy of the of the photograph and then you cropped it, like we were talking about here and you shrink it
20:27:54 down. Well, the file name and the timestamp are going to be similar, if not identical.
20:27:59 But the size is gonna be different. And at that point Apple's not gonna say it's a duplicate.
20:28:04 It's really paranoid about what it calls a duplicate.
20:28:06 It really does have to be a duplicate. It's really paranoid about what it calls a duplicate.
20:28:09 It really does have to be essentially that same file. And if it's the same file it'll flag it as a duplicate.
20:28:13 And you can just say I want that one, and not that one, and it'll get rid of them.
20:28:18 And like I said, in one case I found 200 GB worth of duplicates have found thousands of duplicates, and that happened when I had.
20:28:29 You can have multiple photos libraries. And I had.
20:28:35 I I was. Never mind. I had 2 photos libraries, and I sucked one into the other, and there were duplicates and I didn't know about it, but it found all the duplicates, and I got rid of them.
20:28:46 So it does a really good job. But you have to let it think about it overnight.
20:28:51 It needs to index all the photos and their characteristics.
20:28:56 If you, if you suck in a bunch of photos and you think their duplicates and go check immediately, it's not gonna find them.
20:29:04 It needs it. Take a while for my demo today. I deliberately had some duplicates, but I had to leave photos running for like an hour before it told me that.
20:29:15 It depends on how many photos you have and how many duplicates.
20:29:18 But it does really good job.
20:29:23 Any other questions?
20:29:27 What are we gonna do next month?
20:29:41 Kathleen has a list of what was just in the background.
20:29:52 She's in the past. She's gonna look that up.
20:29:53 But.
20:29:54 What about the guy that was going to do? A password?
20:29:58 One presentation.
20:29:59 I should contact him. He was. He was one of the producers of the recent musical at Olympic Theater Arts, and he was sucked up in that.
20:30:11 But.
20:30:14 Oh! Next month we're not gonna have a meeting.
20:30:20 Kathleen has just told me that next month I'm incent St.
20:30:24 Louis.
20:30:28 So we probably won't have one next month unless this other gentleman wants to run.
20:30:33 Run. But I'm gonna be in St.
20:30:36 Louis. So think about what you wanna do, and may, and send me an email or something.
20:30:48 He suggests that we could do it the next wait.
20:30:54 Let me look at my calendar.
20:30:57 I can't see my calendar here, cause I'm in the wrong user.
20:31:02 But yeah, either we push it back a week next month, or we put it off until May.
20:31:12 What's your or get somebody else to do it?
20:31:17 Let's just put it off till May.
20:31:20 Okay, that works for me. I shall send out a notice to that effect.
20:31:28 Any last questions?
20:31:33 Thank you.
20:31:33 I want to see. I went to see all of you create interesting fake photos, using masking in preview.
20:31:42 And you can send them to me, and I'll put them on the website.
20:31:44 Hmm! Thank you. Laurence.
20:31:50 Good night.
20:31:47 Thank you. Thank you. Good night.

February 21, 2023: Apple and Accessibility

February 21, 2023: Apple and Accessibility

In February, we looked at accessibility, something of a companion topic to January’s focus on health.

Accessibility is usually associated with individuals who have handicaps: vision problems, hearing problems, and mobility issues. But hearing, vision, and mobility problems are things everyone encounters, and your Macintosh, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad have technologies that help you deal with temporary as well as more permanent afflictions.

One of the most basic is changing the size of items displayed on your Mac, iPhone, Watch, or iPad.

You can, for example, vary the size of text,

from small, in instances where you want a lot of stuff on the screen at once, to

normal, for comfortable reading

to large, for reading at a distance

to extra large, for posters or shouting.

You can also change other attributes how information is displayed, depending on the program and context

Somethimes, you can change the background color on the screen,

or tint the screen and text to get rid of blue colors late at night, to help you sleep.

Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac can also speak to you, and you can speak to them.

Unfortunately, Zoom seems to have disabled many of these features, partly because the changes are intended for the user sitting at their own computer, and not for the screens of viewers. Additionally, the demo computer’s screen was being mirrored on a TV, and some of the accessibility features were not available, as the TV was a remote device, not subject to the whims of the computer.

What could not be shown: changing the resolution of the screen. While this was a Macintosh screen, you can do similar things on an iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

This was a screen on the computer. The Displays pane (System Settings > Displays in Ventura) is set at Larger Text,

macOS Ventura System Settings > Displayed set at Larger Text

macOS Ventura System Settings > Displayed set at Larger Text

In this image, the Displays pane (System Settings > Displays in Ventura) is set at the second level, to show more of the screen,

macOS Ventura System Settings > Displayed set to show more screen.

macOS Ventura System Settings > Displays set to show more screen.

In this image, the Displays pane (System Settings > Displays in Ventura) is set at the default level, halfway between Large Text and More Space.

macOS Ventura System Settings > Displays set to the middle, default setting.

macOS Ventura System Settings > Displays set to the middle, default setting.

In this image, the Displays pane (System Settings > Displays in Ventura) is set to show more of the screen.

macOS Ventura System Settings > Displays set to show more of the screen.

macOS Ventura System Settings > Displays set to show more of the screen.

In the final image, the Displays pane (System Settings > Displays in Ventura) is set to show the maximum amount of screen space.

macOS Ventura System Settings > Displays set to show the maximum amount of screen space.

macOS Ventura System Settings > Displays set to show the maximum amount of screen space.

You can easily change the screen resolution at any time. Writing a memo? Set to show larger text. Sorting photos? Set to show more of the screen. You don’t need to strain your eyes to read or write, nor spend endless amounts of time scrolling through lists of photos when it is a simple matter to show more photos at once. Designing a poster? Set to maximum screen size, then set it for larger text to work on fine details.

It was also difficult to demonstrate many of the things you can do with Siri because the Mac is set up to serve the person at the keyboard, and not people in remote locations. In response to one question concerning dictation of messages and documents on the Mac, please see Apple’s online guidance:


A video of the meeting, including the Question and Answer session, is shown below. Closed captioning was not turned on, so there is no transcript.

February 21, 2023: Apple and Accessibility

January 17, 2023: Things Apple and Health

Your iPhone, if you carry it with you, can also track medications, complete with alarms, can track steps, distance, car crashes (and alert 911), link in to your online medical record and allow you to carry it around in your pocket or purse, guide you through yoga, exercises, meditation, provide background sounds for sleep, silence alarms and calls (except emergencies) so you can get a good night’s rest. The magnifying app on your iPhone can enlarge your bill so you can see it, or illuminate your door lock at night, or set timers for events, or help you fine-tune your hearing aids…

Even the Apple TV can get involved, displaying workout coaches, yoga, and fitness coaches on your TV.

But there is more, of course: you can set your Mac to provide distraction-free work time, or be quiet so you can sleep, or simply not interrupt you when you need to concentrate. You can customize the font size to see more clearly, or simply see more. You can adjust the sound to your hearing, or have the Mac hear for you and turn speech into text. Or go the other way, and turn text into speech.

Here are the slides from the meeting:

And here is a video recording of the meeting:

If you click on the YouTube logo, or the “Watch on YouTube” button, you can get a much larger video image.

We turned on closed captioning, and this is a transcript of what was said. It isn’t always accurate, but it is often hilarious in unintended ways.

