Upgrading: When, why, and how

SMUG meeting May 16, 2023

Upgrading a computer is often a scary time for users. Not only do no computers cost money, but sometimes you also need to upgrade software, which can also cost money. Then there is the complexity of taking your data — tax returns, family photos, that great novel you’ve been working on for three decades — and transferring everything to the new computer.

If your Mac looks like this, it is a century out of date.

Upgrading iPhones and iPads can also seem somewhat daunting, though both migrations are much easier — if you have a reasonably fast Internet connection.

When to upgrade is usually a mixture of needing more speed, space, capability, and funds. But three other factors may be even more critical: software support, security, and privacy.

One important tool to help you is free: MacTracker. MacTracker. Available for both the Mac and iOS (it will work on an iPad, too), MacTracker has a massive database of all Apple computers from the Apple I of 1976 to the Mac Studio of 2022, as well as all Apple portable computers, hand-held computers from the Newton MessagePad to the iPhone 14, all versions of the iPad, all versions of the iPod, Mac servers from the Workgroup Server 95 to Xserve, Apple printers from the Silentype of 1980 to the LaserWriter 8500 of 1997, plus the Apple TV, Apple Watch, Apple Cameras, Apple speakers and AirPods, Apple displays and monitors, Apple scanners, Apple storage, Apple routers, Apple mice and keyboards and trackpads and remotes, plus a comprehensive database of Apple Unix, Mac, iPhone, iPad, TV, and watch operating systems.

And it is free: https://mactracker.ca

It was a lot to cover in two hours. A video recording of the meeting can be found below, and below that, a transcript of the closed-captioning.

One problem repeatedly mentioned: Internet speed. All modern computers — Mac and Windows (and iPhones and iPads, too) — are highly dependent on the Internet for upgrades, security patches, backup, and a host of other things. The Internet speeds on the Olympic Peninsula are among the slowest in the United States, in large part because Clallam County has just 70,000 people, but is twice the size of Rhode Island, which has over a million people. The nearest major population centers are either in another country or a hundred miles away (as the fiber optic cable runs).

Visiting an Apple Store is one way to get around the bandwidth limitations: the Apple Stores in Alderwood Mall, University Village, and Tacoma Mall will allow you to update your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch using their network. Closer options are more limited, but SMUG is open to suggestions.

Video of the May 16 meeting:

Upgrading: When, why, how

Transcript of the video:

18:32:46 Yes, I'm going to in a second. Okay? I went to ask first of all for permission to.
18:32:58 Record the meeting because it makes it easier for me to post the meeting.
18:33:08 If it's been recorded.
18:33:12 So!
18:33:13 I agree.
18:33:16 Okay.
18:33:16 Is anyone disagree with that?
18:33:18 No, I just got the box tells you that you're recording.
18:33:23 Okay.
18:33:28 And I still have one more thing to open up, which is my list of things that I was going to talk about.
18:33:35 Okay. Now, I'm actually sort of organized, although I don't think I'd ask Kathleen for a second opinion on that.
18:33:45 Okay.
18:33:48 So where are we for questions?
18:33:51 Yes, we start off with a question. So that's what we're gonna begin with. Anybody.
18:33:58 Have any questions?
18:33:58 Yeah, I do.
18:33:59 I do? I do?
18:34:00 Okay, Marcia, you can go first.
18:34:04 Yeah, how do I sync up my text on my phone with my computer?
18:34:12 How do you? I'm not sure what you mean by that.
18:34:16 I'd like to see my texts that I get on my phone on my computer.
18:34:21 How do I?
18:34:22 The easiest way to do that would be to to show you.
18:34:28 So I shall show you.
18:34:30 Okay.
18:34:33 And I don't need this in the way, so we'll get rid of that.
18:34:38 That's not it. I'm not going to start another video meeting in the middle of a video meeting.
18:34:45 If you go into messages up here at the top, where it says settings, you can say, General, how long you went to the meeting messages to be, and then messages you can say you can be reached for messages at, and then what you can be reached at and this happens to be a my Fake account that I
18:35:08 use for demonstrations, but you can also add in here things like your phone number, other email accounts.
18:35:15 And so you just basically add them to messages. And then if you get a phone, if you get a message that goes to your phone. But you've told your computer that it can also accept messages from that phone number, it'll appear on your Mac as well.
18:35:30 Okay, that's not so hard.
18:35:33 Hmm, yeah. And Peter does't have that as an option, because I'm not willing to buy $1,000 phone just to debu demos for a fake person.
18:35:43 Okay.
18:35:43 There are limits to my, to my a willingness to go out there and do things like that.
18:35:53 Okay. Any other questions.
18:35:57 Yes.
18:35:55 How do I do? This might be too long of a question, and I may just have to call the Apple people.
18:36:04 But you might have something to say about it. My watch it's doing it right now.
18:36:10 Storage full try removing music or photos, using the apple watch app on iphone well, I don't really have photos in there, or I have no music that I'm aware of.
18:36:22 And what I read online says, if you remove it off your iphone, you might also be removing it from your Imac.
18:36:29 And Icloud, and everywhere else. So I'm a little nervous.
18:36:30 Yes, yeah, the the. That's another thing that it's easier to demonstrate.
18:36:39 Assuming that I can actually get it to, because I can never remember how to do this, and I can't do that right now, because my cable that I would use to connect is not actually connected to anything.
18:37:01 Right, yeah.
18:37:08 Right.
18:36:51 So anyway, what you do is you launch on your on your phone, your apple watch app and then underneath that it lists all the apps that can sync things to your watch, and you're just turn off the stuff that you don't want to so for example.
18:37:13 Hmm!
18:37:12 If it lists photos and messages, and so on, so forth.
18:37:15 And if you don't want your Costco card to show up on your watch, just get rid of it.
18:37:21 Right.
18:37:22 Now you can delete it, or you can turn off sync depends upon what it what kind of thing it is.
18:37:29 But, for example, I'm not planning on taking a flight in the next several months, so I've got Alaska Airlines and Southwest, and so on.
18:37:41 Hmm!
18:37:39 So forth. These apps on my phone for the various airlines.
18:37:47 When you're at the airport. It's really nice.
18:37:49 If Alaska airlines is delayed, if it pops up in your watch and says, Hey, it's late, or they moved the gate, or something like that.
18:37:57 But if you're not flying, go into your watch, app, and say no, you don't want it on the, on, on your watch.
18:38:03 Right.
18:38:04 That'll remove not only that app from your watch that'll remove not only that app from your watch, but it'll also remove any storage that is using, so if you don't want photos on your watch, then just remove the photos, not for not don't remove it.
18:38:17 Off your watch, then just remove the photos. Not for not. Don't remove it off your phone.
18:38:17 Right! Alright!
18:38:19 Yes.
18:38:19 Remove it. Apple one. That list all the things that are on your watch.
18:38:23 Just get rid of it. I got.
18:38:22 Right. Apparently. That's not an option, though.
18:38:27 Actually it is, you can say whether in not you want it to sync photos and anything else.
18:38:34 Really, you can go through.
18:38:33 Right well, like I did try turning that off and still getting the message, and.
18:38:38 It's probably something else that it's using. It's probably something else that's using storage email.
18:38:47 I don't.
18:38:45 Messages, can have photographs in there, and regular messages, and just all kinds of apps, that you may not be using.
18:38:57 Hmm!
18:38:53 There are some believe it or not, some games actually sync up to your watch, so just remove completely the ones that you never, ever, ever want to see.
18:39:01 Right.
18:39:01 In a while, and turn off the sync for things that you don't need to see on your on your watch photos tends not to be that bad like.
18:39:10 If I get a new photo it'll pop up on my phone.
18:39:15 Right.
18:39:15 But it doesn't try to on my watch, but it doesn't try and sync all of them.
18:39:18 It's just syncing the new ones.
18:39:21 Yeah, well, okay. I'll work on it.
18:39:27 Thanks.
18:39:31 I I would plug in my phone and show you.
18:39:34 But yeah, my, I was. I was making some changes, and I unplugged the cable that normally syncs to my phone.
18:39:44 Yeah.
18:39:42 And I don't feel like crawling around behind right the second to plug it back in.
18:39:52 Alright!
18:39:47 So just it's fairly easy to do. But it'll have a list of everything that anything that on your phone that can has an applet.
18:39:58 Bye!
18:39:57 It'll list them all, and most of those are not something you want.
18:40:01 Right.
18:40:01 Just get rid of them.
18:40:03 Okay.
18:40:06 Hmm!
18:40:12 Hmm!
18:40:06 The other thing that I should mention. You can also try restarting your watch every once in a while.
18:40:15 The watch, for whatever reason, has some clutter in it, and if you just restart it, it will.
18:40:23 It'll go back up. It'll go to whatever your current settings are, and say, Oh, you don't want that, and it's happy again.
18:40:30 Okay, that might work. I'll try that. Thanks.
