New Books on storage, legacy data, passwords, security…

Take Control Books has updated several of its books to reflect software updates, security trends, and other events. As for why Take Control books are recommended:

  • They are Mac-specific, or (for more general topics) Mac-related.
  • They are electronic, meaning you can buy, download, and read them immediately.
  • Updates to any given edition can be downloaded for free.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They are available in ePub (Apple Books) and PDF (can be read by Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat) format.
  • Because they are electronic, they are completely searchable. You can look for what you need, rather than read everything.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • SMUG members can get them at a discount (see

So far in 2023, they have published updates to Take Control of…

  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Mail
  • Shortcuts
  • Apple Home Automation
  • iCloud
  • iOS and iPadOS Privacy and Security
  • Backing Up Your Mac
  • Automating your Mac
  • Your Apple ID
  • Find My and AirTags
  • Home Security Cameras
  • Notes (i.e, the Apple Notes application)
  • Ventura
  • Securing Your Mac
  • Managing Your Files
  • Preview (i.e., Apple Preview application)
  • 1Password
  • Your Passwords
  • Your Digital Legacy
  • Your Digital Storage

and more. Given that there have been questions from SMUG members about all of these topics this year, it is well worth your time to visit the publisher’s site and put your SMUG discount to good use.

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