18:28:51 Hmm.
18:28:54 Okay, you should see a little red recording thing someplace on the screen
18:29:04 Saying that I'm recording
18:29:10 Okay, hey? As usual, we're gonna start with question and answer.
18:29:14 Anybody have any questions that they have
18:29:19 Yes.
18:29:18 I do. I wonder if you have any comments on the recent article about last Pass being hacked, and what you think about one password which I use?
18:29:33 And should we be worried
18:29:36 I'm glad some brought that up, because it's something that I was going to mention.
18:29:40 15,
18:29:41 The password managers, the I'll I'll back into the to answering your question.
18:29:50 Password, managers have been out for quite some time, starting with people writing little sticky notes and sticking onto their computer, saying to log in use this secret password which is really helpful to someone breaking into your home because that way they won't have any trouble stealing your computer but
18:30:08 Password managers. I highly endorse using them because our world has become too complicated.
18:30:15 You should never use the same password for more than one account.
18:30:20 So if you log into your bank, it should be a completely different a password.
18:30:26 Than what you use to go to Qfc. To get fuel points and other things that you might do.
18:30:33 So every password should be unique, and that's difficult to keep track of.
18:30:43 Oh!
18:30:37 So I use a password manager in the last I time I looked I had something like 900 passwords, but my life is a little bit more complicated than most people.
18:30:46 I use one password, and I have probably for 10 years.
18:30:52 Oh, quite a while. Yup!
18:30:56 You mean that you use the password manager called 1 one passport to the otherwise it sounds like you only use one
18:31:02 Oh, yes, I use the password manager call one password.
18:31:07 And so does Kathleen. We have a family plan, so that we we pay one subscription for the year.
18:31:18 It covers both of us, and one of the things that allows us to do is that for things that we need to share most of the stuff I don't want to know what Kathleen has.
18:31:29 We don't share. We have, we have independent email accounts.
18:31:31 We have an independent apple idea accounts. We have independent computer.
18:31:37 Because Kathleen is a a nurse, and she's clergy and got a Phd.
18:31:44 And I don't have any of that stuff. And the people she talks to, and the kinds of things she's interested in really don't.
18:31:49 There's not that much overlap with me. So her contacts, her passwords for logins are very different than mine, but there are some that we like to share.
18:32:01 Like, for example, she is addicted to what's the name of that show?
18:32:11 Oh!
18:32:08 Scottish soldier and the American professor. Oh, you say it!
18:32:28 Outland.
18:32:18 I can't take it. Anyway, there shows that she likes that that we strength, and she wants the passwords for those so she can log into so outlook.
18:32:29 I'll find it. That's it.
18:32:31 Outlander. Yes, so so there's things that we do share.
18:32:34 And then most of the stuff we keep separate, and one password allows us to do that.
18:32:39 So we both have independent accounts, but there are some that we can share, and in one password it encrypts it both on our computer as well as it encrypts it in the cloud where they are stored, and we we we use it and it makes life easier your Mac.
18:33:01 Has a password manager built into it, called Key Chain.
18:33:06 It used to be very, very good, cryptic, and difficult to understand.
18:33:10 And now it's less cryptic. But it's still pretty cryptic, but it's free, and it's on your Mac.
18:33:15 A lot of people find it very difficult to figure out how to use it, and one password is definitely easier and more visual than than Keychain.
18:33:25 The other nice thing about one password is that one password has both a Mac and a PC.
18:33:32 It's also got to PC version, but it's got a Mac, but it's also got an iphone version.
18:33:38 And for us, the ability to carry the passwords around on your phone is really useful, plus you can store things other than passwords in there like birthday to relative zoom.
18:33:49 Okay? Anything, anything, any kind of security notes you want? I have a list of drugs.
18:33:54 So every time I go into see the doctor, and they say, check your drug list and tell if it's up to date, and I sit there and think.
18:34:02 I have no idea what it's on it. So I just look at my list it's on my phone, and it's stored in one password.
18:34:07 So that's what I use. What had happened is that after one password became fairly well-known.
18:34:15 Then a bunch of competitors came out, and one of them was called last past and last past was originally.
18:34:21 It would only store passwords for websites, and it stored them on account on your browser.
18:34:29 That proved to be a less than ideal place to store that because anybody stealing your computer would then had access to everything that you logged into.
18:34:38 So they came up with a cloud based solution. And about 7 or 8 years ago I started telling people don't use one last pass because they got half, and that was 7 or 8 years ago.
18:34:51 It was before we moved to the back to Washington State, and that just did not impress me at all.
18:34:58 However, 2, 3 weeks ago they well, it was actually longer than that.
18:35:07 In November they were hacked, and they kept it secret for a while, but in November, when they were hacked they stole millions of passwords, billions of accounts, plus all the passwords of those millions of accounts so we're talking about hundreds
18:35:24 Of millions of passwords were stolen, and they weren't just regular passwords, because this is with the name of the person who owns it, and that just listed it.
18:35:34 It was. It was like they went to a shopping list of everything there is to know about you, and they got it when one fell through which is really bad on a scale of one to 10.
18:35:44 That's a 14 at least. So it's really really bad.
18:35:47 And I don't recommend that anybody you ever use last pass, because I don't think they're gonna survive this. Did you have a question?
18:35:54 Maggie, you're muted
18:36:00 You're still muted
18:36:01 I I thought I read that it wasn't such a threat, because everything was encrypted
18:36:09 I read it in the Cattle Times
18:36:11 No, it's not. That's not true.
18:36:13 No. Okay.
18:36:15 What last pass did is they released a press release, saying that their stuff was encrypted.
18:36:21 Their stuff is encrypted, but it was encrypted from your machine to last past, but when they have to last, pass it was not encrypted on their server, so they got everything, and they have been less than red that the less than forthcoming about what happened.
18:36:41 Which is one reason why a lot of us have just said, no, we're not gonna give you a second chance we're done with you because they should know to p. 5 people that immediately they didn't.
18:36:52 They waited a month and a half, they said, it only affected a few accounts, tens of millions of people is more than just a few.
18:37:02 I mean, there's they basically haven't said anything that was the least bit truthful since this happened.
18:37:07 So I do not recommend that anyone use last pass, and if you do use one last pass switch to something else and change every single password, you have, it's important, speaking of which in these breaches it's important to to change passwords that you don't think are important
18:37:29 There are some passwords I use that are just throw away, like, for example, there's this, there's this site that has these custom screens.
18:37:39 So when you launch your browser, you get this pretty picture, and you have to have an account.
18:37:43 Okay, I, I, gave him a username and I gave him a a password for that.
18:37:49 But the user name is fake, and the password I don't bother to remember, so do I.
18:37:54 Keep track of that? No, have I security, didn't, anyway, absolutely not.
18:38:00 Do I care if it's ever hacked? No, because it's really not tied to me.
18:38:04 But if you have a password to Qfc.
18:38:07 And Qfc. Gets hacked. And you say, well, I don't have any account information.
18:38:11 It just keeps track of my fuel point. Well, there are other things that Qfc.
18:38:15 Keeps track of such as everything that you buy there. So there are lots of sense.
18:38:20 There's lots of sensitive information about you other than just your bank account, and and whether or not you've successfully quit smoking and other things about you that you probably don't want to have as general knowledge.
18:38:36 So anytime somebody has a a, a data breach. If you're involved in that data breach, even if you don't think that account is important, go in and change all your information, or just delete the account, it's really hard.
18:38:48 If you delete an account the way most systems are set up.
18:38:52 Somebody can't create a new account in your in that name.
18:38:56 They have to create a different one. So if you're not using account, delete it, if the accounts been hacked, change everything about it, or delete the account.
18:39:06 But you want to be. You want to be paranoid about this, and I definitely do not recommend using last pass because they just they haven't been forthcoming.
18:39:18 And what what they've done, and that's a bad sign.
18:39:24 You close account
18:39:23 I really bad sign and on it I'm a more typical user.
18:39:31 I have a phone in 70 items overall and about 350 or logins, and then after that, I've got 40 secure notes.
18:39:40 A lot of that has to do with church stuff, and then 26 passwords where it's just a password and 23 memberships work team reward programs.
18:39:55 Oh, it does let you keep your passport information, so I've got more in my passport information in in there, in case we ever need it, and I've got one personal identity for me.
18:40:09 So you know, you don't use everything all the time, but there's a whole lot of options, and it will let you archive things.
18:40:16 So if you have accounts that you closed. But you want to keep track of what you used to have, you can put it in archive, and that's useful.
18:40:27 Last password, last password. One password also has another feature that I really like.
18:40:32 If you change your password, it keeps track of the old passwords, and why, that's useful.
18:40:39 Recently I had a service that I used, that they crashed, and they said that they restored it back to 2 weeks ago.
18:40:47 Well, I changed my password a week ago, but because it had my previous password, I could log in again, and so it that's a that's something that most people won't really take advantage.
18:41:01 But in the kind of security work that I use, it's it's handy sometimes to have old passwords
18:41:07 So, Lawrence, can you clarify, then, the difference between one password and last pass?
18:41:16 And it sounds like you feel we're safe. If we have one password
18:41:22 Okay.
18:41:19 I do believe you're safe. If you have one password, one password is just a completely different company.
18:41:24 They started from the beginning with, they wanted to keep track of confidential information.
18:41:32 They wanted to make it usable in more than one place, meaning that.
18:41:37 That's why they that's why they have it available for the iphone.
18:41:40 Because you carried your iphone around with you as well as on your Mac, and it works on ipads, and so on, so forth.
18:41:48 But it's you can use it. Mobile places, and from the very beginning they encrypted everything.
18:41:53 It's encrypted on my phone. It's encrypted in their cloud storage it encrypts things when it passes between my phone and their cloud and coming back, they've been very good about that recently.
18:42:09 They come in to for some criticism with some developers because of the the newest version, the way they architected it.
18:42:18 But unless you're a programmer, it's not really an issue that you care about a lot of Mac programmers didn't like the way they, the programming.
18:42:26 But it's not has nothing to do with how it's used.
18:42:28 It's just they didn't like the way the programming was done.
18:42:31 But other than that no, I we've used it for I think, 10 years, and we knowd never had any particular problems.
18:42:41 The other nice thing about it because of the way that it works.
18:42:44 When we, when Kathleen got her new iphone, we just synced it to what we had stored on Icloud.
18:42:55 Everything, getting back, including the first thing we have check was one password to make sure it had all of our passwords.
18:43:01 And yep it was all there just the way it was supposed to be.
18:43:04 So while we're definite fans because it works
18:43:08 How much? How much does one password cost
18:43:12 I don't know that, because at 1 point it's one password 8.
18:43:18 You just check it out in a minute.
18:43:18 Now we don't. Yeah, we have one password, 7, and the latest one is one password 8, and they've changed the way they bond a lot and so on. So forth.
18:43:27 We bought it a long time ago, where there was a family plan.
18:43:29 We paid one price, and so how much it actually costs if you buying it, I don't know and it used to be that when you bought it once, and you got it for your Mac and for your iphone and now you have to pay them separately.
18:43:43 They? They, they can store things and exchange them. It's just that the copy on your iphone you have to purchase separates from the copy on your Mac.
18:43:50 But the answer is, I don't know how much it costs
18:43:53 Yeah.
18:43:53 I do. I just look. I just looked at my email mine just renewed for 2 computers my husband, myself.
18:44:00 And it was $59 and 85 cents for the year.
18:44:05 Oh!
18:44:06 Nice
18:44:05 Not bad for what you get, however, that as a renewal might not be the same as a as a new subscription.
18:44:09 Oh, okay.
18:44:11 Yeah.
18:44:12 So again, I just, I don't have to know that. Yeah. So if you want to look at it.
18:44:16 But remember, Keychain works on all of them, and it's free
18:44:20 Yes, chain works on all of them is free.
18:44:23 The reason why I'm the reason why I promote one password is key chain is the interfaces.
18:44:29 Confusing. It's very easy to to not find something that is there with with one password, you basically tell it what it is.
18:44:39 You, you're storing, and how you want it found.
18:44:42 So, for example, I'm the webmaster for Trinity, United Methodist Church.
18:44:49 I also run Trinity, United Methodist Churches, Youtube Channel, and I run Trinity, and I, Methodist churches network.
18:44:58 So there I have a whole bunch of different things for Trinity, but I can tag them in one password.
18:45:02 Say, this is for this, this is for that, this is for this, this is for that.
18:45:06 So when I go search for it, it tells me which which one of those trendy accountants I'm finding in Ketane.
18:45:13 It just tends to just jumble them all together, and you just have to.
18:45:15 Oh, for the best, as you're going through all these listings for Trinity, that you're hitting on the right password.
18:45:22 So I like that. I like one password, simply because it's easier for most people to use, including me.
18:45:27 Yeah. So if you want to look it up, it's www, dot, and then the number one in the word password altogether.
18:45:36 Com. That's their site.
18:45:43 Yes.
18:45:41 I have a question, Lawrence. I was watching the news last night, and they had an story about a Pegasus software taking control of iphones.
18:45:53 And I was wondering our iphones really vulnerable to the Pegasus software hack that.
18:46:01 Let's take over the phone without you knowing it.
18:46:06 That is a complicated question, and the reason why it's a complicated question is that Pegasus was actually developed.
18:46:14 Yeah, hey? Combination between the Israeli government and some commercial and a commercial firm, and the way in which they developed it, they did find some vulnerabilities in Ios operating system and the way in which they did.
18:46:30 It was really, really expensive. They know, went out and bought thousands of idols.
18:46:37 Then they beat on them in different ways until they figured out how to break in.
18:46:41 It cost tens of millions of dollars for them, to develop.
18:46:44 Pegasus, and the way that Pegasus works is that it puts something on your phone that that basically creates a little space that's allows the Pegasus to track you creates a little space on the phone.
18:47:00 Then it stores things that it sees, and then periodically it dumps it off to Pegasus and Apple really didn't have a defense for that at the time, but since then they've come up with multiple defenses that have has basically caused pegasus and problems.
18:47:17 But they people who make Pegasus keep on trying to to modify it.
18:47:24 It's. It's extremely complicated to put on a phone.
18:47:28 And it's extremely complex to run it so before you and me, it's not really an issue, but for for for what they call state actors, a State actor can be a foreign agent in the United States, or it can be you representing the United States, going to another country country, for State actors.
18:47:50 You have to be a little bit careful because you're not just one of 330 million.
18:47:56 At that point. You're one American and China working and Russia, and you become a target.
18:48:01 When I worked for Noah, for example, I was not allowed to go on foreign travel, using my own personal phone or my work phone.
18:48:11 What they would do is they would issue me a special phone just for that trip.
18:48:25 Put something on it. It wouldn't stay, and while I was overseas and I was talking back to the United States I could send an email back to work.
18:48:35 But because it came from that special phone. It went through a completely different process to make sure that nothing I was sending back.
18:48:42 Would cause problems and that's the kind of effort to that you have to take.
18:48:49 Because if you, if you are a known representative of a country oh, they're countries are wayling to spend millions of dollars to find out what you're doing now.
18:48:58 I worked in environmental science, you might think, yeah, who cares about that?
18:49:02 That is really, really, really sensitive information when you're dealing with China and Japan and Korea and Russia and other countries, because the assumption is that I must know something that that they could use for economic or political benefit.
18:49:22 Now in practice, what I did is I ran websites, and if you want to know what I did just go to no website and it's right there.
18:49:28 But the the fact is that you are a target in that in that particular kind of case, but in terms of the individual.
18:49:36 No, nobody's going to spend $1520,000,000 trying to hack your phone.
18:49:41 It's expensive to do this sort of thing, and it's expensive to make it to make it work
18:49:46 Do you know if I asked 15? Is is it is vulnerable or not? Or
18:49:52 Yeah.
18:49:53 The answer is, if somebody, if somebody can touch your phone if they can physically touch your phone, even with Ios 15, there are ways to compromise it.
18:50:04 But remotely break into it. No, they really can't do that.
18:50:09 And the way in which it's set up. If they remotely try and break into it. What they do is they end up in this little void that yes, they might have successfully gotten into the phone, but it doesn't go anywhere
18:50:21 So, what do you mean by touch your phone? You mean somebody using your phone?
18:50:24 That's not you.
18:50:25 If they physically attach it. Your phone has right on the bottom of it's got this little port here for the for the like, for the lightning cable.
18:50:36 How can I completely disappear to the screen anyway, it's got this little lightning part right down at the bottom, which means it's somebody can stick something into your phone and depending upon what else is going on.
18:50:46 For example, if my phone is unlocked and they stick something that into my phone, they have access.
18:50:53 So. But if they don't touch your phone, it's it's it's it's not impossible.
18:50:58 But it it's it. It costs millions of dollars to break into an iphone.
18:51:04 If you keep
18:51:06 How did it go
18:51:06 And if it's just sitting on a table, but it's locked, and they pick it up.
18:51:10 There's really not a heck of a lot they can do with it, either, because unless it's unlocked, there's a famous case or this guy in a a cyber, he he had this thing called Pirates Bay and the FBI wanted to get a hold of his
18:51:26 Of his information, and they rent a sting operation, and they had him.
18:51:32 He. They knew he's going to be in this coffee shop in San Francisco, and his his laptop was unlocked, and this very attractive woman, who was an FBI agent, pretended to stumble, and fall.
18:51:43 He got up to go and help her. They grabbed his laptop because it was unlocked.
18:51:47 If it had been locked it would have just been a brick
18:51:52 And your your phone's pretty much the same way
18:51:58 Yes.
18:51:53 I have a question. Hi, just upgraded to Ventura, and I'm disappointed.
18:52:07 So, safari doesn't work. Yeah, I I should see differently.
18:52:16 I go in terms of computer and click on safari, and nothing happened.
18:52:24 Then I go and check my Internet. It's all on.
18:52:31 I can do nothing. I have to. I have to go and shut off the computer again.
18:52:38 Make a restart, and if I'm lucky, then safari works that did anybody upgraded already to Ventura
18:52:49 We I have probably done at this point several 100 Ventura updates for various machines, and I have not no any trouble whatsoever.
18:53:00 That sounds like you have a faulty cash. You have something stuck in your in your cache, and if you can get into so far, I just go into safari.
18:53:11 I don't remember what I'd actually asked you to do now.
18:53:15 What should I do? Clear to cash
18:53:17 Well, it's more than just clear the cash, I think it says Reset, or something
18:53:24 I'm a loader
18:53:31 Yes.
18:53:28 Well, I have a comment about that Ventura.
18:53:34 I experienced it. I was working on my work computer and I wasn't aware that we were not to update Ventura because there's a lot of bugs.
18:53:45 And so when I did I couldn't get into any of my.
18:53:49 I couldn't access any of the information to continue so I had to call the it Gurus, and they go. Okay.
18:53:58 Well, you just go up to the magnifying glass and type in safari, and you can access your safari that way, and then you can bypass the bugs.
18:54:10 And I'm like, I think this is more than just bypassing bugs.
18:54:13 Everything was frozen and I would try to scroll down, so I called the guy 5 times, and finally he went in and did some cash and some cookies, and then it started working.
18:54:26 But it was really odd. And then I asked the people at work.
18:54:30 I go. Well, y'all aren't using venture.
18:54:34 And no, you never update your computer at work because there's a problem with that I go. Okay.
18:54:37 Well, now I know it. It was pretty bad
18:54:40 I will, I will tell you that that sounds like spectacularly bad technical advice, a venture is as rock solid as you can get.