18:40:37 And I am going to go up here and change something. Video.
18:40:45 Background.
18:40:46 I have a question, Lawrence.
18:40:49 Yes.
18:40:43 I see.
18:40:50 I got a new ipad, and you know, when I want to write somebody a message, a letter, or whatever I don't know where the period is to end the sentence on my ipad, it's got explanation.
18:41:06 Mark as a commas. Whatever. How do I get a period?
18:41:10 I feel dumb writing a letter when you can't put the period down the end of the.
18:41:14 Very true. There are 2 ways. Yes, there is a period. It's right.
18:41:17 Next should be right next to the comma. But the second thing is that if you press the spacebar twice real quick, it'll automatically put a period.
18:41:24 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
18:41:27 Since the typewriter is no longer used, you should never, ever, ever have 2 spaces.
18:41:33 After a period. So your ipad and your Mac, because it works on the Mac, too. If you type 2 spaces real quick, it'll just put a period there.
18:41:41 No!
18:41:41 Oh, thank God, okay, thank you very much.
18:41:45 It not only puts a period there, but it puts a space there, so you don't need a space, because it'll yeah.
18:41:48 Yeah, I just backup. I got it. Okay.
18:41:52 It saves a lot of believe it or not.
18:41:54 This is something that I should have known, because, you know, I'm a certified geek.
18:42:00 But my daughter taught me this. She can. She can type about a hundred 50 words a minute on her phone, and I don't not know how she does it.
18:42:08 I'm here. Okay.
18:42:10 It's genuinely frightening.
18:42:17 Yes.
18:42:15 So I have a question, yes, about which router I need when I update my home network to the gear that I bought last.
18:42:29 Thanksgiving weekend, and haven't installed yet.
18:42:34 They didn't have the rodder. I thought I needed, so I bought at Costco a net gear wifi 6 router ax, 5,400 and I'm going to be replacing what I what I have with a new macbook pro that I got that weekend and the HP laptop
18:42:58 then I got that weekend, and also then attaching my iphone that I was forced by Verizon to select the took precedence along with the second Gen.
18:43:18 Apple watch which I have been enjoying a lot, and it says something has just seemed to come up when I had to be on line.
18:43:27 So I've been limping a with a windows 10 HP.
18:43:32 Pavilion laptop. But I need to upgrade to my new equipment before the warranties.
18:43:42 And help packages. I paid for expire.
18:43:46 Okay. Well, that what was the original question?
18:43:48 Okay. The original call is, is the router that I bought usable with a Macbook.
18:43:58 Pro and an HP. Windows 11 laptop, and the exact distance is, it's a net year a x 5,400.
18:44:12 The answer to that is a Macbook and an and a iphone and an ipad pretty much.
18:44:19 We'll talk to a rock. Really, they don't.
18:44:22 They're very agnostic. So that's not really the issue.
18:44:26 The the the more basic question is, where do you get? Who do you get your Internet from?
18:44:32 Wave.
18:44:34 You get it from wave? Did wave supply you with a router.
18:44:44 Okay.
18:44:40 No, I have. They supplied me with a modem. But the router I've been using is a a time capsule, an apple, time, capsule.
18:44:51 Okay. The then the answer is basically you plug in your new router that you should have instructions for what the root password is.
18:45:02 Yeah.
18:45:02 A usually it's on the bottom of wherever the product description is.
18:45:07 It tells you what the password is you want to go in there, and you want to plug it in and then use your macbook because you bring up something like terminal, or so far X can use probably to use sorry bring up safari go to the address listed on the bottom you have a
18:45:24 router and type in the username and password that they have.
18:45:28 And then the very first thing you should do is change the password to something.
18:45:32 Non-obvious and by non obvious. It should not have your first name should not have your last name definitely, should not have your street address, but something like if you're found of daffodils.
18:45:43 Call it daffodil 27, because in 1927, at the great Daffodil Festival something tremendous.
18:45:49 Happened. Just make any difference what rationale you have, but you change the username and the password and you save that so that you know what it is.
18:46:01 And then from that point you just tell everything else. Go to the same address that your Mac went to, and that's your new router.
18:46:15 Yeah.
18:46:08 Oh! And that you you give the router a name that Mac went to, and that's your new router. Oh, and that you give the router a name like it'll probably be called something like net gear, or something rather and call it you know, pretty posies, or on my daughter when she went
18:46:21 to the University of Maryland as freshman. I had her name, her router control alt delete asterisk period asterisk, which is the windows command to erase everything, and people after routouter alone, because they didn't know why it was named that but they were
18:46:39 hesitant to try and use it so change the username and password name the route, or something other than what it came with out of the box, and then just tell your other devices to use it.
18:46:52 But the way in which your laptop, your windows, laptop your Mac, laptop, your iphone, all of those things.
18:47:04 Talk to Wi-fi, basically the same way where it gets in.
18:47:17 Yeah.
18:47:08 Where are you? Get into trouble sometimes? If wave gave you a router and you add another router to it, you end up with something called double network address translation, a double netting which sounds yaki, and it will.
18:47:27 It doesn't hurt anything, but it slows you down.
18:47:30 Okay.
18:47:32 Denise!
18:47:36 Hi, Denise, do you have your iphone with you?
18:47:40 Yes, I'm playing with it.
18:47:41 I wish just thinking you might be. I had the same problem with the apps on my watch, and so if you go in on your phone, open the apple watch.
18:47:52 Right. I'm there.
18:47:53 Yeah, and then scroll a little bit further down and then go to App store.
18:48:01 Right.
18:48:05 Right.
18:48:02 And then it says, automatic dials, automatic update.
18:48:08 I turned that automatic downloads off so that.
18:48:13 It is off!
18:48:10 Yeah, that's spin off. Yeah, yes, it is. And I have no music in here whatsoever.
18:48:19 And the photo thing is, I read online, there's no way to actually turn it off.
18:48:27 Bye!
18:48:24 But you can limit the number of photos. So I selected an album that has nothing in it, and.
18:48:29 Well, you can go. Actually, one of the options is photosynching. You could just turn that off.
18:48:34 Right? Yeah, I did that as well. I tried the other thing first.
18:48:38 But.
18:48:38 Can you tell me what was the what was your actual initial initial question about the apps on on the watch?
18:48:46 My watch keeps it, keeps saying storage is full.
18:48:51 Yeah, if you look at this, these are all. Oh, I lost it.
18:48:56 I've gone through everything again, and I have everything turned off that could be off.
18:48:59 Yeah, well, I don't know. I just I don't just turn them off.
18:49:08 Yeah.
18:49:03 I remove the ones that I don't want on my watch, and because even if, even if even if it's just sitting there, the app alone can use space, and some of them are greedier than others, so.
18:49:18 So how do you remove it? I don't see place that says you can remove it.
18:49:23 There's a whole list here.
18:49:25 Yeah. But if you if it, if you if you click on something like I have, Hilton honors, if you click on it, it says, show app on apple watch.
18:49:39 If and if you turn that so it's turned off, it won't show up on your apple watch.
18:49:43 Okay. Yeah.
18:49:45 You have to do it one at a time, which is?
18:49:47 Oh, I don't have any apps on my watch.
18:49:50 I have some listed, and it says, Install, but I've never installed them like Amazon.
18:49:55 Oh, yeah.
18:49:58 Music is listed there. It's like they're offering them, but I've never put them on.
18:50:02 Yeah, huh!
18:50:02 Huh? Well, in that case that's a different question. What I would do at that point then is, I'd try shutting down the watch.
18:50:11 Yeah, I did. I just did that. I haven't turned it back on yet.
18:50:14 Yeah, but that might. It might be that just, you know, Gremlins, or something.
18:50:20 So when I'll spell pardon.
18:50:20 Lawrence, my mom, go ahead. I have a question. Laurence.
18:50:24 Bye, yes.
18:50:27 How do I sync my phone to my computer that when I take a picture that it will show up in my computer?
18:50:36 Okay. The answer is, you can't. What you can do is you can sync your phone and your computer both to apple photos.
18:50:45 So when you through Icloud, so that when you take a picture on your phone it goes to Icloud, and then it automatically sinks.
18:50:53 Oh!
18:50:53 It syncs through the cloud. It doesn't sync it.
18:50:57 Oh, okay.
18:50:57 Don't talk to each other directly. There is a way to do it directly, but it's it's way.
18:51:01 Too much work, and nobody in the right mind would do it that way.
18:51:04 Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, that's I'll try that. Thank you.
18:51:08 Yeah, you just go into icloud. You say, yes, you want to sync on both the Mac and on on the iphone.
18:51:15 Hi!
18:51:15 You say, sync photos, the icloud. And they say, okay.
18:51:19 Okay. Sounds good. Thank you.
18:51:29 Are there any other questions?
18:51:23 Awesome.
18:51:36 Yes.
18:51:38 Yes.