18:54:49 Well.
18:54:49 Usually when people have problems, there's a and there's an existing problem on their computer.
18:54:56 And when they put when they put in Ventura on it, it just magnified the problem.
18:55:01 But there was already the existing problem, and one of the first things you should do before you do an upgrade of any kind is to check the healthier machine and the easiest way to do that is just go through.
18:55:12 Get rid of all of your dump, all your junk, mail, dump all your trash, launch, disc utility, and make sure your hard drive isn't healthy, and then then you can do an update.
18:55:25 But we everything else
18:55:27 Well, you're talking to somebody who doesn't know it.
18:55:29 So alright. I called the it department, and they actually, I mean, this is a pretty big company.
18:55:38 They're all over the United States. And they told everyone not to update on that Ventura because it had a lot of bugs that were creating problems.
18:55:47 So you're probably right. It's their system, that's all messed up
18:55:51 Okay, I would believe that it could be that it the company.
18:55:56 I will. I'll give you an example. One of the big brokerage houses shut down for 2 and a half weeks in December, because they they they suddenly realized that that Microsoft was not going to Update windows 8.1 anymore.
18:56:15 The they stopped doing it security updates for 8.1.
18:56:18 If you're not in windows 10, you're basically host.
18:56:23 Well, they were refusing to update their systems because their systems would not work with windows. 10.
18:56:30 They were taking advantage of some bugs to do things that that Microsoft told them
18:56:51 Oops!
18:56:51 Right.
18:56:51 Then we got hold cold at their house
18:56:51 You're frozen
18:56:53 Yes.
18:56:51 Microsoft did it. Microsoft did it
18:56:53 2 weeks updated the system. Pardon
18:56:54 You're frozen, Larry. Oh, you were frozen!
18:56:57 You.
18:56:58 Your back, now
18:56:59 Oh!
18:56:51 Oh, probably a minute, or almost
18:57:02 We may
18:57:02 I'm sorry this brokerage house they shut down in December for 2 weeks, because their systems were not compatible with windows. 10.
18:57:13 They were using windows 8 and Microsoft said that they were windows.
18:57:16 8 was dead in, so they had to upgrade to windows 10, and they couldn't update to winows 10, because the brokerage house was refusing to update their systems.
18:57:28 And so, in December it cost him 200 million dollars to shut down for 2 weeks so they could get upgrade to their systems and be compatible with windows 10, which isn't the current version of windows.
18:57:40 So there's still one version behind. But it's very possible that that this company has software that won't work with with Ventura.
18:57:49 That's that's a different thing. Than saying there's a problem with Ventura itself.
18:57:54 I'm just
18:57:54 Chris, in case you had a comment
18:57:59 Okay.
18:57:58 Well, I have a question. I have been hounded by Verizon for a couple of years.
18:58:07 Warning me that my flip phone would turn into a brick by December thirty-first.
18:58:16 So in late November I went to our local Verizon store and invested in
18:58:27 Oh!
18:58:26 And iphone 14, and found myself falling for their offer for and
18:58:38 Yeah.
18:58:49 Yes.
18:58:38 Mud. Come on, there, I've and as he second generation smart watch apple watch which I had, I had to sneak through all the paperwork that I accumulated in order to find out which version of the se it was so I've been having great fun not upgrading
18:59:06 My computers, which I also acquired at the end of November, because I've been absorbed by the relationship between the apple watch and the iphone, and also that I've got to go through my list of all the phone numbers.
18:59:24 I wrote down before my flip phone turned into a little break, because, of course, what Verizon was able to load was about 8 years old.
18:59:36 The contact information so long, long way into a basic question. I've been plugging and unplugging into the wall.
18:59:47 The cables to charge the watch and the iphone, and of course there are 2 different tables.
18:59:56 I'd like to avoid plugging and unplugging.
19:00:01 And would appreciate any advice on how to do that. My sister had convinced me that I should get this Gizmo stuck on the back of the iphone in order to better hold it. And so I got that that being said, what's your advice
19:00:21 So I I have a handy, dandy thing. I just got it today.
19:00:25 It has the watch on one side and the lightning on the other.
19:00:30 It's a high speed, relatively high speed apple.
19:00:38 Brandon.
19:00:35 Approved charger. You plug one thing into the wall, and you have 2 2 gizmos
19:00:45 This is a morphine, but there's many different, which is basically I don't know.
19:00:54 Yeah.
19:00:54 It keeps on disappearing. But anyway, it's a it's a it's a little platform that I keep on disappearing, too.
19:01:04 Oh, that's nice, too.
19:00:59 Yeah, there you go. It's a platform that you lay the phone down to charge on it, and it's got a watch charger on it so you can.
19:01:11 They both are on the same thing. The the new phones can charge by induction as long as you have a case that's allows it.
19:01:20 Hmm.
19:01:17 As long as the key, and so
19:01:22 No, okay, but it's but it's got this stuck on the back
19:01:27 Okay. So I can't
19:01:30 It'll still work.
19:01:37 Yeah.
19:01:38 Yeah, I have
19:01:32 I'm not sure that it will. That might previously be too large a gap for it to work, but but there are several places that sell things like the morph you will have charges just fine, lane flat on that.
19:01:47 It has a clear K case on it, and this also has little in Dent to it, where, if you got a you're airpods you can put them on here.
19:02:00 So you charge 3 things at once, and it just it's a matter of laying them on.
19:02:04 There's nothing we plug in. You just set them on the device
19:02:06 Oh, this is how much space it takes up on the back
19:02:12 Yeah. But the the trouble is that the it's the back of the phone.
19:02:18 Yeah.
19:02:17 That's that has to touch the in the charging pad, and if the back of the phone is covered, if there's an air gap, I don't know that it'll work because it's done magnetically.
19:02:28 Yeah, see, I think that creates too much space for that to work
19:02:34 Thank you.
19:02:36 But there are options that's that's the point.
19:02:39 Yeah, I've got one in the study. That's a clock with a
19:02:34 Hi, okay. I wanted to mention one good thing with with Ventura is, I'm sorry
19:02:49 Go ahead!
19:02:53 Why not?
19:02:53 Yeah, I wanted to say, it's a good thing in Ventura.
19:03:00 Absolutely good if we have it in Beta, you can take people on Youtube.
19:03:09 Some speak slow. That wouldn't be a problem, but some speak fast, and it instantly goes and and writes it down.
19:03:21 What the person is speaking, even if fast-speaking person, and you don't have to be on the Internet, it does it right through the computer.
19:03:32 But but you need to the the new apple process of what, hey?
19:03:37 Yes.
19:03:39 I I got the studio and said fast enough, I mean it just writes 3 limestone, and you can also speak to it, and it writes everything down.
19:03:49 So that is very, very good. Okay.
19:03:52 Yes, I believe it or not. That's actually been in Mac OS for a while.
19:03:58 Oh, 15 years or so, but it's much better now than it was before, and the new processor, death definitely does help Marcy.
19:04:08 Did you have a question? You're you're on mute
19:04:14 More of a statement I had sent you an email about trying to get the hard drive out of our our Mac, because the the people at Apple wouldn't take it out for us, and you set us a video on how to get it out and I just wanted to let you know that we did
19:04:37 Okay.
19:04:37 it. We we got our hard drive out. And so we can recycle the rest of the computer.
19:04:44 And it wasn't that difficult
19:04:47 It's it's not that difficult if you know how, but if you don't know how it can be
19:04:54 Okay.
19:04:53 Yes, I'm going to paste in in the bottom of the chat window.
19:04:58 The attendance form, he made one. Yeah.
19:05:03 I would like that video
19:05:07 Me too
19:05:08 Well, actually, there are different kinds of videos depending upon what kind of your computer?
19:05:15 Oh!
19:05:13 1 one video doesn't cover all the computers, because an Imac is different than then.
19:05:19 And then a Mac mini is so. But if you go into, if you go into Youtube and just say how to remove a drive and and say what model you have.
19:05:29 There are usually videos to tell you how to take them apart.
19:05:33 Most people want to take them apart because they want to replace the drive.
19:05:35 But if you want to just remove it so you can recycle it.
19:05:39 No, that works too. Yeah.
19:05:42 And it's 70'clock now. So we should think about doing the program
19:05:47 One quick question, does factory data restart, wipe a computer clean
19:05:56 Factory reset which computer
19:06:04 Oh, I just any computer. But I have a a map that I got in 2,017.
19:06:14 I Mac desktop
19:06:16 Okay. The reason is that they reset can mean different things depending upon context.
19:06:22 Sometimes reset means, set the set the operating system back to factory defaults, which is one thing that does something, but it doesn't erase the content.
19:06:35 That's already on the drive. You may not see it, but it can still be there.
19:06:40 The best way to to erase the drive is to erase the drive, is you you?
19:06:47 There's a way to boot into a virtual disc that's already on your machine, and then erase the drive.
19:06:56 And that's basically the only way to get rid of everything off the machine.
19:07:00 The or digosit are just take the drive out and beat it with a, but beat it with a hammer.
19:07:05 The factory reset usually resets the operating system.
19:07:09 In case something's corrupted. It's not.
19:07:12 It's not the same as a wipe computer.
19:07:13 The hammer sounds like the best way
19:07:17 A hammer. The nice thing about the hammer is that it's ruthless, and it can be very satisfying, dependent upon your state of mind at the time
19:07:26 Hmm! I have a question also about Google. And I.
19:07:34 I wrote it, if they sent me in a little, and says, Protect your privacy.
19:07:40 This is a reminder that you have your web and act and app activity setting turned on
19:07:48 And should I have this on or not?
19:07:52 That is a excellent question. Google is doing that because the it used the United States has no so you don't disappear.
19:08:04 The United States has no see, it doesn't make any difference where they sit forward.
19:08:08 I have no idea what it's doing, and it just doesn't like me.
19:08:11 I am going to get rid of the virtual background. Hold on a second
19:08:15 Good.
19:08:16 Crazy, then look
19:08:22 There you go!
19:08:24 No, you won't
19:08:28 Much better.
19:08:28 What was I gonna say?
19:08:31 I got that, too, the email.
19:08:33 Okay.
19:08:33 If you use Google, you probably got it. He us has no privacy laws.
19:08:39 The commercial firms are are entitled to steal you blind.
19:08:43 And there's really no nothing to stop them from doing that.
19:08:49 The only privacy laws are. The Federal government is prohibited from doing things spying on you, but not private private companies.
19:08:57 However, in Europe it's quite different. At Europe, Japan, Korea, it's quite different.
19:09:02 They have very strong privacy laws, and it used to be that Google tried to fence off the United States from the rest of the planet, and we just had our own separate no rules here, and everybody else had rules.
19:09:12 And Google decided that wasn't working because I kept on getting sued by the European Union as citizens of the European Union would come to the end of the United States.
19:09:24 Google would scarf up to private data. They go back to the EU and they'd sue them and Google got tired of doing that.
19:09:28 So now they apply the same rules to everybody, and that's why you got that notice, so that if you have a Google account, you gotta notice that they that you have activity tracking turned on.
19:09:41 Now, what the activity tracking is used for. If you live in swim and you go into maps, Google come, it'll give you this nice map, and you say, pizza.
19:09:52 It knows that you live in square, and it'll give you pizza restaurants in squim rather than pizza restaurants in Toronto or pizza, or something.
19:10:00 So it's nice that Google knows where you live. But if you don't want it to, then you can go into maps.
19:10:08 Google Com. And every time you launch into light math, Googlecom, you're left in the middle of the ocean, you have to specify where you are.
19:10:14 And it's just takes longer. So it's a convenience for Google to know quite a bit about you.
19:10:20 But you can go into Google and you can delete that information.
19:10:24 You can tell Google not track it, and so on. So forth.
19:10:28 The disadvantage is turning all that stuff off is that you have to work harder when you use Google.
19:10:33 Yeah, if you want to know? Like, yeah, there's a new doctor in town he's Doctors Tim Robinson. Okay?
19:10:40 So you type in Tim Robinson. Google knows you're in Dr.
19:10:44 Tamman Robinson, Google knows that you're in swim.
19:10:49 So when you type in Dr. Kim Robbinson, it looks for the area around you.
19:10:52 You don't have to specify what you are, and
19:10:53 So this is an effect car play. If you're going somewhere and you use Google Maps for car plan.
19:10:59 No, because that's that's well, that's a good question.
19:11:06 Well at home, so it knows what home. Yes, but that's part of the stuff that you told it to keep.
19:11:09 So, if you tell it not to keep track of it, I won't keep track of that right.
19:11:14 That's what I'm saying. That could be
19:11:14 Yeah, then it won't know how to give you a a route
19:11:18 Well, my location 2, and then a destination so it's it's you can still do that. But, for example, I will tell Google to take me home, and it'll just plot a plaque path home.
19:11:31 I don't have to tell it where home is, because it knows where my home is. But if I didn't tell it that yeah, I'd have to. I'd have to type in the address every time. Yeah, if you told it not to track then it doesn't know it doesn't retain
19:11:41 Oh, right? Right? I see. Thank you. Yeah.
19:11:44 Yeah, good point. But you but you'll see that on your phone. If you're using navigation, it comes up and asks you
19:11:56 I can't remember the exact wording, but but it's basically it does not assume your location.
19:12:02 You have to allow it. If you don't allow it, then you have to type it in one or the other, but it will ask, that's true.
19:12:09 Yeah, it does ask, okay.
19:12:13 Lawrence back to Keychain. I I use a site called Crafty, and it won't let key chain work
19:12:25 Some sites will not, and it has to do it has to do both with the browser.
19:12:30 But also has to do with how they do credentialing like, for example, key chain won't work with most banks.
19:12:38 We use Navy, Federal Credit Union, and it will not use the cached password.
19:12:42 You have to type it in every time, and that's part of their own security to keep people from stealing passwords
19:12:49 It works fine with vecu
19:12:53 I'm not gonna comment on that
19:12:56 It shouldn't. Guessing is what you're saying.
19:12:58 Right? Right? It depends on
19:13:00 What it would work with one password
19:13:09 Okay.
19:13:04 No, even with those one password keeps track of it, but in terms of filling it in I use one password, but I do not let one password fill in my password.
19:13:15 I will look it up in one password, and then Tie it in from what I see, or you can copy, or you can copy paste.
19:13:20 But I will not let my browser automatically enter a password for anything
19:13:25 So you wouldn't use a key chain. I mean, I just I just click on there and
19:13:30 Depends on on the risk. Like, you know, if it's site that you have to log into to get information.
19:13:38 But there's no financial thing. It's simply a look up site.
19:13:49 Oh, okay.
19:13:44 Then sure key chains fine, but I would never use Keychain for a bank I don't use it for bank, for the hospital, for a lot of it's really sensitive information.
19:13:56 I wouldn't use Keychain
19:13:57 Can you explain why you type it in instead of letting one password fill it in?
19:14:03 I always let it fill it in for banks and everything. I didn't know there was a reason not to
19:14:07 Well, well, there are 2 reasons, first of all, for highly secure systems.
19:14:12 It won't allow those highly secure systems won't allow it.
19:14:17 It knows how people work, and if you start to log in and then instantly give it a password.
19:14:22 It says I'm not talking to a human. I'm talking to machine, so it just won't let you in.
19:14:27 Oh!
19:14:27 And and that's that's one reason. But the other reason is, I'm just again paranoid.
19:14:34 It's it's what I did for quarter century.
19:14:37 I I I did evil things with computers. So you know, I'm just paranoid
19:14:44 Okay. Thanks.
19:14:46 Can we go to our program? Or Chris has a question
19:14:50 Just just a reminder I have signed in the attendance form that's in the chat
19:14:59 Yes, yes, please sign.
19:15:00 And everybody. Everybody should do that.
19:15:05 How do you do it?
19:15:03 Yeah, please, please do that. It helps me. It's in the chat window.
19:15:08 Is the address? Just click on that link
19:15:13 Okay.
19:15:13 What? How do you want us to type
19:15:16 Your information.
19:15:16 Pardon me, it's a form. If you talk on the link, it will bring up a form, and you just fill in the form.
19:15:24 It says, Docs, Google, com forms click on that and their form pops up in your browser and you fill in the information before we get on with that.
19:15:37 Madam President, do you have anything you want to say?
19:15:40 Oh!
19:15:39 No Happy New Year, everybody and happy, belated. Merry Christmas, I guess, since we haven't seen each other
19:15:49 No, I I apologize for December getting canceled.
19:15:53 I got. Oh, but I've I've fully vaccinated all my boosters, and I've been very careful.
19:16:08 Oh, that's too bad!
19:15:59 But we went to a memorial service at a Masonic lodge, and 6 of the people from our church, who went all got sick with Covid, so I drug it home to him, and then I was really sick for 3 weeks, but 2 weeks I started getting a little better and that's after 2 weeks when he
19:16:17 Got sick. He was very proud of himself. We didn't get sick, and then he did so.
19:16:22 That's that's what happened. I I apologize. My fault
19:16:26 No worries. I hope you have both recovered and are feeling better, or back to normal
19:16:39 Well.
19:16:33 Yeah, I wish that on anybody I was. I was in bed for 2 weeks in the third week I was up, but I was coughing constantly.
19:16:43 I had 21 symptoms. I wouldn't wish that on anybody
19:16:46 Oh no!
19:16:48 And and just as an fy, I gotta notice from a vendor that the Forum software that's on our website is going to be renewed in a couple weeks and we'll have a bill for that.
19:17:03 It's not a huge amount, but just just fy that we're going to be spending some money, anything else before we get onto the presentation
19:17:12 Just wanted to think those of you that have already sent in your dues for this years very much appreciated.
19:17:21 There's still a few that, are missing, but for the most part I think everybody is paid, and I'll turn it over to the treasure, and she can give you the report.
19:17:32 Yeah, it was really great to see so many checks come in.
19:17:35 Thank you very much, and I think they were about 16.
19:17:43 I believe that came in. And just thank you for those who paid.
19:17:49 So that brought our balance now to $2,090 and 60 cents
19:17:57 Oh, that reminds me
19:18:01 Think about what you would like to do for an in person meeting.
19:18:07 Maybe, like April, May sometime, when it's, you know, light outside.
19:18:15 Yeah.
19:18:15 I would like to do one on troubleshooting, and for that I need to reboot a Mac, and so on and so forth, so I can't really do it via zoom.
19:18:23 So. But anything else you would like to do as an in-person thing, and if we do an in-person thing, and I also want to make sure that we invite the general community rather than just smug members.
19:18:35 I've been really surprised at the lack of computer sophistication in the local community moving from the DC.
19:18:48 Area back here I was. It's a very different world than what I've dealt with for the past 40 century.
19:18:55 Would this be at your church, Florence, if it's open for the community.
19:18:59 It might be at our church, or it might be some place else.
19:19:02 If it depends upon well, it depends on what date you want. But if it's if it's if I don't get that, there's not a a big problem or the
19:19:18 When we had the last meeting there I had a hard time seeing the screen, and I really don't have vision problems.
19:19:26 So I'm assuming others might have a problem. Is there a way of using a oh, my goodness!
19:19:31 What's it called a
19:19:32 Picture.
19:19:34 A projector.
19:19:32 Projector. Yeah, there's that dropdown. There is a dropdown screen.
19:19:39 I've never used it but it. But if we had a good projector, yeah, we could use a projector
19:19:42 Well, I can provide you the projector, you should know. That's not a problem
19:19:46 Okay, I'm just saying that. Yes, no. We've got a projector in the ceiling.
19:19:52 I don't. It's not that good. Yeah, that's why they have the TV screens, anyway.
19:19:57 But think about that. That's that's for a future day.
19:20:02 Really quickly. People are signing in here on the chat. That's not gonna do us very much good. You really
19:20:07 No, no! Click on the click on the link that I gave.
19:20:14 Don't type it into the chat, because
19:20:15 Where is that? In the email.
19:20:18 It's on the very top
19:20:18 Well, try to get again just copied in again, Don. At the bottom.
19:20:22 It says, at the bottom of your screen there's something that says Chat.
19:20:27 Right.
19:20:25 If you click on chat, there's a chat window on the side, and at the top of that there is the link, and I'll paste it again.
19:20:32 Oh!
19:20:32 Yeah, if he puts it in again, you'll see it as the bottom
19:20:33 Hi! Hi! Clicked on it, and the form did not come up
19:20:38 It should
19:20:38 Or hyperlink. It's the blue lettering.
19:20:41 Just click on that
19:20:41 Yeah. It's at the top
19:20:47 Yeah.
19:20:44 Good. It should open another screen. Another. Yeah, it it it. It should open another window
19:20:52 Yeah.
19:20:53 And it wants your email
19:20:56 I want your name, your email? Yes.
19:20:58 And what date you attended.
19:21:01 And what date you attended. Yes.
19:21:02 And there's only one day shown. So just check the box
19:21:08 Lawrence.
19:21:05 Yes, there's a reason why I do it that way.
19:21:11 It helps
19:21:11 Lauren, is there a way for you to turn up your microphone volume a little bit?
19:21:16 You're still so much lower than everybody else. I keep having to change up and down and up and down
19:21:21 I don't know why it's doing that. It's low for us to hear, too, and I'm not.
19:21:27 I don't know what the it might be. Zoom itself.
19:21:30 Yeah.
19:21:30 Let me go into zoom audio
19:21:33 Don't worry about it's not that bad.
19:21:36 It was just something I thought if it was easy
19:21:37 Yeah, but there you go.
19:21:41 Okay, let's see if that makes a difference. That help Eddie
19:21:45 Nope.
19:21:46 Oh, but I can hear you better, anyway.
19:21:48 Oh, wow! That's good!
19:21:52 Or any plenty land. Yeah.
19:21:57 That's better.
19:21:56 I don't know. I'm going to launch our presentation and for that I'm going to share share, screen, share, screen that button.
19:22:08 And we're gonna share that screen there. And we're gonna move this out of the way
19:22:22 There we go go to the beginning
19:22:26 Yeah.
19:22:31 Yeah, we go. Now. We're in the right place. So are you seeing things apple and health?
19:22:39 Okay.
19:22:39 Yes.
19:22:41 There's gonna be a demo, too. But we're gonna talk a bit first, and I'm going to let Kathleen do
19:23:00 And then we're gonna switch and let Lawrence talk about apple TV and Max.
19:23:04 But our, but our focus on this one is support for health.
19:23:08 I have some other things that we want to talk about illness, but but for the most part this is focused on. How do we stay?
19:23:14 Healthy.
19:23:16 And why didn't you work? No, there we go. So I'm a nurse, and my underlying mental image of how this works is that your body, your mind, your spirit, form a triangle, and they're interconnected and if something affects one it just as a triangle would
19:23:34 move, so whatever effects one will affect the other 2. So when I talk I'm going to talk about focus mostly on body, but not uniquely, and body has.
19:23:46 If you think of of it as a stool, we have 3 legs that are asked absolutely determinants of health, and the first one is what we eat and drink.
19:23:55 Our nutrition. The second one is our how active we are!
19:24:00 And the third one is, how well we sleep. Most people think about what we eat and how active we are.
19:24:09 But equally important is sleep. So we're going to focus on tools that help us with those things.
19:24:14 So on your apple watch. You can do a lot of tracking.
19:24:19 You my words. It would be data collection, but what it looks at the sensors in your watch.
19:24:26 It covers heart rate, and I gave you a link. We will post this.
19:24:32 We're gonna record it. We're posting it, and we've got the transcript.
19:24:34 But those links are taking you through almost everything to the apple support site and the specific article that tells you about that feature.
19:24:44 So don't don't panic. If you don't catch it all, it's it's in the links.
19:24:49 And so heart rate tells you it's a measure of how hard is your heart working.
19:24:57 And when I was really really sick, my resting heart rate is usually 50 to 60.
19:25:02 When I was really 6 my resting her. It was 80, so I knew something was wrong.
19:25:07 The other thing that can go wrong is that your heart rate can be irregular, and I don't know if you watch TV.
19:25:12 But if you do, there's ads all the time for people who have atrial fibrillation and drugs to treat it.
19:25:18 But they talk about. Don't ignore it. That's really important.
19:25:22 So one of the things that your watch does is it tracks how regular your beats are if your beats are what we call irregular irregular, there's no pattern to the irregularity it will give you a notification, and then there's our level, of activity.
19:25:39 I I call it more mobility here, because it's focused on your movement, and you can set it up to track things like your steps or your exercise like, if you ride a bicycle, it's not limited to that.
19:25:56 There's a ton of options of swimming, you know.
19:26:00 Your watch will also track your swimming. If you want to do that, and then there's your cardiovascular fitness, your heart health that is actually based upon your consumption of oxygen.
19:26:14 And so I did put in the screenshot for O.
19:26:18 2, but it but it does monitor your oxygen levels, and if it gets low it will alert the when I was sick with Covid.
19:26:24 Normally oxygen levels are 94% to 100.
19:26:30 And most people live at 97 98.
19:26:32 All things being good. When I was sick with Covid I was 85 to 94, and it gave me an alert.
19:26:42 That said, you're range has changed more than 10 points over the last 5 days.
19:26:48 I mean. It notified me of that. And then most people care about steps rather than the circles, and so I did put in my favorite app for for that type of thing which also includes speed and distance so like for cycling or some other types of activities is strava, that that's the
19:27:14 one that link, that I give you. That doesn't go to Apple.
19:27:18 It goes to a different company, and Strava has a low end version, and then it has a premium version.
19:27:26 We don't pay for the premium version. We use the low end.
19:27:29 But if you're really big into something like cycling then you're gonna want the the higher end.
19:27:36 Or there is specific cycling apps, but that but it to get something that's comprehensive.
19:27:41 You may have to spend not much money, but a little bit to get that level of detail.
19:27:47 But all these things are available to you with the watch, the way it is, and keep going other than Strava.
19:27:54 And so we'll explain these 2 you've got to watch faces here to show you just there's a simple 5 version, which is what I use and then there's a more complex version of this. This is this is Kathleen's watch grace.
19:28:09 And this is a screenshot of her actual watch face.
19:28:13 She shows the date in the time. She also wants the weather there, that on the upper left there's a little symbol for blood oxygen.
19:28:23 You taps that, and it'll give blood oxygen, and she taps the heart, and he'll give her a heart rate.
19:28:27 The down. Her activity rings are down at the bottom, and by the way, she took this screenshot early in the morning, and you can see by 845 she'd already done something, and then the ex exercise one does exercise tracking yeah. It. Will bring up. A menu that you can choose what kind.
19:28:47 Of exercise and start it, and the next one is my watch face, and very different.
19:29:03 Yes.
19:28:53 Kathleen absolutely hates my watch face so she can not find anything my daughter's comment, when she looked at this was, Oh, Dad, it also said, tells time, but but some of these things don't sound like they have anything to do with health like in the upper left.
19:29:10 There's I can press that button to get a voice mail.
19:29:14 But this is actually a safety feature. I can be driving, or I can be riding my bike, or I can do something.
19:29:22 And I just touch the that corner of my watch, and I can dictate a voice memo, and it doesn't take my hands to do that other than to tap it to to start it.
19:29:34 You can. You can dictate a note to yourself very safely the Us. You again.
19:29:40 There's that symbol for the blood oxygen you tap that, and you can check your blood.
19:29:45 Oxygen, the weather. I always have that tides is special to me.
19:29:49 I'm a photographer, and I like to know what the tides are.
19:29:51 Because it changes the kind of types of photographs you can take.
19:29:56 There! There's an app for either breathing or meditation.
19:30:00 I never use the meditation product. I use the breathing app I use because it it it helps.
19:30:06 It's a way to basically palm you down after you've been active sometimes, I literally tell him, take a breath. Yes, she does. And the Strava app we have as well something. We ride our bikes.
19:30:28 It' the map is shows up on the phone doesn't jump into the watch.
19:30:30 It shows the London time, because our daughter lives in England, and then the apples.
19:30:36 Famous activity. Rings are down at the bottom in the way that he set his up.
19:30:40 It's giving him the numbers that go along with the rings.
19:30:43 I I didn't set mine up that I could have, but I didn't do mine that way.
19:30:48 So most normal people have something more like Catholics, but I was trying to see how much I could cram onto one screen alright.
19:30:57 So I'm going to. I thought several times about, How did I want this to flow?
19:31:03 And I was assuming you you read from left to right.
19:31:06 So I'm gonna go top line left to right and then bottom line left to right.
19:31:09 Just so. You know where we're at. So the heart rate we talked about, what does it look like?
19:31:18 Well, this. So this is a screenshot of my watch, with the heart rate of 77.
19:31:24 Currently, that's the the latest reading. But then it tells me that it was 88, 1 min ago, and then it tells you what my resting heart rate usually is, which is on this about 10 points higher than what it normally would be then the one on the right is when you want it to give
19:31:48 You a reading. This is what you see. Is that hard?
19:31:51 And if you select it, it gives you whatever the current reading is.
19:31:56 So the watch on the right, now that the square ones are screenshots of what you see.
19:32:02 But I've added in some things that show you the watch itself, and so on.
19:32:06 The right hand side. There's a big watch, and it's got a warning.
19:32:10 It says it. It's a high heart rate morning, and also there's a low heart rate warning.
19:32:15 So normal range is 60 to 100, all things being good, and then at night, when you're resting, 50 is okay, but not normally.
19:32:25 During the day, you wouldn't expect that. So here it's complaining that you consistently been
19:32:35 Sitting, you're you're not active. And yet your heart rate is bounced up above a 100.
19:32:43 And so it says that even though you've been sitting for 10 min, you've been basically between 125 and 130 beats minutes.
19:32:53 So this is, this is something that you would want to alert your primary care provider for.
19:32:58 And there's a number of reasons that can cause it. You know.
19:33:02 It doesn't tell you why. It just says this is not normal, you know.
19:33:06 You might have a spike of 130 for a moment or 2, but if you're inactive and you're heart weights above 100 for 10 min, that's something that you that you need to talk to primary care about, so the the idea of heart rate is that as long as you know
19:33:23 That you're falling within what's normal for you like a one distance runner.
19:33:29 They're going to be a maybe fifties and sixties, even though they're very active.
19:33:35 You know, people that are older. It tends to creep up and be a little bit higher, but if it's normal for you, that's all the good.
19:33:42 When it gets out of range, then you need to be aware of it.
19:33:45 The watch will actually let you set parameters so you can adjust it to your individual.
19:33:52 What's right for you when you want to be alerted.
19:33:56 So down on the bottom row, I want to point out in the center of that there's something called Ekg.
19:34:04 It shows a little heartbeat, and if you select that app, this is, these are when you can see the apps that are on your your apple watch, and you touch that little heartbeat, and then the screen on the right.
19:34:16 Bottom side is what you get, and it says that it's it's checking what the waveform is.
19:34:26 This is the actual electrical activity of your heart that's being shown on the screen it's a little bit messy because it's movement.
19:34:34 There's some movement, and in there and it's telling you that it's measured 27 s.
19:34:40 So far you will. It can go up to actually no, it's measured 3 s.
19:34:46 It's got 27 s to go
19:34:52 Of what you're doing, but you can change that too.
19:34:55 I mean, most people. 30 s is just fine, but some people with heart problems need it to be set up 1 min.
19:35:01 You can change it. You can change that parameter and say, I want you to do a full minute.
19:35:05 You can do that. It's also warned you that it's not checking for a heart attack.
19:35:10 So if you're having chest paid the ekg, it's not bad to have the data, but that it's not gonna give you a diagnosis.
19:35:18 It's not there to diagnose. It's just there to take the measure, whatever it is.
19:35:24 But the good news is you can share this information with your provider.
19:35:28 It will let you do that it won't automatically do it.
19:35:31 But you can. You can set it up and tell it to do it.
19:35:35 Okay, so again, we're gonna run across the the top first.
19:35:40 And you see Lawrence's, what face? And so on.
19:35:47 The right hand side. What he's done is he's used his watch to to to watch face, to tell it that it want.
19:35:56 He wants to do some activity, and it brings up a menu.
19:35:59 This is what kind of activity are you gonna do? So it wouldn't be an outdoor run for him or a trail run or an outdoor.
19:36:07 It might be an outdoor ride. He has a tricycle, could have been that, but the most common one which is kind of cut off at the bottom is the outdoor walk.
19:36:16 He and I use the that a lot when we go out, and this is Strava.
19:36:20 It's the one that not only tells you how far you were, how far you walked or road, and can you point to that?
19:36:36 Yeah, this is Strava. And so if he put that, and that's the menu he got.
19:36:42 And you, it's girls on forever, I mean, he'll let you do an elliptical or, you know, equipment, or whatever I mean.
19:36:48 It's like 30 choices that you can scroll through.
19:36:51 Alright on the bottom left is again option of different apps, and the one that I wanted you to focus on this, the second one down is like activity goes to the 3 rings.
19:37:03 If you select that the screen on the right is telling you what you have done for each of the rings, and you can scroll through it and get the specific numbers.
19:37:16 Remember on his watch. Can you point out that where it shows the rings?
19:37:21 But also gives you numbers. So if you click on the activity icon for the app, and that app comes up when you scroll across, then you can get the specific activity for reach.
19:37:36 Each, ring.
19:37:38 And then I would point out that there's a couple of ways to do Medicaid.
19:37:44 Ations. But there is an app called medications, and you can get a list of all your medications, or you can see what's do.
19:37:53 You can put in what time things should be taken, and it will actually alert you if you turn it on to alert, you will say, Okay, it's time for your whatever it is.
19:38:03 You should be taking like I have a lover that goes off at 20'clock.
19:38:05 And says, there's 3 things you should take it to a clock, and this is something that's built into the apple watch.
19:38:13 This med safe, the one that's below the one says medication is meant safe is a commercial one, and it's used for specific tracking.
19:38:21 By your physician, so your physician can keep track. Your physician will be alerted when you keep track of your medications. Yeah.
19:38:31 They also have one of her diabetic they have an an app that the doctor will prescribe that will track your blood, sugar, and some other things, and send it to the physician.
19:38:45 If you, if you have it done as a prescription, or you can just keep that information.
19:38:50 But you can get a report, and you can share that report with your provider.
19:38:55 So there's a lot of ways of doing this. So remember, I said that sleep was the third leg on the stool for your physical health, and I love that, Lawrence added in the comments.
19:39:06 So much sleep one third of your life. Yes, we spend about roughly one third of our life sleeping.
19:39:13 But what's really important about sleep is not just the hours you spend.
19:39:16 It's the quality of it. So on the upper left hand side you can see that there's an app called sleep, and it shows a bad, and if you select that you can create a schedule that says when you want to wake up in the morning and when you want to go to bed, at night, and
19:39:32 If you turn the alarm on, then it will. Your watch will vibrate.
19:39:37 The haptic Todd to to wake you up, and it works.
19:39:42 Most people that that's enough to let them know that they need to wake up.
19:39:48 And then the third one over on the top row. It tells you what you have set as your bedtime, and that the alarm is set for.
19:39:59 Wake up, but the bedtime then has a what do they call it?
19:40:03 A cool down period. So about 45 min before whatever you set it to be for your bedtime, it't it?
19:40:12 It tells you it's time to start slowing down it's time to get ready for bed, and then, if you don't, if you miss it, this is a goal that's been set as 2,300, and if you miss it it will give an alarm, and the alarm, will say well, if
19:40:28 You can't do 2,300 try. Make it at least.
19:40:32 You know, 1145 pm. So that you get a better sleep with them.
19:40:38 I mean, all of this is to coach you. That's the ideas.
19:40:42 Is this coaching you, and what you need to do, what steps you need to take so that you can have better sleep.
19:40:46 The bottom row. Starting on the left. It gives you a report, and so this is not only is it collecting data, but then it's showing you the results.
19:40:57 And on that. It's saying that today you went to bed at 1125, and you got up at 70.
19:41:04 5, and it's gives you a score. Today's score is in the yellow.
19:41:10 So you need to improve that. But you're overall school, which is based on 3 days, your average over 3 days is in the orange, which means you really, you know, today wasn't great.
19:41:20 But the previous 2 days must have been worse and so you really need to pay attention to this that's what it's telling you.
19:41:27 So and if you hit your goal in the very bottom of that, you'll see it's says Sleep, and it's got a yellow to green on it, and then it says it's cut off.
19:41:38 But it's 7 h and 30 min, and then it says goal.
19:41:44 If you actually achieve your goal, you get feedback that you made the goal so it's it's trying to guide you with wants to encourage you in what you're doing now, if you keep scrolling through the report in this next, example the this sleep was from midnight to 710
19:42:07 So you did 84% of an eight-hour goal.
19:42:11 And your three-day target is under. So you only did over the last 3 days.
19:42:16 67% of what you were trying to achieve. And then, if you keep going down, it will tell you what your resting heart rate was.
19:42:24 While you were sleeping. So if you have a nightmare, will be an example.
19:42:30 If you have a nightmare, your heart rate shoots up when that happens, and it will tell you that you had a spike at this point in time.
19:42:37 So that's when you look at the sleep stages.
19:42:41 And so the third one over in the bottom row is now looking at how the bottom of this the dark blue, is your deep sleep, but middle line is your light sleep, and then the top.
19:42:55 The orange is your activity. That's that's those are the stages of sleep.
19:43:01 So if you thrash around, you'll get an orange line, or if you get up and go to the bathroom and get an orange line.
19:43:09 So you know what the interruptions are, and then it gives you.
19:43:14 This is a moment in in time. You're just looking at one night's sleep.
19:43:20 But then, in the report it gives you a week at a time, and you can set this to show one week, 2 weeks, a month, 6 months.
19:43:29 You could set it to whatever you want, but on your watch, really, the 2 weeks is about the Max.
19:43:37 That's useful. If you want to look at more than that, you go to your phone to look at the more data.
19:43:42 But what it's saying is that you you were pretty consistent over the last 2 weeks with how much sleep you got
19:43:53 So what other things can we do with our our watched as we talked about earlier?
19:44:00 We've done our activity rings, but we can also do specific types of activities.
19:44:07 And the the 2 that that I'm inclined to do is I like to cycle.
19:44:12 I've got to try to go, and I like to go cycling, and I you can do that.
19:44:17 It will capture it. With what apple provides, but I would rather use Strava because they get more information.
19:44:27 It so you know Apple will give you the the bare bones of what you need to know.
19:44:33 But if you but if you want the
19:44:37 Total distance plus the speed plus the map. Apple doesn't do all that elevation and elevation. Yeah, apple doesn't do all that.
19:44:47 So so that's the difference. Your watch is designed for you to be able to use it to go swimming so you can do laps, and it will.
19:44:54 It will tell you lap times as well as your total swim.
19:44:58 So it it gives you the flow of your activity as you're swimming and it's it's useful.
19:45:07 I mean that you know. At least it gives you a sense.
19:45:09 It also touches calories burn. So it gives you a sense of how active you were, because it's not. All.
19:45:16 Strokes of the same, you know. Breast stroke uses a different level of energy than a backstroke, or whatever.
19:45:21 So it it knows that I mean it can tell by the movement what kind of stroke you're using, and it will tell you how many calories you're burning based upon that type of activity and you could do it like I said other exercise.
19:45:33 But this is what watch faces look like. The first one is just those 3 activity rings and move.
19:45:41 You're only at 6% and at exercise, you're at 13.
19:45:47 And this you get 12 times during your waking time that you're supposed to move from seated to standing, or or go from standing the city.
19:45:59 They want you to get up and down, and so that's that's what this is telling you, which is fine, because it's only 100'clock in the morning.
19:46:06 So, you know you got the rest of the day. It's okay.
19:46:10 But if that was 100'clock at night, you're way behind schedule. Right?
19:46:16 You just know that. Well, you're not gonna make up the distance between your goal and where you're at at that place.
19:46:21 The the middle one. I put the the icon, this the app symbol for cycling at the top.
19:46:32 So if you were looking through apps. That's the one that is specific to cycleing.
19:46:37 And then you can. You can hone in on it to what? Specific?
19:46:46 Type of cycling. You're doing so in this case.
19:46:49 I chose the multi-sport triathlon, because cycling is part of a 3 part.
19:46:55 Event, and it knows the difference between the slim part of the triathlon.
19:47:00 The cycle part and the run part, and it will give you breakouts for each of those individually as well as your performance.
19:47:09 Overall in your calories, burnt with that activity, and the time, the duration of each piece of it, so you can get a lot of information.
19:47:18 Oh, go back! One pull, swim you! This is what happens when you're doing something, and it thinks you're doing something, and it wants to know.
19:47:31 Do you want to record this like it knows that you're in the pool swimming, and it's what it's asking is, do you want to capture what you're doing?
19:47:40 So even if you don't, sometimes it'll start out on a walk, and then my watchful tap at me will say, it looks like you're doing an outdoor walk.
19:47:48 Would you like to record it? So if you don't think of it when you get started?