18:51:39 I I was on mute. I apparently had a breach in something through my hospital, and I must have had Mcphee.
18:51:52 And now they say that I need to have it again. Do I really need to?
18:51:59 Definitely, not.
18:52:02 That's kind of what I thought.
18:52:06 I'll give you a more complicated explanation on a Mac. You wouldn't.
18:52:14 Mac V. Does nothing other than slow your machine down.
18:52:17 It's less. It's. It's quite a bit less useful than the cat behind you.
18:52:23 So on a Mac. It's just not useful. It'll just slow your machine down on a windows machine quite often when you buy a windows machine it comes with Mcafee installed by default, and that yous usually like a 30 or 90 day complementary thing.
18:52:39 Well, I bought a new windows laptop last October, November, and it came with Mcafee, and I immediately disabled it, and it.
18:52:49 I get these warning messages that you know your times running out.
18:52:54 Are you gonna bring? Are you gonna upgrade?
18:52:56 And the answer was, No, I let it pass. Why? Because it used to be that windows security was pretty awful, but with windows 11 specifically and if you have a machine that comes with their new hardware based security, which not all loo windows machines.
18:53:14 Do but the one I bought specifically did Mcafee really doesn't do anything terribly useful, because on the Mac.
18:53:21 On a modern Mac are on an iphone or ipad.
18:53:25 Everything that you do on your iphone or your ipad goes through a security chip.
18:53:31 So if you talk to it, if you touch it, if something comes in from the outside, it all goes through that security Chip!
18:53:37 So if you talk to it, if you touch it, if something comes in from the outside, it all goes through that security chip and that security chip sanitizes things to so that bad things can't get in and apple periodically sends out invisible to you they send out updates to update the
18:53:49 security. Are the things that it checks for. Well, this proved such overwhelmingly effective that windows started doing the same thing.
18:53:59 And now on some, but not all windows. 11 machines they come with a security chip that works with windows to make sure that anything you type on the keyboard anything coming in over your ethernet or Wi-fi everything going in or out of your computer goes through the the security Chip and
18:54:19 that's far more effective than anything, Mccaffe could do for you, and on a Mac in particular, Mcafee does really nothing other than slow it down.
18:54:29 That's the only if if your Max too fast, I guess you could install Mcafee to slow it down, but otherwise it didn't deserve any port any purpose.
18:54:39 Thank you.
18:54:40 And if if you're really interested in Mcafee, this has nothing to do with the software, but it has a lot to do with where the name comes from.
18:54:47 Do an Internet search on Mcafee. You will find he's an interesting guy.
18:54:55 Interesting is. And you you're really glad that he's not living in the same country.
18:55:01 You are. He's.
18:55:02 He's dead, isn't he?
18:55:05 He might be. That's unconcerned.
18:55:07 Hmm!
18:55:08 Oh!
18:55:11 Yes.
18:55:10 I have a question concerning messenger, and when I like to get texts on my phone and send them from my iphone, I also haven't ipad and an imap.
18:55:23 And the message messages show up on those you know on those on my machine.
18:55:30 All those machines, and I don't want them, and I, if I delete them on the phone, they're not deleted on the computer or the iphone.
18:55:40 So I'm thinking, maybe I just should delete the apps on the computer.
18:55:46 The messenger app on the computer and the messenger app on the iphone.
18:55:50 Or ipad, but I'm not actually sure.
18:55:54 Why would you delete the messenger at?
18:55:55 Well, it's why I use it mostly for texting with my iphone.
18:56:01 But the dialogue shows up on my computer. And if I delete messages on the iphone they're not deleted on the computer or the ipad, and it's laborious.
18:56:14 Okay, you can on your IP, on your, on your IP, on your ipad and your Mac.
18:56:24 You can go into messages and say, just like I explained earlier that you just don't want it to be.
18:56:29 You don't want messages that were sent on your phone to appear on your ipad you don't list your phone number on your ipad.
18:56:37 So, if if it's being sent to your phone number, it just won't.
18:56:41 If it's being sent from your phone, it won't appear on your IP because you just get rid of the phone number on on your, on your Mac or on your ipad.
18:56:52 Yeah, but you can.
18:56:52 If you're sending it to your Mac address, yes, it's going to show up on all of them, and you really can't delete messenger, because Apple will just apple.
18:57:03 Will object to that.
18:57:04 Okay. Alright!
18:57:06 But you can't sync all 3, so that when you delete them on one, it delete them on all of them, too.
18:57:12 To seek them to the cloud your messages and and they go there, and when you delete them off one, it delete some of everything the same thing with the mail.
18:57:25 Oh, okay.
18:57:27 You have to turn it on sync, though.
18:57:31 Okay.
18:57:34 Thank you.
18:57:36 And I made a boom.
18:57:45 Bye!
18:57:53 I made a sign in list tonight to for the meeting, but I don't appear to have set myself a link, and since that's in another account right now, I can't.
18:58:07 I don't have access to it, so shame on me!
18:58:14 Hey? Well, such as life!
18:58:22 Let's see. Have one quick question left and then we're going to start the meeting.
18:58:28 Anybody have a quick question?
18:58:31 Okay.
18:58:34 Okay.
18:58:29 Yes, I do. It's an iphone question. I've been powering down the phone, turning it off before I connect the cable and plug the charger into the wall.
18:58:53 When I plug it into the wall it starts up again, so I wait until I see the home screen, and then I followed down again.
18:58:59 I'm I'm sorry I my screen froze so I didn't hear any of your question.
18:59:04 Oh, I'm sorry. Charging my iphone. I'm I'm assuming it's best to do it.
18:59:14 When the phone is off, so I turned it off, power it down, plug it into the cable, plug the charger into the wall, whereupon it starts up again.
18:59:29 No!
18:59:27 Yeah, it. There's no reason to turn it off. No.
18:59:36 Thank you.
18:59:37 Yeah, there's no reason to turn it off. There is, however, if you go into, I don't remember where it's called.
18:59:31 Recording, your homework.
18:59:48 If you go to the what's it called screen time.
18:59:54 Yeah, I don't remember how to set it, but on your phone you can set it so that you don't want it to accept phone calls after 10 pm.
19:00:05 Hmm!
19:00:04 And you don't want phone numbers. Phone calls before 7 Am.
19:00:08 The phone is still on and you'll still get messages from people in your preferred list like, you know, relatives, and so on and so forth, or you'll get 9.
19:00:20 Okay.
19:00:18 1 one calls, but you won't get the rest of them, so there's really no reason to turn it off.
19:00:23 In just as a another fy for those of you who don't know if you're someplace that like an airplane, and you want to, and you need to put it in an airplane mode, you might notice that you're battery lasts a lot longer and that trick works on
19:00:40 other things, other places as well. So if you want to have your phone useful, but you don't want to use of a bunch battery life, just put it in airplane mode, and you can still use your phone.
19:00:51 Useful. But you don't want to use of a bunch of battery life. Just put it in airplane mode, and you can still.
19:00:54 Chris, if you're Chris, if you're worried about the battery, the life and the wear and tear on of charging in your battery settings, you can go under optimize battery charging, and that if that's a concern I.
19:01:08 Alright. No, yeah. I'm worried about static electricity and the so thunderstorm that they keep saying we're gonna get one of yeah.
19:01:21 Oh, I see. Oh, okay, well, and then there's that clean energy charging.
19:01:26 I could care less about clean energy charging. So I have a turned off.
19:01:31 But I'm certainly glad that I learned what that is, so that I when I wanna charge my phone, when I wanna charge my phone, not when they tell me about the whole footprint and the carbon.
19:01:44 Okay.
19:01:41 But you can. There is that setting also. I don't know if you can see it at the bottom, for that clean energy charging.
19:01:48 So if you're phones not charging fast enough like you think it should be, I highly suggest turning that off do you know what I'm talking about?
19:01:57 Yeah.
19:01:58 Lauren, yeah. Okay.
19:02:00 I only charge it in the it. Mine charges fairly quickly, so I don't care.
19:02:06 Not a problem.
19:02:07 Yeah. But it had defaulted on on one of the last updates.
19:02:13 Hmm!
19:02:11 And it turned it on, and you physically have to go in and turn it off for it to not have that clean energy charging.
19:02:18 Well, they can charge all at once to at night, and that's when cleaning energy charging in effect.
19:02:24 So I don't care. It works fine for me. I do not have a sign-in sheet which I, which is a shame because I actually made one, but I didn't send myself a link to it.
19:02:40 So I madam President, would you like to say anything before we start the program?
19:02:44 No!
19:02:43 No welcome, everybody. No, I don't really have anything other than welcome, and thanks for being here.
19:02:53 Treasure has a short report. But yeah, it's not a big one, either, but we had one more, remember, who sent the Jews?
19:03:07 One was in April. No, yeah. April, and one.
19:03:10 This month. So we have 2 more, which that our total now is $2,147 and 90 cents.
19:03:20 Okay.
19:03:21 And there's no expense.