19:47:52 It. It doesn't take it too long before it says Mmm, maybe you're doing this.
19:47:57 You really want to capture that information or not? Okay? And then one of the safety features that I really like.
19:48:08 And this was a reason for us to to upgrade our our watches was to get the fall detection and reports, and so each you can fool it.
19:48:20 What was I do? Oh, clapping my hands, I was doing some really violent clapping in my hands, and it popped up and said, It looks like you've taken a fall, and I had, and I was just clapping my hands really hard, and I said, No, I'm okay, it's
19:48:34 All right. I'm not an emergency, but if you truly fall, it brings up the emergency call, and it will dial 911.
19:48:44 But it also. You can put in 2 or 3, 2.
19:48:49 You could put in 2 phone numbers of people that you want alerted.
19:48:52 So when our mother-in-law was living with us, and she did fall a lot, we had it set up for the emergency call, but also it would call him, and it would call me so we both would get notified if she fell, and if if she was okay she could turn it off it wouldn't call if
19:49:12 she, if she said, No, I'm okay. But if she didn't turn it off, then it then it automatically would alert. 9.
19:49:18 111, and Lawrence and I
19:49:23 And then you you can't have your medical Id on this, and that is the in an emergency, like an Emt.
19:49:32 If they know that you have an apple watch, they can bring up your medical Id and get just the the basics about you and on your phone.
19:49:43 There's more information available to. So this, this is really useful as a in an emergency situation.
19:49:54 These are the minimum things that people need to know. Now what type I will caution you.
19:49:59 They're never going to go by. What's on any record.
19:50:02 They are gonna test every single time. But they're going to give blood.
19:50:06 But it is a heads up for for the medical staff, so I will also tell you that you're your watch is locked, so that if somebody just comes up they can't get this information.
19:50:19 How the medical id is. It? You can access this without unlocking it, and the local emts across the entire country.
19:50:30 They've been trained on how to bring up the apple id on on an iphone or at the apple watch, and when my mother fell her once her her watch called 911, they came, and one of the things they did, even though I was standing there they looked at her watch to
19:50:49 See what it said, yeah, they're very familiar with how these things were, and I just want to have a shout out for swim.
19:50:57 Our our Emt. Staff. Here is phenomenal.
19:50:59 These guys are really good
19:51:02 So other types of guidance. We mentioned this earlier that body, mind, spirit, connection there.
19:51:09 There is mindfulness app that you can use, and it will let you do meditations that will let you do deep breathing, and he has a whole bunch of programs.
19:51:24 I mean, you don't have to be bored, and you could pick how long like this? The middle one?
19:51:29 Is beginning a meditation, and it tells it gives you directions.
19:51:35 What you should do, but then it also will give. You have to touch taps as you're changing from one thing to another thing, and the breathing does that like it?
19:51:48 Will, it will tap you to tell you to breathe in, and then it will tap you to tell you when to breathe out, so you don't.
19:51:53 You can leave your eyes closed, but you're doing the breathing.
19:51:58 According to this, the rhythm or cycle, and this one is set for 1 min.
19:52:02 But you can do a 30 min, or a 1 h, or whatever you want.
19:52:06 I mean there, there, you're not limited in any way to this.
19:52:10 You can scroll through and pick dozens of meditations like, I want to focus on being call.
19:52:20 Or I wanna focus on letting go of regret, or whatever it is you you just pick the type of thing you want to address, and then it will want to know well how much time do you want to spend doing that?
19:52:33 So you can go anywhere from 1 min to an hour on these
19:52:39 And then apple fitness plus is available, missed that.
19:52:49 And and so you get coaches. These are people who couch you through workouts.
19:52:55 And so you hear the voice, and also it will tap you when you need to change what you're doing.
19:53:02 And then you scroll through and select what the workout should be like.
19:53:07 Zooma, you know, if you wanna if you want to be dancing to dance music as a fitness workout, it'll tell you.
19:53:15 Now do this kind of move. Now do that kind of move, and then you can pick what kind of music you want to go along with it, and then you can pick how long you want to dance like I want to dance for 15 or 20 or however, many minutes
19:53:27 No, I'm gonna turn over to Lawrence. He's gonna do the iphone stuff don't have as many screenshots here a lot of the fitness stuff really is focused on the apple watch.
19:53:38 Because you're actually wearing it. And and when you move your body it moves to and knows that.
19:53:44 But your iphone can also do a lot of this stuff.
19:53:46 If you carry your iphone particularly in a Panthe pocket, it's really good accounting.
19:53:51 The number of steps in the distance you go. It doesn't work quite as well if you haven't in a shirt pocket, or if you have it in your purse, but if you carry with you it will track your steps so you can find out how active you were at least when you were carrying the
19:54:05 phone right? And if you set a goal it will let you know in the evening, like you need 10 more minutes of walking to reach your goal.
19:54:16 I mean you. You let you do things during the day, but when it's wind down time, it says oops before you know you stop all your activity.
19:54:23 If you just do X, amount of whatever it is you set the goal, for you will meet your goal for today.
19:54:30 It also has a medication tracker that's on the icephone that you give it all your medications it'll prompt you, for when you're supposed to take them, and then you have to explicitly say yes, I took this or otherwise, nag you really nice medication.
19:54:44 Tracking thing they did a lot of work, seeing what, how, what people needed.
19:54:50 It'll track your distance and also your altitude, depending upon the app you're using.
19:54:54 So around here where there are a lot of hills. It's it's one thing to go walking a mile in Kansas, where it's really flat.
19:55:01 You walk a mile around here you're probably going to go up and down quite a bit, which is more work because it's an iphone.
19:55:08 You can also add things to it. For example, Olympic Medical Center has they do their charting through something called my chart.
19:55:16 You can get an you can download from the apple store a my chart app for your phone or for your ipad.
19:55:25 And look at your online chart on your phone. The last time I was I was at Olympic Medical today for an appointment.
19:55:31 I forgot something, and I looked at my chart on my phone as he was asking me questions, and he thought that was really quite funny.
19:55:40 But I was using their records to tell him answers to questions.
19:55:44 He had, but there's a lot of it. There's a lot of information you can.
19:55:51 You can use simply because the phone is connected to the outside.
19:55:53 Go back for just second. The other nice thing about having my chart is, if we have basically in the state of Washington, 2 medical systems, and they are not good about exchanging information.
19:56:05 But like if I have to go to Bremerton to a Franciscan system that doesn't talk to the Olympic medical system, I can bring up that short information to share with the people there and then they know to go get something I mean that they can they can request it.
19:56:24 But if they don't know what they're asking for, they're not gonna get it.
19:56:28 But if I pull it up and say, Oh, this is what you're looking for, then they'll request it, and it will be sent over.
19:56:35 So it does help with communication
19:56:40 Other things that it does, that you may not think of as being healthy.
19:56:46 But are, you're you can have your iphone or your apple watch.
19:56:49 Share your location with your spouse, your parents, your children, whoever it is that you want to.
19:56:56 This is handy, like. For example, if if Kathleen has been an out and she said, You' go to home, coma went 10, and it's 11, and she hasn't come out, I can look on my phone and see where she is.
19:57:06 And I can see. Oh, she's still at church. Oh, she's shopping at Costco it's it's also we.
19:57:14 Don't. I don't think too many of us have any young children, but it's also good way to just keep track of your children so on and so forth.
19:57:20 So it is a health and safety feature. Well, our daughter is in England, and we do have a we agree to it. I mean, you know, whoever you're tracking has to accept that you're going to be able to trap our daughter in England.
19:57:33 Can track our phones, and we can track her phone. So, for example, because of the time zones, it differences is handy.
19:57:39 If I see that she's at work I won't call her, but I see that she's at home, and it's not midnight yet.
19:57:46 I I can call her without feeling too bad. Yeah, the other thing that's helpful is sometimes there are silver alerts or amber alerts, or whatever, but they're there.
19:57:57 People who go missing a lot of times. We'll have elderly people get lost, but you can find them by using the phone.
19:58:09 You can see where they're physically at, and I've had the police most as a parish nurse been asked by a family to help find somebody who's been missing for a couple of hours.
19:58:20 The police will ask me well, do they have an iphone?
19:58:22 Is it on them? They'll ask me that question Strava, which we mentioned before on on the watch, also works on the phone, and if you have, I I accidentally triggered Strava once, when I was at Costco and so it drew a map, of all the Aisles that I went up
19:58:43 And down, in in Costco, and told me how long the was.
19:58:47 1.4 miles in Costco, just as a point of reference within the first 6 months of the apple watch coming out, there had been thousands of rescues where you're the apple watch or the iphone at help in tracking people there was a very famous case here in Washington State where a
19:59:06 Guy fell off a tray in the Cascades, and the only thing he had on him was out of his apple watch.
19:59:12 But the apple watch said sent an alert saying that they'd had a fall, and using that information, the rescuers got to him before people in his own party knew he was missing.
19:59:23 Yeah, he got off a cliffs. They might have never found him if it had been for that watch.
19:59:29 Yeah. He fell like 300 feet. So definitely useful. The new iphone 8 has a new feature, and it's only available on the iphone age and phones going forward.
19:59:41 A crash function there are on the iphone. There are a whole bunch of accelerometers and accelerometers, a chip that basically measures the force.
19:59:50 The app that you're moving W. How much energy do you using to move?
19:59:54 And when you come to a crash, the accelerometers kind of freak out.
19:59:58 So the apple decided that. Okay, if it if the if the phone has experienced that much of a deceleration or acceleration, you were probably in a crash, and it'll call 9 1, one, let's just stop it right?
20:00:13 So there's a cancel. It if it wasn't a crash, and you don't need help.
20:00:15 Just hit cancel. But if you really need help, like, if you're unconscious, it will just call 4 days after the iphone 8 was released, a guy in Bellevue crashed into a tree late at night, and the paramedics were there before anyone knew that the guy was in
20:00:36 Trouble, like the iphone said, there's been a crash. I'm here.
20:00:40 Come and get me. And they said that because he was bleeding, that if they hadn't responded that quickly he probably would bled to death.
20:00:48 So. But that's only
20:00:48 Hey! Hey? No! You're saying that. That's iphone 8.
20:00:53 But I think you're talking. Iphone 14
20:00:57 Oh, I'm sorry, I said. Iphone at your right.
20:01:00 It is 14. Fortunately I can change that right here.
20:01:00 Yeah, yeah. Excel to my phone 8. And it doesn't have that
20:01:03 No, no, no, it's right. No, it's it's the iphone.
20:01:09 Okay. Thank you.
20:01:08 14. It's similar to it's similar to the fall alarm that's in the iphones.
20:01:17 I watch 7 and greater. But it's the iphone 14 that has a crash detection.
20:01:22 The iphone because it through the fitness plus also can guide you through Yoga exercises and meditation, and so on.
20:01:30 So forth. A bunch of activities, and you might not think, well, why would you want that on your phone?
20:01:35 Well, I'll get to that in a second. It also the iphone also helps with the sleep reports before we, before they had the sleep apps on the watch, we actually track sleep with our phones, and it also has some things that help with that for example, we have it set for us there's a focus.
20:01:54 Setting that you can set up. We tell our phones that they don't accept phone calls after 10 or before 8, unless they're one of our relatives.
20:02:04 Right. We we we told it. Let these numbers through. If it's emergency.
20:02:09 But loc everything else, and the police can still get through, and things like that.
20:02:13 But basically we just don't get our phones still have an area code for the east coast.
20:02:19 And so sometimes we we would be getting calls at like 5 in the morning, because they think we're at work, and it stops that.
20:02:26 Just because it silences them. I will. I'll we're kind of running out of time.
20:02:33 So I'm gonna start over the accessibility part. But you can also use your phone to help you with vision issues, with hearing issues, with physical and motor things because of settings on the phone that will actually help you with things like that.
20:02:47 Yeah, that magnifying glass is really useful. If you're in a dimly lit restaurant with small print on the menu is a great and if you can't see the normal iphone lettering in such, you can blow it up or big it boulder and modern hearing, aids will have settings
20:03:06 That will let you talk directly between the hearing aid and the phone.
20:03:10 So a lot of people who can't normally hear on a phone with the hearing aid.
20:03:16 If you set it up to use the Bluetooth feature, you will be able to cure things that otherwise you would not.
20:03:23 I'm a very impressed with the way that technology, because what it does is it?
20:03:27 Can translate it from frequencies that you can't hear into frequencies that you can I mean, it's really sophisticated.
20:03:35 It's really amazing.
20:03:39 Apple TV. I wanted to mention Apple TV because the apple TV, I know a lot of people don't have them, but it the apple TV.
20:03:46 Among other things, can be a health tool, because through Apple's fitness plus program, you can get work out coaches fit, disc coaches.
20:03:56 Yoga coaches, exercise coaches, and somebody shows you on TV how to do something.
20:04:01 That you should follow along, and if you're not following the same speed or anything, you don't care, because there's not the entire class there and you can level like they have a very nice series for older adults on how they improve balance, and you know they have some seeded exercises and chair
20:04:19 Exercises, and whatever, and but they're done in small segments, and they're minimize distraction.
20:04:26 I mean, they've they've really done a nice job of of tailoring the program to the target audience.
20:04:32 Whatever it is. Did you move this
20:04:39 And I was gonna talk some more about things with the Mac. But I'll skip that for another time and get to the demo, and that go away
20:04:56 And for this we're going to do something strange
20:05:07 Here, so he's plugged his iphone into the computer and set it to mirroring so that you can see what's on his iphone.
20:05:19 You're sharing right? Yes, I certainly hope so.
20:05:22 Is everyone still there?
20:05:23 Yes.
20:05:23 Yes.
20:05:24 Yes.
20:05:24 Okay, because I can't see anything other than what's on the screen here.
20:05:31 We hope
20:05:35 Hey!
20:05:38 Iphone store. Okay?
20:05:40 Yeah, I was actually trying to find something. But Hi, I won't worry about that.
20:05:47 Got to do something else instead, that accessibility and
20:06:00 Okay, this is my watch. You're actually looking at my watch.
20:06:09 I'm gonna I'm gonna click on the strava application that's that orange icon in the lower left corner when I click on that, it says, what kind of activity I want to have an outdoor run?
20:06:22 A trail run outdoor riot, a walk indoor, run indoor right?
20:06:27 All kinds of these different activities and the one that I I don't do, skateboarding so and so forth.
20:06:32 What I do to mostly do is I I use the bicycle.
20:06:35 So that's what the Strava app is. And this is the activities thing that is quite famous in all the ads about 2% on your movement.
20:06:46 And it gives you the rings at the top, and then down below it gives you more discrete things and times, and so on, so forth.
20:07:00 And summer is the weekly yes, and the one I wanted to show you, though, is demonstration, is the blood oxygen.
20:07:02 So if I click on this and I say, start, it'll test my blood oxygen level.
20:07:08 It takes 15 s and yeah, I have to stop fairly. Still, if I move too much, get bad at me and start over again.
20:07:17 But it'll test the blood oxygen and then tell me how I'm doing.
20:07:21 And the answer is, 99%. So I'm I'm fairly healthy and we'll show up on the phone in the health. Yeah, it'll show up as as a recording.
20:07:31 There. The other one I want to show you is the this one is, yeah, I can both show you, but it also has a feeling part that you can't tell, and that's the breathing application.
20:07:41 If you if you have any kind of respiratory issues, and I have really bad allergies.
20:07:47 Sometimes it helps just to engage in deep breathing, and this that's what this breathing app does.
20:07:53 Is it guides you through that? And why aren't you?
20:07:59 It guides you, and it gives you this visually, and when it's ready it actually taps my wrist, and when it taps my wrist it's telling me to breathe
20:08:09 So you can actually feel it as well as see it. And it's also fairly pretty.
20:08:17 And but anyway, this goes on, for however long I want it to go on and I don't want you to go through the whole thing.
20:08:25 But that's it's right on my wrist.
20:08:26 So it's very easy to bring up, and then there are things that aren't on my wrist.
20:08:31 For example. Oh, yeah, that's what I'm trying
20:08:37 Lawrence? What was the shortcut for the the blood oxygen?
20:08:43 What did the symbol look like
20:08:46 It's called what is it called green? No, no, she's she's talking about the yeah.
20:08:53 It's blood blood oxygen. Yeah, it's it's this symbol right here, down yeah.
20:08:58 Is that it did it? Did it come with the watch?
20:09:02 Yes, it's it's from Apple
20:09:05 But only the newest versions
20:09:09 Maybe a couple and
20:09:09 It's been. Our. I guess it's couple of versions yeah, it's give you an Ekg, and what you do is you hold on to the Crown, and it takes 30 s and it'll give you an Ekg, and it's going to tell you that I have
20:09:33 Arithmetic because I have a red man. This is that irregular, irregular heartbeat that I was
20:09:44 And when almost there, almost there, and still almost there, blessed are the impatient.
20:09:56 Okay.
20:09:56 Atrial, February.
20:10:08 We're having an episode of typically, it's light headedness is the most common.
20:10:12 And you do your Ekg, and it shows this irregular, irregular pattern.
20:10:18 Then it wants to know. So tell me what's going on.
20:10:20 At this moment in time? Are you short of breath? Are you lightheaded?
20:10:22 Alright!
20:10:24 Are you? You know it just goes down a list, and you just say, yes, yes, no, yes, type of it.
20:10:29 And the nice thing about the ekg, it creates a Pdf.
20:10:35 And the Pdf. That it creates on the phone.
20:10:38 The Pdf. That it creates. You can then send to your provider health care, provider, if you want to, but anyway, it's got just a whole bunch of things on here that I use all the time, and as you saw there's also applications for things like ferry watch for or
20:10:57 Checking fairies, so a whole bunch of things as you can see.
20:11:07 It's mostly apple watch centric, and we're not trying to advertise Apple watch.
20:11:12 But they're just the the number of health things that are involved with the apple watch.
20:11:19 It's truly quite amazing. Several insurance companies and several health maintenance organizations.
20:11:27 Hmos! Now our buying apple watches for their patients, or their their insuries like this one.
20:11:34 There's an Executive Insurance company that's backed by Lloyds of London, and in order to reduce their risk, they require that you that the people who take out these life insurance policies have an apple watch and that the insurance company get the records so this way they
20:11:50 say that they don't smoke, and they don't drink, and so on, and so forth.
20:11:55 Believe it or not. They track that stuff because they're not gonna give you a discount on your premiums unless you can prove that you're actually doing something.
20:12:02 Healthy, like. You're a smoker. Your o 2 sats are not going to be normal.
20:12:07 They just won't, and the with the health, maintenance things, the the Va.
20:12:12 For example, for some of their patients, they are buying them Va.
20:12:16 Buys apple watches and gives them to the patients.
20:12:18 For or for certain types of things, and the military Kathleen worked with this group at Waltery.
20:12:26 Military Medical Center in DC. They were buying apple watches for severely winded wounded soldiers, because, in addition to tracking their health, it also gave them more control over their environment, they could do things like answer their phone just by tapping their watch, rather than having to go find the phone particularly if they
20:12:46 were in a wheelchair, or they were in a bed. It was.
20:12:50 It was just a way for them to be more mobile and to have greater reach than they would otherwise well, and the other thing they would do is they would set it up that if somebody got anxious if their heart rate went up and their breathing got more, rapid in their oh, 2 levels we're shifting
20:13:09 Rapidly. It would automatically. There's app called Hook Box, and the hope box will automatically open up and say, it's appears that you are feeling anxious.
20:13:20 Would you like to? And then it gives you a list of options and it learns what you like and what you don't like, so it'll change the order of the list according to the things that you use more frequently being at the top of the things that you never use being at the bottom they're still accessible.
20:13:36 But it learns what works best for you.
20:13:40 Anyway, we've been talking now for an hour, and plus any questions.
20:13:50 And we actually didn't cover everything we had. Yes, you're muted.
20:13:56 Yeah. Kathy.
20:13:56 No mute, the ekg on the watch. Does it keep records throughout the whole day of your rhythm?
20:14:05 Oh!
20:14:05 No! A it. Oh, it's it's on demand.
20:14:08 The main one.
20:14:09 So, if you think that you think something strange, you can, you can trigger it.
20:14:14 And taking. Ekg, but no, it doesn't constantly monitor.
20:14:17 That would use an awful lot of power. So now it't do that.
20:14:22 It does on the new on Kathleen's watch, it will constantly monitor her.
20:14:29 O, 2 sat! Does that constantly? Mine's an older one.
20:14:32 Doesn't do that. But the Ekg. Is strictly on demand.
20:14:35 It. It it can't Mont, counselling monitor.
20:14:38 It that would require a lot of power. Choose.
20:14:40 But it can do a Pdf Pdf.
20:14:44 And save it
20:14:45 Yeah. Oh, no. If if you take an ekg, it automatically saves a Pdf on your phone.
20:14:52 Oh!
20:14:52 Yeah. And you don't have to tell it to do that. It just automatically does that. And then it's it's timestamp.
20:15:02 So you can say, Oh, this is the one I took it 407. I'm gonna send that to my doctor.
20:15:04 I see.
20:15:04 So it's it's quite convenient, and it will if you' your heart starts doing really funny stuff.
20:15:13 It will ask you if you want an Ekg, you could set parameters a lot of doctors who have patients that are having heart problems, but they're not sure exactly what it what it is.
20:15:22 They will set certain parameters to say, and and then the watch will prompt you, and say, it appears that you are beyond your low limit, or you're beyond your high level, or whatever it is.
20:15:35 Do you want to take any kg, now? It will ask.
20:15:38 I forgot something I was going to demonstrate, so I'm going to go back and demonstrate that.
20:15:42 Oh! What is I'm going to bring up this again?
20:15:51 No, I have mirror at first.
20:15:52 So you're saying that it can actually do a 6 lead.
20:15:56 Ekg. In addition to
20:15:58 16,
20:15:57 No, no.
20:16:02 Oh!
20:16:03 Yeah, it. It only has limited point of reference.
20:16:08 So it's. It's not a. It's not a full.
20:16:12 It is considered medical grade. But it's not, it's not. It's not a 12 late, it's not a that's not what I want to show
20:16:18 Actually on my Wat chip calls at a Ecg.
20:16:22 I don't know what the difference is, but
20:16:24 Well, electrocardi, grab in German has a K.
20:16:28 Oh, so the same thing!
20:16:31 Same thing.
20:16:27 But electric cardogram and English has a seat. This is this is a locked iphone. Right now.
20:16:35 It's locked, and that's my granddaughter yelling at.
20:16:38 That is 3 trees. But if I press the 2 slides at the same time, it'll trigger.
20:16:44 They'll trigger the wrong thing. I'm trying to trigger the emergency
20:16:50 I just did a screenshot
20:16:56 One buttons. Oh, that's because, just looking at me, let's try this again.
20:17:00 Yeah. And I don't want it to do that
20:17:07 Hey? It's not doing what I wanted to do.
20:17:11 I wanted to show you that it the medical alert that's built into the iphone.
20:17:17 But it's not triggering it
20:17:17 It. It's 5 s. It's 5 s
20:17:22 Yeah, I was too impatient
20:17:23 I've I've triggered it accidentally several times
20:17:28 But the it. The iphone, will bring that up, and and and paramedics are trained to trigger it so that they can.
20:17:38 Even if it's locked they can read the medical alert information.
20:17:41 And your phone does your watch has that same capability, and if you have an iphone and you have not done that, the way to get that is, you go into the health app on the it looks like a heart, and then just fill out all the information I'm just gonna want to know your name.
20:18:00 Your age, height. Wait, and then you can list things that you think are important.
20:18:06 Do you have a pacemaker? Do you have? Have you had a transplant?
20:18:10 Whatever it is. That you think is important, that if you're on a blood center, anything that you think would be of importance to to an Emt, also, they want to know if you have any implants that mean you can't go through an MRI, if you we've had an implant since
20:18:28 Crazy.
20:18:30 2,000! Something. It's probably been titanium, and you can probably go through an MRI.
20:18:34 But if you had an implant done in the sixtys and seventies, putting you through, an MRI could kill you because the it would rip it out so, anyway, aside from the gory details I wanted to show you that.
20:18:55 At this.
20:18:48 But it's it's easy enough to fill it out on your phone or on your watch, and it's useful because the Mps are trained to look like for it.
20:18:58 Yes.
20:18:57 Lawrence question the April apple launch ultra in the advantages to go into it
20:19:07 The apple watch. Ultra. It's it has become really, really, really popular.
20:19:15 At my former place of employment, but the National Ocean Service is kind of interested in the ocean as a whole bunch of scuba divers, and it the the second apple released that it became the favorite dive watch on on the planet because it does a whole bunch of things that you wanted to dive watch
20:19:32 But awesome whole bunch of other things. It's more rugged.
20:19:36 It can. It's it's a really fine watch.
20:19:39 They happen to have one on display at Costco so if you go into Costco, you can look at a regular apple watch in their display area, and then there's an ultra and you'll see that it's considerably larger than an apple watch and I have a friend.
20:19:54 She's probably a 100 pounds. Phd. Oceanographers so on and so forth.
20:20:00 But she's really tiny. She got an apple watch, and she said the the most discontent thing for her was that she had this large thing on her wrist, but she got used to it, but she's also a diver, so you know she would if she had a dive watch, it'd be
20:20:17 large too. It's but it is considerably larger and heavier than an apple watch.
20:20:20 It's like I don't know, 4 ounces or something like that, instead of 2 or something.
20:20:27 It's. It's larger. So if you want to, just go to Costco, and you can just look at it in person.
20:20:34 And you can say, yes, that's considerably larger.
20:20:36 It's far more durable. It's it's basically unrelated.
20:20:41 It's titanium, I mean, it's it's a it's a beast, but it has a whole bunch of capabilities.
20:20:48 The regular watch doesn't have Krist. Did you have a comment
20:20:53 I have a couple of questions. I think the the Se.
20:20:58 That I got second generation, is he, even though it's new.
20:21:04 Recent. I don't think it's capable of doing all the things the Kathleen showed us.
20:21:13 That is.
20:21:13 There at least one or 2 that are not included, that I'm aware of.
20:21:19 But in practical terms I haven't connected my iphone or the watch to my new router yet.
20:21:31 I haven't set up the new router, and I'm thinking that there is some software for the watch as well as updating for the iphone.
20:21:42 That I don't have yet, because I've been all on a cell signal
20:21:49 Okay, I,
20:21:50 And the the second part of that is, I have noticed that when my iphone is in the computer room, and I'm out on the front deck, the 2 are not connected.
20:22:07 If I'm within, say, 50 feet, maybe 70 feet of the iphone, they're they're connected.
20:22:17 But once I get out the front door and on the front porch they're not connected
20:22:23 That will that will improve when you put them on. Wi-fi, and you don't actually have to put the watch on Wi-fi.
20:22:29 The watch is really, really, tightly tied to your phone.
20:22:34 So if you put your phone on Wi-fi, it'll automatically put the watch on Wi-fi as well, and once they're on Wi-fi, Wi-fi has a much wider range.
20:22:44 Than Bluetooth. What! You're doing right now is basically using Bluetooth and Blue truth is designed.
20:22:49 The. It's really originally designed for 15 feet
20:22:54 Okay.
20:22:54 Or less, and it's improved. So it does go farther.
20:22:59 But with Wi-fi it's it's it's quite a bit wider range.
20:23:18 Nope.
20:23:04 Than Bluetooth. Yeah, the other thing is, since the watch and the iphone are connected is that if you set airplane mode on one, it will set up for the other, unless you turn it off, so it just assumes that if you're an airplane mode everything should be an airplane
20:23:21 mode
20:23:22 Well, airplane airplane mode I don't need theater mode is intriguing
20:23:29 Well the reason we mentioned this is, I'm just. We were just trying to say that they talk to each other all the time and share information.
20:23:36 Okay, so is.
20:23:36 So. And if you have, what by it is you're gonna have a you can wander farther from the phone
20:23:44 Okay, so one thing that the Verizon store people person told me was that the watch had its own phone number.
20:23:58 Every.
20:23:55 But it wouldn't be used. And and on my Verizon bill, clearly, there's a charge
20:24:13 Beth, yeah.
20:24:07 Cost price monthly for the watch. So at this point my my phone combined phone iphone and watch Bill is twice what my flip phone bill was
20:24:26 2 months ago.
20:24:24 Yeah, well, yeah, that's
20:24:28 But you put Chris on my watch. Mine is capable, too, of having its own phone number or so that you can use your phone or your your watch while your phone is in the car.
20:24:41 Bye.
20:24:40 You know, doesn't have to be within reach. But when I actually activated my watch, I told it not to make it.
20:24:46 Its own like identity. I didn't want that extra bill I don't know if it's like a line that they add a like an additional line cost or whatever.
20:24:55 But they's a way that you don't need to activate that.
20:24:57 So I I
20:24:57 No, I have. I'll talk the Verizon folks
20:25:01 Yeah. The
20:25:06 Sure.
20:25:01 Yeah, can I ask you a quick question? Or for Lawrence either one on my watch when I am watching something?
20:25:12 Oh, I should say on my phone when I'm watching or listening to apple music, Youtube, anything that has audio even in Facebook.
20:25:23 If it has audio, I get the play symbol and the pause, and all that.
20:25:27 It drives me nuts. It's such a PET peeve of mine.
20:25:30 I know why it's there. I think it's great.
20:25:32 If you need to adjust volume for whatever from your watch.
20:25:35 But I think it's dumb. Is there a way to get it off my watch?
20:25:41 Look, everywhere.
20:25:49 It should be in settings, it should, it should be in settings
20:25:41 I've never thought about. Yeah, I've never thought about that, so I can't answer that because I but but if you, if you no, it's automatic.
20:25:55 I've even had
20:25:57 But if you push the button on the side you can do other things.
20:26:04 I mean it. It's a default. Yeah.
20:26:01 Yeah, yeah, you can just push the crown, but then it pops right back over on its own little willy nilly, and then he can scare you
20:26:10 Not doing something else and come back. Yes.
20:26:12 And then, if you're really not paying attention and you move the crown. All of a sudden the volume goes really loud, and it can scare everybody in
20:26:21 Just saying I had that experience, and I didn't know why I was on.
20:26:27 The volume got loud, but it was because I turned the crown which adjusts volume, and I just wish, cause I it's not mere to my phones, apps.
20:26:37 It's not, ie. Deleted a ton of apps to make sure they're not even on there.
20:26:42 I try to get rid of get Amazon use.
20:26:45 I want everything off of it, so I get rid of that play because I listen to a lot of my phone.
20:26:48 But I don't want it on my watch and siri things I'm talking to her, but so you don't know if you don't know of a way that again
20:26:54 I've never I've never! I've never looked into it. It never occurred to me to try so
20:26:59 Okay.
20:27:00 Another little thing you can do is use it to trigger your your camera on your phone to get a group picture if you want to, too
20:27:09 Yeah, I thought that was cool. Yeah, it's your button for your yeah.
20:27:14 Sure. Yeah.
20:27:13 What's the call? You should, whatever the yeah shutter picture.
20:27:18 Yeah.
20:27:16 It's a remote shutter. Yeah, I I, Kathleen was playing with my phone one day, and it was looking at it.
20:27:28 And I thought, Okay, I'm gonna take your picture. And so I have this picture of her underneath her chin.
20:27:36 I'm sure she's proud of that moment.
20:27:39 No, I'm pretty sure she deleted it immediately.
20:27:46 I'd be in the same photo as you, Kathleen.
20:27:50 Oh, thank you both
20:27:50 It. She tells she tells me at least, oh, once or twice a week, that it's it's lucky I've lived this long, and never sounds very friendly
20:28:04 Any other questions.
20:28:06 I had one quick one. I'm assuming, with everything you said, and I've heard that the apple watch doesn't work with any other phone than iphone.
20:28:17 Is that correct?
20:28:17 That's that's not a that's not entirely true.
20:28:29 Yeah, it's cool.
20:28:21 But in terms of the capability for all. For most practical purposes it's a it's an extension of the iphone.
20:28:33 And I know people who have apple watches and don't have a phone.
20:28:37 I'm dead!
20:28:36 But in the terms of what they can do. It's it's it's not nearly as broad a range as what you can do.
20:28:42 If you have an iphone
20:28:43 Well, like if you, if you took the Ecg. On your I one on your on your apple watch, would it send it to a different phone other than iphone
20:28:52 You, you can send it to an email address. So it doesn't really.
20:28:56 Oh, okay.
20:28:57 Yeah, it. Doesn't have to be, doesn't have to be on your phone.
20:29:02 It can. You can just send it to an email yeah, I mean, if you have an iphone, it's automatic. But it doesn't mean you can't do it.
20:29:09 It's just do it.
20:29:10 Right? Okay, thank you.
20:29:12 Yeah, there, there are some things that that you do not have to have an iphone to use your watch for.
20:29:20 It's just augmented like there's more things you can do, data that it will automatically send to the phone.
20:29:31 So you can get, because there's more green space.
20:29:35 You can get bigger reports. No, it's not that that data is not there.
20:29:39 It is, but you just can't see it, because the face is so small you can't see everything yeah, I think Kathleen's watch has 32 gigs of RAM, and just imagine my first personal computer had 48,000 Byte and this thing has 32
20:29:58 gigs in her watch. So it's a it's a very powerful computer in its own right.
20:30:03 Also just as an Fy. Both of of ours. Our cellular watches, so that we can actually send receive calls without using our phone if I leave the phone at home in someone calls me, I can answer it on the watch.
20:30:19 It looks kind of strange. You're standing there in the church.
20:30:26 Yeah.
20:30:22 Hello. Hello. Yes. People. Got? Oh, yes, yes, yes.
20:30:28 Lawrence Denise has a question
20:30:35 Yes.
20:30:30 I, just, yeah, I have a real quick one. You mentioned the magnifier, which sounded terrific, but I didn't understand how to get it.
20:30:38 Is it an app, or is it part of the oh.
20:30:39 Oh, no! It comes on the phone. He'll he'll do a demo of that.
20:30:44 Or where do you find it that I miss that more
20:30:45 Oh, I was, let him plug in, and he'll let's where is sharing? There it is.
20:30:49 Thank you.
20:30:53 Keep on moving. Sharing. Okay? Mirror
20:31:03 There we go. Okay, here is a very, very busy screen.
20:31:09 If I pull down from the top I get this menu.
20:31:14 That was my next question.
20:31:12 Of things that you can do, and one of them is that a magnifying glass and let's get back there.
20:31:24 It's kind of come on the magnifying glass is on the bottom row, and it's got it looks like a magnifying glass, and it's got up plus Simon in the middle of it, and if you press that you get the magnifying glass and with the magnifying glass, you pointed at something
20:31:40 Okay. Fantastic.
20:31:43 Okay.
20:31:49 Okay.
20:31:39 and you can make it larger. Or if I point, I pointed at some piece of text I can blow it up, or I can zoom in and out, and it's it just a way to to see things that are difficult to see.
20:32:04 Have a flashlight, or let's see what else is in that list.
20:32:08 I I guess that was my. My first question was, I didn't know how to get to that screen
20:32:14 It's kinda calculator. It's got a timer.
20:32:17 It's got a barcode, reader. It's got a recorder from Memos.
20:32:23 You can bring up wallet, you. I have it so it I can press Shazam, and if a piece of music playing in a restaurant, I say, what is that?
20:32:31 It'll tell me what the music is. A whole bunch of things, and
20:32:34 Denise. When you go to the top right corner, pull down from there, not in the center, the centers notifications, but the top right like over the battery
20:32:43 Okay.
20:32:45 Yeah.
20:32:45 But with an old, with an old phone like mine, am I?
20:32:55 Hmm.
20:32:49 I have an 8. You have to pull up, and from the bottom right corner and diagnosed
20:32:54 Hmm mine's 12, and I don't see a magnifier on it.
20:33:00 You know accessibility, or I think it's an accessibility.
20:33:05 You can add all kinds of shortcuts right there, like your calculator.
20:33:08 Okay.
20:33:09 And
20:33:10 Your flashlight. What did Lawrence say? He has Shazam already?
20:33:14 How is it?
20:33:18 Umhm.
20:33:14 Put in there you can select the different options for your shortcuts. There
20:33:19 I'll have to figure that out
20:33:19 If it's if you go into settings, if you go into settings on the iphone, go into control center.
20:33:26 There's just a whole bunch of things you can add.
20:33:31 Okay.
20:33:35 Okay. Thank you.
20:33:27 Yeah. It gives you a I have to. Actually, I have to limit it because I don't want to spend my time.
20:33:39 Scrolling, through all things that I don't use.
20:33:42 But any other questions
20:33:44 Yes, walking a cemetery. Is there any way to activate that without having the phone at my waist
20:33:54 It it. It will keep you. It'll it'll map what you're doing.
20:34:00 It doesn't have to be at your waste.
20:34:04 The reason why I mentioned that at your waste for walking is, that it gives you the most accurate measure of the amount of effort it takes to walk right. But if you're wearing a watch oh, we I think she's talking about.
20:34:15 I think she's talking about the the phone. But for the phone to it'll get the most accurate measurement of distance and of energy.
20:34:23 If it's if it's in the in the pants pocket or if I'm wearing a coat, I stick it in my coat pocket, and because it has to do with movement so because that co-pot it's by my hip it captures the
20:34:48 Yeah.
20:34:38 Most movement. If you're capturing your movement from your watch, as your arms are moving because your arms naturally swing as your walking, it captures up from your arm. Good answer
20:34:55 Oh no! It'll still capture it because of the sellerometer.
20:34:48 And if you have a dog on a on a leash, and so your arms not moving around
20:35:01 Yeah. The accelerometer knows you're moving
20:35:03 What screws it up
20:35:10 Like you go into health, and then I I find it occasionally.
20:35:16 I don't always, but I I have a new knee, and I'm trying to keep from limping, which is, that should help
20:35:23 Yes, yes.
20:35:25 I I it never shows any data is a problem
20:35:31 In the activity it. That's again something.
20:35:41 It has a default stride, but depending on how tall you are, you may your stride may be shorter, and so it may not be capturing it accurately.
20:35:50 Yeah. The
20:35:51 I, just yeah, it says, no data. So
20:35:54 Are you looking at your activity, at the fitness app on the phone?
20:35:58 No, I'm in health under walking a cemetery
20:36:01 Oh! Oh! That the health, though, gets the data from us!
20:36:06 Other things, right? Right? The help is just a a aggregator of various sources that are feeding things to it.
20:36:16 And you need to go into the health settings and tell it where it can get data.
20:36:18 But the the fitness app on the phone is where all of that activity is collected.
20:36:23 It's not in the health app. It's in the fitness, right? But
20:36:25 Okay, okay. I mean, I've got. I use that every day
20:36:28 Never told the health app. We're not okay.
20:36:34 Okay. Thank you.
20:36:37 Speaking of which you can also time the fitness app to your health record.
20:36:43 It depends upon who your get your health from, but the advantage for me entying my Omc health data into the Apple Health Record, the Apple Health Record has these really nice pretty bar charts, and so on.
20:37:00 And so forth, that it takes the data that you get from Omc, which is usually fairly boring and
20:37:09 Turns it into things that I can understand. So if it's worth it, if you if you have an online chart to tie it into your into the apple health app right?
20:37:21 And then the other thing is on the steps. If you go in and scroll to the right bottom, it says, Add to favorites, and it will automatically put steps into your summary.
20:37:33 So you you you can control how much or how little you have on your summary
20:37:44 Like I said we had about 3 h worth of material, and we spend an hour on it, so there's a lot of stuff, and I get.
20:37:51 Thank you.
20:37:52 I didn't get to the accessibility stuff at all, but I consider I consider accessibility also.
20:37:59 A health issue, because as we get older, our our ability to access printed data and sound, and so on and so forth, is compromised.
20:38:08 And the Mac and the iphone have a lot of things on them to deal with.
20:38:13 Accessibility. But we can do that. What we what are we gonna do next month is my next question.
20:38:20 Oh, a cat! We've seen that cat before!
20:38:27 Ideas for what we be doing next month
20:38:34 Let's do accessibility.
20:38:37 Yeah.
20:38:37 I was. Gonna say, can we do a part B with this
20:38:34 I will tell you that. Oh, okay, we can do accessibility.
20:38:42 Well, thank you. About it in terms of we'll think about a part.
20:38:48 B. But accessibility I would like to do. I did.
20:38:52 Want to mention. Apple introduced some new computers today.
20:38:55 They introduced some new macbook pros with M. 2 chips and a new Mac Mini, with an M.
20:39:04 2, chip, and M. 2 and an M. 2 pro chip, the little Mac Mini is 5 99.
20:39:13 And and basically this new Mac mini is more powerful than an Imac.
20:39:16 Of course, because it's Mac Mini. It doesn't have a screen, doesn't have a mouse, doesn't have a keyboard.
20:39:21 You have to supply those. But Apple introduced those today, and if you're in the market for a new Mac, you might go to Apple Site and take a look.
20:39:30 Any other questions.
20:39:33 I will take a look at the recording and see if it's decent and the close captioning and if they're decent I'll post them on the website in case you went will post and the keynote presentation will post on the website probably not the next day
20:39:56 Do.
20:39:52 or 2, but I will get around to it. Anything else. Oh, think about topics for an in-person meeting.
20:40:03 We'll we'll talk about that as well
20:40:08 Thank you. Lawrence.
20:40:07 Thank you.
20:40:09 Thank you.
20:40:05 In person meeting. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
20:40:11 Thank you.
20:40:12 Bye, everybody!
20:40:08 Yes, thank you, Lawrence. Kathleen
20:40:13 Bye.
20:40:13 Bye.