19:03:23 Actually there is, but I probably haven't said it.
19:03:25 Yeah, no, I haven't received it yet.
19:03:28 Yeah, before I get to the tonight's presentation, which is on upgrading.
19:03:39 And if I asked people what they wanted to have as a meeting topic this month, and I got some suggestions.
19:03:49 But I got a whole bunch more questions from people who wanted to know about upgrading before I get to that.
19:03:54 There are some other things not having anything to do with an upgrading that I wanted to tell you about, and I'm going to share my screen.
19:04:01 So that.
19:04:09 That we can.
19:04:13 So I can show you some of this stuff.
19:04:20 The first thing is that I one reason why people were concerned about upgrading is they might get new things.
19:04:30 Apple is having their worldwide Developer Conference 23.
19:04:34 It starts on June fifth. What the Worldwide Developer Conference is is Apple's.
19:04:42 It's for developers. They teach you new programming techniques, new programming technologies, different ways to use the cloud algorithms of things that the worldwide developer Conference.
19:04:55 And they also have, among other things, a student competition. So they have the students.
19:05:01 Some is last year one of the winners was 6 years old who've written programs for Max or iphones, or whatever, and they have this as a conference.
19:05:12 So that's at the Worldwide Developer Conference on the very first day, June fifth, at 100'clock, Pacific time, because this is on the Pacific Coast.
19:05:23 They have the keynote. The keynote, traditionally, has also been a time when they announce new products.
19:05:31 The new products can be new operating systems. The new products can be new services.
19:05:09 This, for example.
19:05:35 The new products can be new computers. This spring apple was very quiet about introducing new computers and everything else.
19:05:46 The only thing that I can call off the top of my head is they?
19:05:49 They introduced a green iphone, but they haven't made any other big announcements.
19:05:56 So there's a possibility that they will. They will denounce some new technology.
19:06:01 But the worldwide Developer Conference also tells developers what current technology is not going to be supported by future operating systems.
19:06:11 So the world Wide Developer Conference is worth paying attention to, and the keynote, at least, is in English rather than in technicalies.
19:06:27 The other thing I wanted to mention is something that is, that Apple has stopped doing because the the covid, the pandemic emergency, was notification has expired.
19:06:49 You might have received a notice on your phone that said that the Covid Alerts are no longer taking place, and since we lived in Maryland before we moved here, we got a notice from both the State of Washington as well as Maryland, that they're not going to be sending out any
19:07:13 covid alerts because the State's no longer tracking it, and you can go back into your phone if you want to, and push this little button that says Delete all exposure data.
19:07:24 It probably has nothing there for you, because it probably from on average, most people get anything.
19:07:33 But you can go in and get rid of that if you're wondering why those things have been popping up, it's because the Covid Emergency is sufficient.
19:07:40 Oh, guess what I did find the sign in Sheen.
19:07:46 So!
19:07:50 You can't escape. I'm going to type it in here.
19:07:59 Here's the sign in form, and I'm gonna stick it in the chat, too, because it's probably more useful.
19:08:03 There where you can click on it if you could. Please go in and type in your name, your email address, and your first name and your last names.
19:08:14 People are trying to get strange. And say, Phil doesn't really tell me who you are.
19:08:21 So please your first name and your last name.
19:08:25 Oh!
19:08:30 Here's the chat!
19:08:25 Huh! And it's in the chat window if you oh, I sent it to the wrong perfect!
19:08:37 How's that now? It shows up?
19:08:39 Here it is!
19:08:40 Hmm!
19:08:44 A thing that won't affect any of you, but it's dear to my heart.
19:08:50 The first apple store anywhere open in Tyson's Corner.
19:08:54 And it's been closed for several months, and it's going to be reopening and it's going to be opening on May nineteenth.
19:09:02 So if you happen to be in the DC. Area on May nineteenth, the apple type, the original apple store is at Tyson's Corner, which is just south of well, actually, it's more west of DC.
19:09:17 In Virginia, so I told some people to go take pictures and movies, and I would distribute them to the world.
19:09:26 But when the original store opened up, Kathleen and I and my daughter, we are all went there.
19:09:34 My daughter was oh, she was in middle school. We all went there.
19:09:41 The line went through every floor of the shopping center, and it's a huge shopping center.
19:09:47 Every floor, they shopping center the entire length of the Mall, so wrapped around and around it was about a mile long, but it was indoors, which was good because it was a hot day, and this re grand reopening is going to be exactly as same day, as the original opening it's going
19:10:05 to be a May nineteenth, so if you happen to be in the DC area, that's something you can do and something else that I want to know.
19:10:15 If people are interested in doing, I'm not doing this.
19:10:20 This is done by Washington apple pie, which is, I'm still a member of.
19:10:24 I'm still an officer. In fact, Washington apple pie is for the Washington, DC.
19:10:29 Area. So it covers DC. Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware.
19:10:36 On May at their main meeting, which is next Saturday.
19:10:42 David Pogue, who's a former New York Times columnist, and he wrote lots of Macbooks.
19:10:50 He's going to be doing a presentation via Zoom on artificial intelligence.
19:10:54 And what that means for the average person. David is one of these people who is a legend in his own mind, but he's still very entertaining, and if you wanted to, if you want to participate in this one thing, you need to remember is that this is on the East coast.
19:11:13 So 10 a M is gonna be 7 A. M. Our time.
19:11:15 But if you are interested in going, give me your send me an email to send me an email just saying that you're interested in going.
19:11:25 And I'll have you added to the list of people that they add for the meeting, and I'll send I'll put this link in the chat as well.
19:11:35 So you can go read about it. David is an interesting character, and you've heard a lot of news stories about artificial intelligence.
19:11:49 David's not really an expert on it, but he'll be more entertaining than most of the news reports.
19:11:57 And one last thing is that I want to talk about is.
19:12:04 An article talking about why you should be really careful about getting strange things, because several cyber criminal gangs are trying to develop a version of ransomware that works with Macs right now, ransomware doesn't work with Macs it basically targets.
19:12:25 Just windows, machines. And they're trying really, really hard to develop one that works with Max.
19:12:31 They've been not been successful. But, generally speaking, the way to protect yourself from ransomware is, don't accept email messages from people you don't know and definitely don't click on links that you're not familiar with and the first part of my demonstration has nothing to do with
19:12:49 my demonstration, it's going to be a new product.
19:12:52 Called Little Snitch, Little Snitch, Mini, little Snitch, Mini.
19:12:58 You can download for free and.
19:13:03 I'm going to launch it. So you can see what it looks like.
19:13:08 This is a map and done with little Snitch.
19:13:14 Of since I've booted the machine. These are all the things that I've either loaded, either directly or indirectly.
19:13:21 So safari right now, if I click on safari.
19:13:24 Is talking to all these places out here. If you're losing safari, Mac OS talks to these things.
19:13:31 Creative cloud talks to this. This is another part of creative cloud and course.
19:13:38 Sync talks to Virginia, and I'll give you kind of a brief overview of how to read this Zoom talks to United States and Virginia, which seems kind of strange.
19:13:48 You'll notice that it doesn't list. It doesn't list Washington State, and that's where we are.
19:13:55 What it's doing is that I originally set up my Mac accounts when I lived in Maryland, so a lot of services still think I live in Maryland, even though I don't, and Amazon has a huge server farm in Virginia, one of the largest ones.
19:14:13 They have is in Virginia because of the Federal Government being a book, big user of Amazon services.
19:14:19 So zoom uses Amazon as a backbone.
19:14:23 And so it says, Okay, if you're using zoom, then you're talking to the data server in the Amazon data server in Virginia, and also to probably other data service in the United States, Mac OS has all kinds of different things that it talks to including if you scroll over
19:14:41 here place in Japan exactly what that thing is. You have to pay for the non-free version in order to find out.
19:14:49 But if you ever want to know what your computer does when it's doing various things, this will tell you what service are talking to to like Amazon photos again uses Amazon servers.
19:15:02 So it gives you United States and Virginia. Little snitch is free.
19:15:08 It is not free. If you want to be able to block things.
19:15:13 That's a paid service, and there's really it's a bad idea to block things, because unless you're a techie you'll block something that's you find out that you really need.
19:15:23 So it's not a good idea to block things.
19:15:25 Why does little Snitch think your network is out over the Atlantic?
19:15:30 It does that because it doesn't have a specific place.
19:15:34 So it just tosses you someplace, and since it thinks I'm living in on the East Coast, it uses the Atlantic as kind of the big bin of things that he doesn't know about.
19:15:48 So that's I mean, that's not a great answer.
19:15:47 Okay.
19:15:52 But that's why it does it that way when you're thinking about doing an upgrade of any domain.
19:15:57 One of thing that you should look at is Mac Tracker Mac Tracker is an application.
19:16:04 You can. You can download it for both your Mac or for Ios, so you can have it on your iphone or your ipad, and it's it's free.