Bunny Year

The Chinese zodiac, adopted through much of Asia, is based on a yearly (not monthly) cycle based on the lunar calendar. A new lunar year is assigned to an animal, and it is traditionally felt that children born in a particular year will have characteristics of that animal. This year, the Chinese lunar new year begins January 22, and it will be the Year of the Rabbit.

And why are you reading about this on a Macintosh user group site? Apple just sent out an email message saying you can get “gifts to jumpstart their new year,” complete with one of the cutest versions of an Apple logo you may have ever seen:

2023: Year of the Rabbit. And a clever Apple logo.

Just like the European monthly zodiac (which traces back to Egypt), Chinese zodiac signs are associated with love, success, marriage, and countless other complexities that have inflicted humans for millennia.

If you aren’t a bunny fan, the Year of the Dragon will arrive February 10, 2024.

The Mac (and iPhone, and iPad) have a complete set of Asian zodiac symbols included in emoji, including some variations.

Note: the emoji on this page could be coming from your browser, or from WordPress, or from Google, or — it’s complicated.

2023 Rabbit🐰🐇
2024 Dragon🐲🐉
2025 Snake🐍
2026 Horse🐴🐎🏇🏻
2027 Goat🐐
2028 Monkey🙈🙉🙊🐵🐒
2029 Rooster🐓🐔
2030 Dog🐶🐕🦮🐩🐕‍🦺
2031 Pig🐷🐖🐗
2032 Rat🐀
2033 Ox🐂
2034 Tiger🐯🐅
Asian Zodiac emoji on Mac, iPhone, iPad

November 15, 2022: macOS Ventura and a bit of accessibility

In November 2022, we gave a brief overview of macOS Ventura, which had just been released. The focus was on some new goodies, some redesigned elements, and accessibility.

Several members had asked that the meeting, held via Zoom, be recorded, and it was — but not until the presenter remembered to turn on recording. Thus, the video, below, is incomplete. It covers most of the meeting, but not the Question and Answer session.

Also, after the recording was started, the presenter remembered that Zoom offered real-time captioning, and turned it on. The captions do not appear in the video, but Zoom provided a transcript of what was recorded. That has been pasted below the video.

Some things about the transcript: the times shown are the local time (in 24-hour format) during the presentation. The transcription started at 19:5o:33, which is at 7:50:33 p.m. There is a note in the video showing when the closed captioning (and transcript) started. The transcription was done via software, and there are errors. For example, it states that Lawrence used to work for Noah, the patriarch of all humanity. In reality, Lawrence worked for NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), and that happened a few thousand years after the deluge. The transcript is provided both because it is sometimes funny but also possibly useful.

If you want a larger version of the video, click on the YouTube logo. That will take you to the YouTube site, where you can select something much larger.

The transcript of the Zoom session (once it was turned on) follows. This was automatically generated by Zoom during the live captioning.