19:16:13 It's if you look at the address, it's by it's up in Canada.
19:16:18 The guy who did this has been doing this since.
19:16:24 I'm not sure. At least 20, probably.
19:16:27 A long time.
19:16:29 Yeah, probably 2530 years, a long time. It was originally done as a file maker database, and he was.
19:16:38 He would distribute this file maker database to user groups, and then he created his own app and to show you what the app looks like, I will bring it up.
19:16:48 And.
19:16:51 This is backtracking, and it's the zoom bars.
19:16:59 Tidiness so it's hard for me to see.
19:17:01 But you basically can look at almost any kind of Mac ever.
19:17:07 And it'll tell you about them. And actually even pre-s like the apple one was produced between 1976 and 1977, apple I, 77 to 79.
19:17:20 So on, so forth, and when it comes to Macs, the classic Mac came out in January, 1984, and they produced until 1985, and so and so forth.
19:17:32 And it also includes things like Wi-fi things.
19:17:37 How old is your wife? Your airport, base station, or time capsule like, for example, a lot of people still have one of these flat airport time capsules.
19:17:53 But you'll notice that the last airport time capsule of those flat ones, those produced in June 2,013, which is a long time ago, and a lot of people that say, Oh, my! Mac, isn't that old?
19:18:06 I just bought a few years ago, and they check this. And they find out that it's they've actually had it a really long time.
19:18:10 It also includes things like Apple TV. There have been several models of that macbooks, ibooks, phones, where the phones, iphones, all kinds of iphones.
19:18:24 If you have a Newton, I'm surprised, but they include that scanners pretty much everything apple ever made, and they have recently added this for software.
19:18:37 But the software is not listed under software. Still, if you go to a like, the Macbook, it tells you what version of the software that and they let's go with a Macbook air first version, the Macbook air and the software is the last version of the Mac OS that could use.
19:18:58 Was Mac OS. 10.7 point 5. So it's a good way to find out how current your machine is.
19:19:07 It'll tell you what your capabilities were, how much memory could take, how much, what kind of story space, it had all kinds of stuff.
19:19:16 But and the important thing for most people is the operating system.
19:19:21 So if you have a macbook air, and it's the retina inversion from 2,018, can you run a current operating system?
19:19:30 And it says, Yes, you can run the latest version of the operating system, but every time Apple releases a new operating system, some of the some of their machines fall off the list, and I highly recommend it to get this pre utility when you're thinking about upgrading your phone, or
19:19:51 your ipad, or your Mac, because it tells you whether or not you really need to.
19:19:58 And if your machine is not supported, so, for example.
19:20:04 Mine!
19:20:07 Actually this says that 2,014, it's supported.
19:20:11 I'm surprised. Yeah, 2,013, too. But you'll see that a lot of machines are not supported.
19:20:20 Now the reason why this is an issue is that if you're machine is not supported, it doesn't get those quiet updates that I was telling you about that apple pushes out and it doesn't get security updates.
19:20:34 And that's bad, because where every time Apple releases a new operating system that not only gives you the potential to have new goodies, for example, recent version of the operating system allows me to essentially control, my Mac, using my Iphone and my ipad which is kind of
19:20:54 cool. So you have new capability. But it also tells hackers what has been fixed.
19:21:03 So there was a security problem with this, and we fixed it.
19:21:07 Well, that tells these hackers that if they go attacking machines that have older operating systems, they're probably still vulnerable.
19:21:16 So anytime there's a new operating system, it's good if you're supported, but it's not so great.
19:21:22 If you're not supported. And Mac Tracker again is is free.
19:21:26 So that's the the first thing you should think about in terms of in terms of your do you need a do you need a upgrade?
19:21:36 You might have other reasons for wanting to upgrade.
19:21:37 You want more space, you want more power, or whatever. But the the from my point of view, if your machine's not supported, that's bad.
19:21:48 If you think about your phone, for example, is your phone a security risk?
19:21:56 And the answer is, Well, the your phone has photographs that you've taken.
19:22:00 Those are highly personal. It's got the names of your contacts that's highly personal.
19:22:05 I've even seen some people who did their income tax on their phone, which I think is a terrible idea.
19:22:11 That's really personal. But there is probably somewhere on your phone.
19:22:16 Are your bank accounts are your is your social security number a whole bunch of stuff that you probably don't even know.
19:22:23 It's there I got a legal document from the State of Washington about 3, 4 weeks ago, and they did something really, really stupid.
19:22:35 They sent me a Pdf. Of a record that they had of me, and in the Pdf.
19:22:40 Was my social security number, they're not supposed to do that.
19:22:44 That's really bad. But since I opened it on my phone, that means that from my phone somebody could have access to my social security number.
19:22:53 So it's not necessarily what you're keeping safe.
19:22:57 It's also what other people are keeping safe, because people can do stupid things with.
19:23:03 With your data, the A, I got a security alert from saying that they had.
19:23:13 They had a third party contractor had accidentally exposed records for 25 million customers, both current and former customers.
19:23:26 And what did these people get? What did the hackers get?
19:23:30 They got all kinds of things that are no longer relevant.
19:23:33 They did not get credit card numbers. That wasn't part of the record, but they got addresses, and they got names, and so on and so forth.
19:23:41 But the important thing was they also got my phone number. Well, you can.
19:23:46 Now, when you move, keep your phone number. So my phone number, which hasn't changed since year 2,000 or something.
19:23:56 And I'm no longer on because of this exposure.
19:24:01 I'm getting spam because they went through, and all the phone numbers that they got in this data breach.
19:24:09 They're now spamming, and that's not cool so you have a lot of personal information on your phone that you may not realise and keeping that safe is important.
19:24:23 In terms of the that's where is the phone I was just playing with that a second ago.
19:24:29 It's right here of the current phones out there.
19:24:31 Now you notice the original iphone came out in 2,007, pretty much everything before the the very first version of the iphone from the from the iphone, Essie on back.
19:24:45 I would say, is obsolete, and you probably need to replace it if it's an iphone 7 or 8, I would probably replace it, even though some of those are still supported.
19:24:58 They cannot support some of the functions that people talk about when they talk about using an iphone, about the furthest back that I would say that people don't need to replace.
19:25:09 Huh!
19:25:09 If you have an iphone. 10. The iphone 10 was also the first one that had the security chip inside of it that sanitizes input so from the iphone, 10 on forward, you're probably in good shape but if you have an Iphone earlier than those you probably want to think about replacing
19:25:28 them with Max. It's a little bit more difficult, because there's macbook errors and Macbook pros and all kinds of stuff.
19:25:34 But as an example, I had a oh, what was it?
19:25:43 I had it early. Iphone a macbook. Let's see, is this thing supported? Nope.
19:25:52 That one isn't. It's one that was supported.
19:25:54 But I don't remember exactly which one it was. I had a Macbook, not a macbook error Macbook, just a Macbook.
19:26:05 And I ended up giving it to somebody, because it was much too slow for the kind of things that I needed to do.
19:26:14 And so that was, that was an obvious reason for having an upgrade.
19:26:17 It was too slow, but you might have other reasons, like, for example, if your Macbook is the only computer that you have, and you bought it, thinking that 256 gig drive was adequate.
19:26:30 And then you find out it's all full, because you actually have a lot more stuff than you thought.
19:26:34 Then you might want to upgrade it, not because of the performance, but because of the storage.
19:26:40 But keep in mind with Macs, both laptops and with desktops you can have external drives.
19:26:47 This thing up here that says Maple, that is my built-in drive on my Mac, and it's called Maple, because I was looking at my red maple when I got the machine.
19:26:59 So I named it Maple Gifu Canto, and Imamato.
19:27:06 Our external drives, and they're connected into my computer using a USB cable.
19:27:12 Well, actually, it's a thunderbolt for, but it looks like a USB Cable.
19:27:18 So all of this storage, which is a huge amount of storage.
19:27:21 This is, I don't know. 50 TB worth of story is external, and this thing that says time travel is yet another drive, and I wish I hadn't done that because it too it takes forever to come open.
19:27:37 But this is my backup drive, and it's it's a solid state drive that I brought.
19:27:44 John Amazon for $99, and I use it to back stuff up.
19:27:49 And why, did I buy a solid state drive? Because I used to back this up wirelessly and was taking too long.
19:27:57 So for 99 bucks. This is a Usbc solid state drive, and it's external to my machine.
19:28:05 So I'm not limited to just the space on my machine.
19:28:08 I can plug in another drive, and I'm not limited to just the space on my machine.
19:28:12 I can plug in another drive, and I'm in good shape for a laptop that this could be a problem, though, because if you really do care, your laptop with you, then, having it carrying around an external drive might be a pain, so when you're thinking about upgrading a
19:28:25 laptop things that you should think about, how much, how much, RAM do you want?
19:28:32 The most of the Macbooks come with a minimum of 8 GB, but I would recommend that you get 16 simply because you cannot upgrade any of Apple's current laptops.
19:28:48 All of the all of the memory and all of the storage, everything is on one chip.
19:28:53 So what you buy is all of the memory and all of the storage. Everything is on one chip, so what you buy is what you're stuck with.
19:28:57 And if you think 8 gigs is enough, and then someday you find out you need 10.
19:29:01 You'll be on happy, and some of the Macbooks come from with as little as 256 GB worth of space.
19:29:10 But again, photographs and things take up a lot of room, so I would probably go.
19:29:14 I would probably recommend that you have at least half a gig or a half a terabyte, or a full terabyte for storage.
19:29:23 So that's memory and storage, and the third thing that you should think about is the speed.
19:29:29 And it's a little bit confusing now, because with the new M.
19:29:33 2 chips. The M. 2 chips are faster than the M.
19:29:37 One chips, except that the M. One chip in my desktop machine here is actually faster than most of the M.
19:29:44 2 chips in the newer machines. So it gets a little bit confusing.
19:29:47 But the 3 things to worry about are how much memory, how much storage, and how fast the machine and the fast almost any machine apple has it's gonna be fine for doing email for writing notes and so on.
19:30:03 So forth, where the speed is much more important, is, if you do a lot of photography, I just spent the last week scanning prints, a photographic prints.
19:30:15 I scanned 9,800 photographic prints and those take up a lot of room and to display them and sort through them takes a fair amount of host power.
19:30:27 Also, if you do video editing, the horsepower is important, but for everyday things, like writing notes, doing text messaging, surfing the web, the horsepower is not that important?
19:30:38 It's it's important for other things. But those are the things to think about.
19:30:42 When you're talking about desktop machines right now for desktop apple has imacs these new M.
19:30:52 One Imax. You can go see one at Costco.
19:30:56 They have the Mac Mini, the new Mac Mini.
19:31:00 Oh, there's an M. One Mac Mini, that I don't recommend. People have.
19:31:04 I have one, but it's for what I use. It's perfect fine.
19:31:09 But the new em, 2 Mac mini is much, much more more powerful, and then they have the Mac studio and the Mac studio has a big hunting chicken chip inside, and is really blindingly fast, except that the new Mac Mini it for most purposes, is almost as fast as the
19:31:30 studio, although I should say it's just as faster, faster!
19:31:35 The one exception is, if you're doing video editing the Mac studio is really hard to beat.
19:31:40 So your choices are the Imac, the Max duty, or the Mac Mini.
19:31:46 A couple of things to note. If you buy a Mac Mini or Mac studio, you're also going to need a keyboard mouse.
19:31:53 And display, since they don't come with that. If you get an imac, you get everything in one box.
19:32:01 One thing that I tell people, because a lot of people I see buying laptops that they don't need laptops.
19:32:07 If you never, ever, ever, ever carry your machine with you. The Mac Mini and the Imac are more powerful and they're less money.
19:32:19 Than a laptop, laptops, because everything's crammed into a small space.
19:32:24 They're more expensive. So if you don't need to carry it, don't buy a macbook error or macbook. Pro, just stick with the Mac mini or Max studio.
19:32:39 Uhhuh, or an Imac, and I gotta turn this off for a second, so I can see people with it if they have questions.
19:32:51 Do you have questions about any of that?
19:32:59 Would you repeat what you suggested for a minimum memory or maximum memory and storage and speed?
19:33:15 Okay.
19:33:06 I didn't mention. I didn't mention speed, because speed is entirely there are too many factors for the minimum amount of memory that Max right now they all will come with at least 8 GB.
19:33:20 My recommendation is not to go with the minimum to go to 16, and the reason is that you cannot add more later on, so you might as well get 16 right from the start with some of them you can get 32 GB unless you're doing something really weird that's more than you really need
19:33:38 there's very few people that have a need for something like that.
19:33:41 So that makes sense for storage. You can get on some machines as little as 200, and 56 GB.
19:33:48 That's one quarter of a terabyte.
19:33:51 I would recommend at least half a terabyte, which is 500 GB or a terabyte.
19:33:59 The one machine that I bought with half a terabyte.
19:34:03 I I filled fairly quickly, and it's entirely possible that my dear spouse laughed uproariously when this happened, because she told me not to do it.
19:34:15 But again, you can't upgrade them. Once you buy them, you can add on external memory, but you can't add anything inside of the box because the chip is just one giant thing which is one reason why the things are why the machines are so fast the more you can cram onto
19:34:33 the ship, the faster it runs. Some things that you want.
19:34:41 Notice. You'll hear people talking about the speed of the M.
19:34:43 One chip with the apple's silicon. M.
19:34:47 One chip versus the M. 2, chip, the M.
19:34:49 2 chip is faster with the unless you're doing video editing.
19:34:54 And then the I am one super pro max, whatever they call the chip in their back studio is actually faster, because it has more video processing.
19:35:03 Specialized video processing chips. So if you're editing video, that's why people like the Max studio because it makes it much.
19:35:12 It makes it easier to deal with if you're not doing video editing.
19:35:16 Or if the video editing you're doing is just editing a quick time video to throw up, or something like that, it doesn't make any difference.
19:35:22 Your, your phone probably has enough horsepower for doing that.
19:35:28 But if you're doing video like I do, I do the video for the church.
19:35:32 It definitely helps to have the extra horsepower to do that sort of stuff, but they for most purposes the new Macbook pro with the Mt.
19:35:44 Chip the macbook air with the M 2, chip the Mac Mini with the Mq.
19:35:49 Chip. That's more than enough to keep you happy.
19:35:53 At least one person told me that they were waiting for Apple to come up with a 27 inch Imac before they upgraded to a new Imac, and I've heard a lot of people say this, but if you've never actually played with the M.
19:36:10 One Imac, that they have on display down at Costco you should go down and play with it.
19:36:16 They're really, really, quite, quite sharp.
19:36:19 And people say, well, the screen's smaller well, and 800 pixels, 800 pixels is how large a piece sheet of paper is, and a sheet of paper is 800 pixels across, and the Imac that they should have at costco that you can go by tomorrow has a its screen
19:36:44 Okay.
19:36:39 is 1,400 pixels apart across. So really, why do you need a 27 inch, Mac?
19:36:48 That it's a 24 inch. I'mac, and it's for most mortals it's gonna be perfectly fine, and if there the Imac comes in 2 different models another month, the higher end model actually you can plug an extra discount in it it so if you
19:37:08 wanted to. You could have 2 displays, one built into your Imac and an ex separate display.
19:37:15 Speaking of displays. That's something that you can also add it is an external display to your to the Mac Mini.
19:37:21 To the back studio and to the laptops as well.
19:37:26 Via the the studio, and Mac Mini think, okay, you need to add a display to it, but you can add more than one if you really wanted to.
19:37:37 I saw somebody had a they had. I don't remember who made it lg, or something.
19:37:44 It's it's a ultra wide screen.
19:37:47 It's 56 inches across, and he had 2 of them hooked up to his Mac studio, and I was making fun of him because in this video you can tell he can't really see them both at once.
19:37:59 He has to swim around in order to see them, so I thought it was kind of silly, but if you wanted to, you could do that.
19:38:12 Any other questions?
19:38:12 What's your take on apple refurbished equipment?
19:38:16 Oh, I I'm glad you mentioned that because I was gonna talk about that.
19:38:21 And I gotta turn on screen sharing so I can show people what we're talking about.
19:38:41 Okay, apple has this site. And if you just copy type in apple refurbished, that comes up in Google, so you don't have to remember what the page is.
19:38:51 But if you click on something like Max, what what refurbished machines they have!
19:38:58 It'll list the kinds of refurbish machines that they have 2 things to note about.
19:39:03 This, the the same stipulations having to do with memory, and so on, so forth.
19:39:10 You apply for the furbish ones.
19:39:12 Sometimes people will turn in referbish machines because they bought the machine without enough memory or without enough hard drive space, and so they return it to apple and apple resells it, and the nice thing is that apple resells it with a full warranty so if you get it it
19:39:30 if you get a refurbish machine for apple, it usually comes with a.
19:39:33 There are some exceptions, for the most part, though they come over the one year warranty, and so like this.
19:39:39 This refurbished 24 inch mic, with 8 core CPU.
19:39:42 7, core Gpu, 1,099 in green, and you save 200 bucks, and if you click on it, it's says that it's got 8 GB worth of memory and 256 GB of storage and if you may recall
19:40:01 that I just said that wasn't recommended. So they do have good prices, and they have full.
19:40:06 Guarantees, but you still need to be careful that you're getting something that has the the amount of move to it that you really want.
19:40:16 Other people have have, have refurbished machines, best buy.
19:40:25 Does that sometimes owc, computing, which the sense for other world computing sometimes has those so sol a lot of people have refurbishment.
19:40:34 How, however, something to note is that the the warranties on them are only through that vendor.
19:40:44 So, and their warranty might be 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, something like that.