19:50:33 as i'm talking. it'll actually put down below what it is I'm saying it'll put it down at the bottom of the screen, and it got very very very good Well, Google had see a closed captioning and it
19:50:49 was terrible. We had a scientific presentation. we could agency.
19:50:55 I work for Noah. we had. We produce a lot of videos to tell people about climate change and title waves and currents, and whatever is a rip type.
19:51:05 All this sort of stuff, and we wanted to use closed captioning and we wanted to use Google's glows captioning.
19:51:13 Well, Google's closed captioning at the time was crowdsourced, and we soon found out that that when people contribute crowdsource transcripts to things, it was usually there were an awful lot of sexual terms and
19:51:25 obscenities and other things that we really didn't want being inserted into in a government webcast. so we painstakingly had to put in our own captions.
19:51:34 And it might cost us sometimes $10,000 to make a video and another $10,000 to have the transcription embedded in the video.
19:51:44 It was very expensive. Google has vastly improved their closed captioning.
19:51:51 They're built in closed captioning I was watching I was trying to diagnose a problem.
19:51:56 I put video up for my church and I was trying to diagnose a problem, and I turned on closed captioning because I didn't want to hear what i'd already heard 30 times.
19:52:06 So I turned on close captioning. It was very, very accurate.
19:52:13 So not only has zoom up the bar for Zoom, it's also up to bar for
19:52:20 Google. So Google's close captioning is much better and apples closed.
19:52:25 Captioning is much better. You can actually be in a conversation with someone over facetime and turn on close captioning to get a transcript of what you people are saying.
19:52:34 So it Accessibility is not just for handicap people it's for people who are trying to learn English.
19:52:42 It's for people who they don't fit whatever mold a particular event is set for as an example.
19:52:52 We had an accessibility feature in our home in Columbia.
19:52:56 When we moved into the home. Our daughter was Columbia, Maryland.
19:53:00 When we moved in. our daughter was 6, and when she went into the bathroom she said she couldn't see see the mirror, and we thought about putting a steps duel, but then she might fall off the steps. duel.
19:53:10 So what we did is we got a mirror and We placed it down just above the level of the sink, so she could see herself in that lower mayor, and then, when she was like 12, she said, You can take that other mirror
19:53:23 down. I don't need it anymore. so accessibility is to make it something more accessible to you in the context.
19:53:32 That's not the norm for a particular event or subject or our context, so it has.
19:53:37 It's not age-related it's not it's, not illness related.
19:53:41 It's just has to do with with the context in which you are in, and there are all kinds of accessibility controls build into the Mac, including this live captioning for things with facetime So it's it's
19:54:00 It's well worth the effort to find out about these things.
19:54:04 Now I want to show you something that's not an accessibility feature, and that is something that is well where the heck, is it?
19:54:12 I don't remember stage manager so I click on stage manager, and it's under doc and desktop and Doc.
19:54:23 So now if I just go out here and I look at desktop and Doc, it says stage manager someplace and I just made it go away.
19:54:32 Okay, stage manager i'm gonna turn on stage manager and now that stage manager is going to turn on I'm gonna launch dictionary again.
19:54:39 So here's dictionary and you notice that the controls zipped off to the side.
19:54:48 What stage manager allows you to do is have multiple things open on the screen at one time and rapidly move back and forth between them without being distracted by the others.
19:54:58 So I can switch between the preferences and Bb.
19:55:03 Edit, which is a text editor and dictionary.
19:55:11 Look up something that dictionary and I can switch back and forth between them, and I can copy something out of
19:55:21 Huh! I can copy something out of a dictionary and go to my text editor and say, I want a new document
19:55:39 And paste way in what I had in dictionary.
19:55:42 Bye found in dictionary all while leaving all these programs open, but I'm not distracted by having them all open.
19:55:52 You've also. probably all of you have also run into the situation where you bring up a web browser, and you've got a web browser.
19:56:01 I've go open, and you've got like a zillion wind windows open in your web browser, and then you go to something else, and then you can't find your web browser because it's buried behind all
19:56:11 the other windows. Well, with stage manager you can just go back and forth, and one of the neat things about stage manager is you can customize it so.
19:56:24 Among other things, you can have it as a desktop items.
19:56:30 You can have it for that. You can show all. All the windows at ones are one at a time.
19:56:36 You can customize how it is that you use it and it'll appear up here in the top menu, bar so you can turn on and off without going to the preferences.
19:56:47 So I got to turn it off. Everything stacks up the way they were before.
19:56:51 Turn it back on, and I only have one thing in front, so it's a apple talked about nuts, and I thought this was really cool.
19:56:59 You can have virtual screens on your Mac already. but I found out from experience that a lot of people, if they only have one monitor, and they have 3 or 4 virtual screens.
19:57:08 They tended to forget what we're in the screens that they couldn't see, because they were off screen and with this way.
19:57:15 This is, I I think this is a a really useful way to do it.
19:57:19 You can also minimize things and put it down on the dock.
19:57:22 But again, when you minimize things and put them down in the Doc, it's not as useful because people would forget that they were down there.
19:57:30 I had this one person they've been writing a novel for oh, months and months and months!
19:57:36 And they were real proud, because the previous day they had written a new entire new chapter.
19:57:41 3,000 words, but then they couldn't find their document well, they had minimized it in the dock, and they just couldn't find it.
19:57:48 But it was. it was just hiding down on the dock.
19:57:53 And this is a a much more elegant way of of
19:57:57 Keeping track of that, and I gotta stop sharing and ask if there are questions.
19:58:04 There are lots of things about Ventura that I could talk about for a long time.
19:58:10 But yeah, I have a question. So I have Monterey or whatever.
19:58:15 So do I just go into software, update press the button, or do I have to worry about it and agonizing
19:58:22 I I would not worry or agonize about it. I will.
19:58:26 There are some things that I I went to encourage people to always use the latest and greatest, because it's it's safest way to use your Mac.
19:58:36 But some things that could be an issue I had a friend who she's an artist lives in Indiana.
19:58:42 She had this ancient scanner and when she updated when I say ancient it they stacked like 2,006, and how she managed to even get it to work with Macos 10 I don't know ventura she couldn't
19:58:58 see it anymore, and if I had been in indiana and and actually could physically play with it, I might have been able to get it to work.
19:59:09 But she decided that after right, almost 18 years, that it was time to get a new scanner.
19:59:15 And and and she said she said, You know I just hate to waste it last year.
19:59:21 How much did you pay for it? $400 it's difficult to even find a scanner that costs $400 anymore.
19:59:29 So it's been a while since she had it but If you have a if have an old piece of equipment like an old printer and old scanner that might be an issue.
19:59:39 If you have adobe programs, adobe, acrobat photoshop, So on and so forth.
19:59:48 You might want to make sure that they are compatible with with ventura!
19:59:55 Adobe's usually a little slow on updating these things
20:00:01 And I have a whole bunch of adobe software and I didn't have any problem at all.
20:00:07 But I have another artist friend who was very upset that this one feature in photoshop wasn't working correctly, and I asked her what it was she did, and she told me in my eyes laced over and I
20:00:18 said, i'm sorry that doesn't work. but I have no idea even what she was talking about. just talking to foreign language for me.
20:00:25 I had no trouble at all but you can have if you have a if you have an old version of office, it may not work with ventura but if it wouldn't work with Monterey, either.
20:00:37 So if your Microsoft Office works with monterey it'll work with Ventura most of the pretty much.
20:00:45 Everything was transparent. A couple of things to note when you upgrade an operating system.
20:00:51 Apple rebuilds your email database.
20:00:54 So just plan on email, taking possibly hours and maybe days depending upon your Internet connection for the for it to rebuild it.
20:01:04 You can still use it. but it'll just seem slow it'll rebuild your new it'll rebuild your photos database, because I among other things that's offering this new duplicates
20:01:14 feature. So just expect some of that stuff to take longer I really didn't pay any attention, because I upgraded it late at night, and I forgot that i'd updated and went to use my machine the next morning and I
20:01:28 thought Wow, this is different. but I really didn't I really didn't have any problems at all great thank you.
20:01:41 I think the only computer we have that hasn't been updated is Kathleen's and that's not because I was avoiding It's just because she forgot to tell me to upgrade it it's my job to
20:01:53 update computers around here
20:01:59 She said, damn skipping She has a PHD.
20:02:05 In this, and she decides that you know she'll do the complicated stuff, the simple stuff I do any other questions.
20:02:15 How do you blur your screen? Oh, with then
20:02:22 I can actually Sh! I think right be able to do that.
20:02:26 If I go into I just lost you again. Oh, you just lost me again I just lost my
20:02:35 My zoom Well, I can hear you so it's there
20:02:46 If you go to zoom preferences. good!
20:02:52 What is it called backgrounds, backgrounds, and effects. One of the effects is blur, and if you click on blur, then you have blur, you can have no background draw, in which case it shows you all the junk behind me blur
20:03:06 blur, is it or I can go with San Francisco or whatever that is, or that's what it looks outside my house right now.
20:03:19 Okay, Good. thanks. it's so weird soon by the way this doesn't work.
20:03:31 If you're using zoom via browser you actually have to have the zoom app so if you're using it with a browser, it doesn't do that I I forgot to answer one of the questions anything
20:03:42 you want to do to prepare to move to Ventura?
20:03:46 Several things I would do. I would implement out your junk mail from email, because there's no point in upgrading your junk mail.
20:03:55 Why waste your computer's time with that I would empty your trash?
20:03:57 Because there's no point in indexing the trash and you trash can. if you have old applications that you haven't used in like 20 years, I would think about getting rid of them and i'll show you a way to do
20:04:11 that i'm gonna share my screen again. if I go into my applications.
20:04:20 I I need my where's my distract Oh, there you are, if I go into applications, these are all the applications on my computer.
20:04:31 If you say date modified the date modified means it's the last time that piece of software was updated. And this Actually, my stuff is fairly up recent.
20:04:43 But a lot of people. They might have things that were they downloaded from some place in 2,014.
20:04:49 Do you really need that thing that you downloaded in 2,014?
20:04:53 The oldest thing I have on my computer apparently dates to October 20, first, 2021.
20:04:59 So my stuff is fairly hurt recent. but a lot of people.
20:05:04 They have just stuff that they've been carrying around on their machine for decades.
20:05:08 When I upgraded kathleen's laptop 3 or 4 years ago, she was switching out a to a new laptop.
20:05:21 I found that she was still using She still had a copy of Norton Utilities on her machine from 1,994.
20:05:26 It wasn't useful. it hadn't been activated it was just taking up space, but it was still on a computer from 1994.
20:05:33 So I, you know, got rid of a bunch of that and she had said she wanted a larger, hard drive, and she ended up with about 200 gigs worth of empty space that she didn't have prior to that so she thought if
20:05:47 she was almost full, and she ended up with a computer was more than half empty by the time I got rid of the things like that.
20:05:58 But empty out your junk mail empty out to your trash.
20:06:05 Get rid of old apples and and the reason Why, It'll you can upgrade with all this stuff there.
20:06:13 But the Mac will index all of that and indexing trash and indexing jumped mail is not a good use of your computer's time.
20:06:22 So use it as a kind of spring house cleaning, please, spring house cleaning and November.
20:06:30 One more thing I wanted, I should mention Ventura is like 5 GB in size.
20:06:37 If you have a slow Internet connection, just plan on. do this.
20:06:44 Before you go to bed. just set it up to download and install it, and then go to bed.
20:06:51 Because once it went. it's starting to download the rest of It's pretty much automatic it's not gonna ask for your attention.
20:06:57 It's not like windows where you thought you updated windows, and then you go by the next morning.
20:07:04 You say now? are you ready to download it? And you think you already told it to do that?
20:07:08 And then I've got another update now apple doesn't do That Any other questions can I ask you.
20:07:17 Yeah, an iphone question. I just got a new I an iphone 13 a couple of weeks, and as soon as I got that I was no longer able to connect to carplay on my car and apparently it's a big problem for
20:07:36 a lot of people. I b our phone 13 or 1413 I have an iphone 13.
20:07:43 I'd have haven't had any trouble at all But if it's a new phone, you do have to go into Carb, you have to go into your not carplay you have to go into the the cars software, and you have
20:07:56 to say that. Yes, this is a new bluetooth phone that it needs to talk to because it's a new phone.
20:08:06 It's not the old phone. So you have to actually tell the cars software, not carpet the cars, software. hey?
20:08:13 This is a new device. Talk to it yeah i've done that. But you know, normally, when you go into car, play on the phone, and you can go in there and pick the car.
20:08:23 It just it just it doesn't load anything doesn't load anything like there's no car to pick and I just spent hours already trying to Yeah, do you have multiple cars no I have one car
20:08:44 And it just will not recognize you Go to car play and it'll go, you know.
20:08:50 Select. These are the cars, you know. It was super reuforcer, I mean, it worked fine on my old iphone. 7.
20:08:56 No problem. And then I suddenly get an iphone 13. I cannot connect.
20:09:02 How old is the super room? 2,015, Huh! You might see if Superu had to update their software.
20:09:11 I know that with with Toyota. I had to update my Toyota software before it would work.
20:09:20 It was working with carplay, but it would just suddenly just forget that it was talking to it.
20:09:27 And I had to update the toyota software In other words, I don't think it's a problem with carpet.
20:09:30 This sounds like It's more an issue with supers software So then so then I go to my dealer and talk to them or something I would. I would first go on to Google and I type. in the you know car, play and the name and the model your car.
20:09:56 And see what what you see it's you do not have the capability of updating software yourself.
20:09:59 Because that's something that the dealers hold quite dear but this sounds more like a issue with the cars software.
20:10:07 I had to a friend who had a Mazda who had a similar problem.
20:10:10 He had a 2,014 Mazda, and that we, it actually came out before car play existed and his solutions.
20:10:22 The problem is that he have bought a honda, but
20:10:27 But it was the software on the car itself. Other questions. Yeah.
20:10:35 If I tried to download venture on my old ipad or my old Mac that's still got an intel chip.
20:10:44 I think it's too old. the Internet says this tool but if I can.
20:10:46 I try it, anyway. I mean it won't Mr.
20:10:53 Lockwood, who's a member of our group that I don't see him.
20:10:58 I didn't see him in here today. He came he showed me something that somebody has a software patch.
20:11:03 Oh, there you are, Mr. Lockwood. He somebody has a software patch that allows you to run more modern software on older machines.
20:11:13 I'm definitely not a fan of this because a it violates apple's license agreement, which is one issue, but the more important one is in order to install the new software you have to disable the security on
20:11:25 your old machine. so updating your computer with a more secure operating system by disabling all the security, not some of the security.
20:11:38 All the security on your existing machine is not a great idea.
20:11:40 And the other problem is that the your older machine? it is gonna have a slower processor, slower video card, so on, so forth.
20:11:48 So I just if it's not compatible with that machine I wouldn't try.
20:11:52 So I just need to buy a new laptop. yes, I will tell you that.
20:12:02 If you have an existing flat screen, monitor and keyboard.
20:12:08 The Mac Mini is less expensive than a laptop.
20:12:11 A lot of people buy Laptops because they say they don't take a much rich space, but a Mac Mini is about the size of a stack of Dvds.
20:12:18 They take up very little space they've really quite powerful. but you have to supply your own mouse your own keyboard.
20:12:26 You're a monitor, and if you want a webcam you have to have a webcam.
20:12:30 So it's it's not necessarily a huge savings and money.
20:12:36 But a Mac mini is a very powerful machine, and a lot of people overlook it as a as a possibility.
20:12:42 Laptops You're paying extra because it's got all that stuff built in, and also to make it light.
20:12:50 The engineering to do that is is expensive.
20:13:02 And then use your old, and use your old keyboard and mouse
20:13:16 A lot of people say. Well, it's only a 24 inch screen, and I need something bigger.
20:13:20 It's a really bright very dense 24 inch screen.
20:13:25 So don't I don't just because it's not physically large, doesn't mean you don't like it.
20:13:30 It's very fascinating just amazingly crisp display, and it's also cheaper than a laptop.
20:13:39 So it's worth looking at. the at the imac, one that one slight downer for the imac that the cell at Costco they sell the low end costco one as low in model which means it has a small amount of
20:13:53 storage, and it doesn't have as much ram if you want more ram and more storage.
20:13:58 You have to buy it from apple but I would definitely look at you know, if you have a laptop that you're replacing, ask yourself if you really need a laptop because a Mac mini, or on imac are really very
20:14:12 nice machines. Good. thanks. I have a question I just tried to go, and de delete an app that I haven't used for a lot of years, and it asks for the password and I don't know what the
20:14:32 password is it's the password you use to log into your machine.
20:14:36 It's not a password to the to the app log into the machine.
20:14:41 You are the admin user and it's asking for the admin password perfect.
20:14:45 Thank you. One last thing I want to share with you before we go because it, if you're talking about moving old apps, something that you might want to look into, and that is and application that is, free.
20:15:06 And it's called app cleaner and with app cleaner you drag the application here's your list of applications.
20:15:15 You drag one of them onto app cleaner like a bit defended, which is an anti virus thing.
20:15:21 You drag it onto. Yeah, because i'm using stage manager it doesn't want me to drag it on there, so i'll turn it off.
20:15:32 And I need to close some of this stuff
20:15:40 Don't say this is why stage manager is handy Because you've got all this stuff cluttering up your desktop when I drag this bit cleaner onto my app cleaner?
20:15:56 It looks where everything is stored on, where all of the stuff from bit cleaner stored on my drive.
20:16:03 So, instead of just getting rid of it out of the applications folder, it looks inside of other.
20:16:07 The directories where parts of bit cleaner are stored, and it offers to get rid of that too.
20:16:14 I really highly recommend app cleaner it's a free program and in order to find it.
20:16:20 You go into Google and you type app cleaner and then say, Mac, because there might be other applicators out there, and you come here.
20:16:34 It says it's available at free soft and you say that you want to download version 6 for mohammed right? Actually, it's not it's not updated for ventura but does make the difference.
20:16:51 We're gonna download this, anyway. you click on it says do you want to allow downloads, you say allow?
20:16:57 And you download app theater but it doesn't cost you anything at all.
20:17:00 It doesn't leave any leftovers when it Deletes programs, which is why I like it, and it's also got a really good price.
20:17:09 Nothing for next month, if kathleen and I We've been really busy, and it's Kathleen's clergy, and it's that time of year when clergy get really busy but if we have
20:17:25 time. We want to do a presentation on health applications for your phone, for your ipad, for your Mac for your watch.
20:17:37 Do a presentation on that, because you might decide for the holidays that you might want to get an apple watch, or something. that, among other things, will help you with your health.
20:17:48 We'll We'll plan on doing that in December, and she's going to be doing most of that because she's Dr.
20:17:57 Kathleen, and i'm not any questions Yes, yes, this is off the subject a little bit.
20:18:08 But what do you think about hide my app and what's?
20:18:12 What's the pros and cons of hide my app hi my ?
20:18:17 I had my email let me. Oh, hi! my email apple.
20:18:21 Does that? Because if you, when you register with a lot of sites, you have to give them your name.
20:18:27 Address phone number blood type with Mexican and I actually have email addresses for that, so that when I go to some place that I really don't care about through stuff, I have a Google address that I use with to track down hackers But it's
20:18:39 not my name. it's not my information and I use that address when somebody wants to have my name for to allow me to see their catalog prices.
20:18:51 Something like that. What hide my app does is it makes that part of apple mail so that you don't have to have multiple email addresses.
20:19:00 You just use your own, and when you go to this place and it wants to know your email address, the Mac will generate an email address to be used just with that site and it keeps track of it.
20:19:14 It still comes into your regular mailbox. but in their records your email addresses X, Y. Z.
20:19:20 L Kw: it's it's some piece of nonsense and it it. It hides your identity so that if they have a data breach and they get your email address and phone number the email address and the phone number and and your local
20:19:35 address that all of that could be garbage just stuff that you use.
20:19:39 Use the post office, you know. 240 south sunny side swim, Washington.
20:19:44 That's your address and this phony email address and give it information as your phone number and that way.
20:19:52 If they have a data breach it doesn't hurt you this isn't for things where you actually spend money.
20:19:56 So you know Sears is gonna want your to see your still exist.
20:20:01 But vendors that you actually deal business with your.
20:20:04 You want to give him a legit things but for things like my mother subscribed to all of these clothing catalogs.
20:20:11 They didn't really need all that they just wanted stuff that they could market things to her.
20:20:16 So you say, hide my email address and that way they'll spare this fake email address, and you can just say everything from this address.
20:20:23 Just send it directly to junk and that way you don't have to deal with it. And if they have a data breach, they get nothing useful.
20:20:33 Okay, I I did that with the I signed up for a webinar, and I thought, oh, I'll do that.
20:20:38 Well, then it screwed everything up and they didn't recognize me, and I couldn't get for things where your identity is important.
20:20:49 You know you want to use a a real account name with the Irs and with your bank and things like that.
20:20:54 But but for things like Etsy is running a free contest to get a boat that has a crochet cover.
20:21:04 Why anyone would want that. I don't know but say you want to sign up for that.
20:21:08 But you don't want to get the rest of the etsy advertising.
20:21:10 Then you use one of these, hide my email and it signs up.
20:21:14 And if you win the contest great, and if you don't then you can just delete that fake email address, and you won't get any more.
20:21:21 Email. Okay, Thank you. Any questions. Okay, Thank you so much. Thank you.

Emergency update to Mac Google Chrome

Google has just issued an emergency update to Mac Google Chrome. For a variety of reasons, you should also update Chrome if you have it on your iPhone or iPad.

Google Chrome normally auto-updates, but a) it only updates if you launch it, and it checks for an update, finds it, installs it, and you relaunch, and b) most people don’t do what is required to comply with a).

Solution: launch Google Chrome, go to the Chrome menu and select About Google Chrome, make sure auto updates is on, and make sure you are using 105.0.5195.102 or later. The update is also required for Windows and Linux.

This is a zero-day update, meaning that Chrome was being actively compromised before Google realized there was a problem. Your Mac’s security updates do not cover Chrome; you have to assume responsibility for updating third-party software.

For more not-terribly-useful information, please see https://chromereleases.googleblog.com/2022/09/stable-channel-update-for-desktop.html