19:40:51 It's not the same as apples, and if you need repairs or something fixed, you have to ship it back to best buy, or whoever it is that you bought it from. And I mentioned that as a as an issue, because how many of you old enough to have remembered comp U.S.A.
19:41:09 At the time that Comp. U.S.A. Went bankrupt they had 20 million dollars worth of computers that were owned by individuals in their shops for repair.
19:41:23 All of those were seized in the bankruptcy because, according to bankruptcy law, that computer doesn't belong to you.
19:41:33 You're now just another creditor of Comp. U.S.A.
19:41:37 So those people didn't get their computers back. And I met.
19:41:41 I'm not saying that I think Owc. Or best buy, is going to go out of business tomorrow, but they're a limitations.
19:41:48 It's not from apple and it's subject to whatever conditions that best buy and that other retailer has.
19:41:55 But there's a company called Gazelle, and lots of other companies sell refurbished machines.
19:42:00 There are some times that I actually recommend refurbish machines, particularly to people who are upgrading.
19:42:07 If you are upgrading your machine because your current machine doesn't work, then obviously, when you upgrade your going to have a new machine, but you might have some old game that you like don't run that old game.
19:42:21 If it's not compatible with your new machine on your new machine buy a refurbished machine and run it on that or your accounting program, or whatever it is that you insist that you that you have.
19:42:33 I see a lot of people retaining their computer way past the time they should have gotten rid of it, because they have some old program.
19:42:41 They went to run, and if it's not, if you're old computers, not safe, and if you can't run the current operating system, it's not safe.
19:42:50 You should get a new machine. And if you really want to run that old computer, then keep your old machine to run that old computer just disconnected from the Internet.
19:43:02 Almost a hundred percent of of computer compromises in this day and age.
19:43:07 Have to do with connecting your machine to the Internet. So it's not connected.
19:43:13 It's really hard for someone to hack it. There are exceptions.
19:43:16 There was a guy in port. Angeles lost a computer couple days ago because he left in in his car trunk, and when he slammed down the trunk of the car it bounced open.
19:43:27 He didn't notice, and somebody came along just relieved him of the computer.
19:43:31 It was in the trunk, but that's kind of a weird way to to get hacked.
19:43:36 But so if you have some old machine that have some old program that you insist on working it's just on using.
19:43:48 Then buy a refurbish machine to run it on, or just keep your old machine and run it on that, but don't connect that machine up to the Internet.
19:43:58 If you think about it today, you get your updates via the Internet, you get your email via the Internet, you can renew your driver's license.
19:44:12 I don't know about. Drive slash! You can renew your auto license over the Internet.
19:44:16 Almost everything goes over the Internet. You really want to make sure the machine you're doing that from is safe. And if if your machines way out of of currency with the operating system is probably unsafe, other questions.
19:44:34 Lawrence. There's a question in the chat from Charlotte.
19:44:41 Okay. I have a question from Charlotte.
19:44:49 Oh, as a photographer, I need a 27 inch eye back.
19:44:59 Okay, this, the question about the I'm gonna address the last part first.
19:45:05 How do I upgrade the OS when I am on Centurlink at 3 MB speed?
19:45:12 The answer is, that's a good question. I don't have.
19:45:14 I don't have a Pg. Related answer. There's almost nothing I can say about Centurylink.
19:45:23 That's Pg. My church had Centurylink, and when they put me in charge of their network within 30 days I had moved us off of Centurylink Centurylink.
19:45:37 The thing to note about Centurylink the link part they are willing to link you up to the outside world in the twentieth century.
19:45:43 But Centurylink doesn't know anything about the 20 first century.
19:45:47 I think, Steve, yeah, Steve's here.
19:45:51 Steve had a suggestion. That's not a bad one, which is that with some of our treasury maybe we can buy some USB drives and put updates on them so that people could borrow the flash drive and plug it into a machine and update their operating system from a from a
19:46:10 flash drive. That's probably the easiest way to upgrade your in, update your operating system.
19:46:18 If you're on Century Link, because it's terrible operating system.
19:46:25 So, in terms of the update, the easiest way to do that is to get it on a flash drive.
19:46:32 Someone suggested carrier computer to a friend's house and log on which is also a possibility as a photographer.
19:46:40 I need a 27 inch. Imac. Well, no, you need a 27 inch screen.
19:46:47 It doesn't have to be the machine, the screen that comes with the Imac.
19:46:51 If you get the higher end, Imac, you can plug in a second screen, and that point you have 2 screens I do that from my photography.
19:47:00 I'll have. I use lightroom to sort my photographs.
19:47:06 I have just hundreds of thousands of photographs, and I'll have the menus on one screen, and then the photograph that I'm actually working with on the other screen.
19:47:20 And the answer is, use 2 screens. You're not limited to one screen, and with some of the Macbooks you can even run multiple screens.
19:47:31 So it'll run that actually all of them will run multiple screens.
19:47:34 You've got the screen that it comes with, and you can have an external screen and and use that for your fine airbrushing, and so on, so forth, and have the menus on the other screen.
19:47:45 It's it's a it's a nice way to do it.
19:47:48 You don't have to have a 27 inch Imac, you can have a 24 inch Imac, and a separate screen.
19:47:54 If you really wanna go that way with the newest operating system for Ios for ipad OS, if you have one of the one of the ipads that support it, you can even use an ipad as a separate screen for your
19:48:11 Mac, so you can it's it's a way to use to actually draw something in Photoshop with a stylus on your Imac and see it on on your Mac.
19:48:21 It's really quite cool. I'm not an artist, so I don't ever want to expose you to my drawing of ability, but but you can do that.
19:48:31 You. You don't have to think of it as just.
19:48:33 I have to have a 27 inch, Imac, you're gonna have a 24 inch, Imac, and have a separate monitor wave favor.
19:48:44 Are they better than us down actually wave cable, and a sound of the same thing?
19:48:47 So astounded astoundingly. No better than wave cable.
19:48:53 I happen to be on wave, but I also tell you the trick, for that I use for wave.
19:49:00 I don't use wave for TV. I just use it for Internet service.
19:49:04 Our TV, we use Google TV. It allows me to get the local TV stations.
19:49:09 And I don't have to pay for everything else that wait once me to pay for.
19:49:17 Any other questions?
19:49:18 You mentioned that you look at a hard backup, hard drive, solid state for $99. Amazon!
19:49:25 I was wondering what what brand that was, and what the capacity is of that.
19:49:30 It is a toshiba, and it is 4 TB.
19:49:37 For $99, solid state.
19:49:39 Yes, it's a Usbc. It's not Thunderbolt, but for backup.
19:49:48 I see.
19:49:45 Usbc's plenty fast cause I don't really care.
19:49:51 Fine!
19:49:51 It's a lot faster than a rotating drive, so you know, I'm happy.
19:50:02 Yes.
19:49:56 That's okay. Thank you very much. You also mentioned that if you scanned ninthousand prints, what kind of standard are you using?
19:50:08 Okay, that's a complicated question that I wish is happening here.
19:50:13 Oh, that's a terrible! I don't want here to hear this, but it's one of these cases where I have to admit that Kathleen was right.
19:50:21 I have a perfectly good scanner that I we use for documents I had a whole bunch of publications, and so and so forth, that I typed in a typewriter.
19:50:30 Once upon a time. So I went and got a Fujitsu document scanner for scanning these documents so that I didn't have to transport him across the country.
19:50:40 I scan thousands of pages, and then I recycle the paper.
19:50:45 I tried doing that with photographs and the Fujitsu document.
19:50:48 K. Scanner says that it will scan photographs, but it really didn't do a great job, and so I wanted something that did a better job.
19:50:56 And this is an absentee photos a spell F, oo, something, and it's an automated thing. You can put.
19:51:07 It. You can put 50 photographic prints in it, press a button and it scans them as individual files.
19:51:15 6, 8, 0 one. Epson, Fx.
19:51:20 6 8 0 W. The Debian means wireless.
19:51:22 If would you say that again? Repeat that? F. Yeah.
19:51:25 Epson, Fx. 6, F. F. F. Okay. Epson, Ff.
19:51:36 6, 8, 0, W.
19:51:39 Okay, thank, you, yeah.
19:51:43 And it was highly recommended by a bunch of photographers.
19:51:46 And so I reluctantly spent money because it costs money.
19:51:50 I'm really cheap, but I scanned 10,000 pers in a week, and with the Fujitsu making really bad copies, I scanned a lot like 700 and a month, so I can't complain.
19:52:09 It's all of that. Photographs were at least their 20 to 40 years old.
19:52:16 So they're not not great photos, but they're my photos.
19:52:21 The pictures that I took in Japan and in Sweden and in Finland, and all kinds of places, mostly because my spouse was in the navy, and for whatever reason, that's where we ended up.
19:52:33 But I wanted to. I wanted to have copies of them.
19:52:37 I wanted to review digital so that I could start doing things with that.
19:52:41 And that's what I bought. You just feed it in and there's an app that runs on the Mac.
19:52:49 And you just say, start and it just chunks out all these files.
19:52:54 It's supposed to work wirelessly, but I haven't plugged in Via USB.
19:52:59 Because I don't quite know I how, I suppose, to scan something wirelessly.
19:53:06 Did you scan any slides?
19:53:10 No, it doesn't do slides. It does up to 8 by 10.
19:53:13 I see. Okay.
19:53:15 Hence there is a slide scanner that I'm looking at, cause I have thousands of slides, too, but it's like 500 bucks and 600 bucks, and there's a lot of controversies to how well it works.
19:53:31 I was looking at one of the things. This has nothing to do with anything at all, it's just like a something you should know about online reviews, online reviews are almost universally written by people who are mad.
19:53:46 And of these angry people, about 95% of them never read the instructions.
19:53:52 So if you read about the latest apple operating system, and you'll see the very next day, people saying, Oh, don't update to the newest operating system.
19:54:00 I did it, and my gerbil is now can no longer have children, and you think that's not relevant to anything.
19:54:06 What are you talking about? But you'll see that a lot of people will complain about things, and they obviously haven't read the instructions.
19:54:13 And this photo scanner I was looking at reviews, and then I thought I'd look at customer reviews and a lot of them say, Oh, it doesn't work.
19:54:22 And then they in just in the in the narrative they write about what they were trying to do.
19:54:28 You're thinking, Ok, it didn't work because it can't do that, anyway.
19:54:33 So you have to be a little bit careful. But I talked to several photographers.
19:54:36 They said us. This was wonderful, and so far I've been impressed by their you know, 20 to 40 year old photographs, and they look not bad.
19:54:47 The maximum size is 7,000 by 5,000 or so.
19:54:51 Pixels. So for a little snapshot print that's not bad at all.
19:55:01 So say you're ready to trade your phone in. Do you have a checklist that we should do prior to doing so?
19:55:12 Well, that was the part one was when you should upgrade, and I gave you the criteria.
19:55:20 If it's no longer supported, and so on. So so, and what to look for in terms of memory and all that.
19:55:24 The second thing is, how should you do it? And there are 2 different types of things about how you should go about doing the upgrade.
19:55:40 Okay.
19:55:33 The first one is that the one that's most difficult for most people, and that is, get rid of all the junk, and that's can be junk on your phone jump on your ipad junk on your Mac.
19:55:46 I was at some's house recently, not even going to mention the gender, because it's not really relevant.
19:56:00 Okay.
19:55:53 This person I know that their trash cameras fall, and I, the icon, said there was something in the trash can, and so I absolutely.
19:56:03 We were trying to figure out problems. And I opened up the trash can, because, she said, the machine had crashed, and so and sometimes when the machine crashes, it'll leave a file in your trash.
19:56:18 Can that says what it was doing at the time. It crashed, and I wanted to look and see what it was. There.
19:56:23 When I clicked on a trashcan, the screen, everything locked up for about 10 min, and she says, Oh, yeah, that I know, for open the trash can anymore cause it just does that spins forever.
19:56:35 So I talked with her in about 10 min later it finally opened up the trashcan.
19:56:39 She had 28,000 things in her trashcan.
19:56:43 She never emptied the trashcan. If you're going to upgrade to a new machine, empty your trash because there's no reason to transfer to your new machine, things are throwing away.
19:56:57 I was actually curious about that. So I took everything in a trashcan I stuck it into a folder, and it came to 300 and some odd gigabytes, and one of the problems she had.
19:57:07 She said she was running on a disk space. Well, after we dumped the trash she had 300 GB worth of space that she didn't have just moments before so empty your trashcan.
19:57:20 Go through your mail, get rid of your junk, mail.
19:57:22 A lot of people never empty their junk mail folder, empty.
19:57:26 Their trash. If you've tracked messages. For some reason people keep them forever.
19:57:31 Oh, I might want that someday. Well, looking through your trash if you've trashed messages. For some reason people keep them forever.
19:57:39 Oh, I might want that someday. Well, looking through your trash here, it looks like you haven't wanted something anything since about 2,011, so you know, empty tracks and few junk mail empty the track in that.
19:57:47 Do that in email, empty the trash in trash can.
19:57:52 And on your Mac, if you get a lot of messages with photos in them, you might want to try saving the photos.
19:58:00 You select a bunch of messages and you go up to the menu.
19:58:05 There's a way to have it. See? All of the photographs at once.
19:58:09 It, gives you messages. We'll give you a little outline of what those photographs are if you want to keep those fine, but keep them out of messages, because if they're in messages they're taking up room when you buy a new Iphone you get 5
19:58:25 gigabytes free on icloud, except that the icloud storage, the free stuff.
19:58:32 Those are for messages for email, for photographs, for everything and it's really easy to fill it up.
19:58:41 And sometimes you want to know how to get rid of something.
19:58:43 I currently have on this phone 4 GB worth of messages.
19:58:50 So if I were to delete all of my messages I'd end up with 4 GB of space that I didn't have before.
19:58:56 In my case, what we did is we just went with a heart well, larger page.
19:59:00 It's plan on Icloud, because my spouse tell me that bad things would happen if we didn't do that.
19:59:10 But just make it just get rid of things, is the first thing you should do the second thing you should do is that if you're going from, say, a 2,016 machine to a 2,023 machine you might look at the programs that you have and find out how many of them you
19:59:31 haven't used at all, and uninstall them.
19:59:33 There is an option when you're moving from one machine to the other, you take your old machine, your new machine.
19:59:39 You hook them together and you can run a utility that's called migrate migration assistant on your Mac, and it'll take stuff from your old machine to put it on your new machine.
19:59:50 There's no reason to move programs over that. You haven't used, and that programs that won't work about 8, 10 years ago, when I upgraded one of Kathleen's machines, we found a copy of Norton utilities was still installed norton this particular
20:00:10 version of Norton utilities had not been upgraded since 1990.
20:00:13 3, so, as she migrated from one machine to a new machine to a new machine, it was getting migrated with it, and we just throw it away.
20:00:23 So it go through your programs and see what what you're using, what you really don't use.
20:00:29 And I'm gonna share my screen again. So I can show you how to check on that sort of stuff.
20:00:36 Let's move this out of the way, and I'm using a new Mac.
20:00:41 So this is, I'm using the latest operating system.
20:00:46 But under General no, I went. That's not what I want. I want system.
20:01:03 Down here. We have system. Report. If you click on this, it tells you all kinds of things about your your Mac, including the software that you have, and and I'm not getting what I really wanted.
20:01:21 Alright!
20:01:28 Applications. That's what I went.
20:01:33 And it's not letting me do this because I'm not an Admin user.
20:01:38 Oh, yes, it is. It's just taking a while.
20:01:42 If you come over here you can click on this thing, says Kind, and it tells you 30 bit to bit unsupported.
20:01:50 These are things that are on my apple silicon machine that I can't actually run.
20:01:58 And most of these things are left over. This check register is a program that I helped somebody write once upon a time.
20:02:06 Most of these are old programs that I wrote and I don't care that it's not sported because I just keep them because I wrote them.
20:02:13 You're on mute.
20:02:14 But then I will for you. You'll see that for some things it says that adobe application updated or it says apple silicon.
20:02:23 It means that this program runs natively in Apple's Silicon most of them, you'll see, are intel.
20:02:31 Summer, Ios. I'll get to that in a second, and some are universal, universal means that they were explicitly written written so that they would run on both Intel Max and apple silicon.
20:02:42 Max, the ones that say they are Intel only run only on an intel processor, but if you have an apple silicon machine it there's a special piece of software that it'll automatically load that allows you to run those anyway, and then apple silicon or native for apple silicon you'll notice
20:03:02 though that some of these are Ios. How can you run an Ios application on the apple silicon machine?
20:03:11 And the answer is, that's one of the one of the features of Mac OS.
20:03:19 What is it? 10 and 11 is that for you can run some Ios programs natively on that.
20:03:27 And mostly it's used for things like games. I don't think I have any games here, but you can run some games.
20:03:36 Iphone games, ipad games, natively on, on a apple, silicon machine.
20:03:41 But this, this applications list will tell you things that you know I I could just get rid of these things and save space.
20:03:49 Now, in this particular case, I'm not going to for a variety of reasons, but for most people they want to.
20:03:58 Deinstall these, because there's no point in in moving them to a new machine.
20:04:08 Sure!
20:04:05 Lawrence, can I ask you a question? Real quick, since oh, you were just screen sharing.
20:04:12 I thought maybe what you could just show me on downloads. How do you delete downloads?
20:04:17 You go into the downloads folder and just throw them away.
20:04:22 Can you show me? I just tried, and it didn't work.
20:04:23 Okay? Okay, for sure.
20:04:28 Hit the delete button, yet to move, to trash.
20:04:33 Yeah.
20:04:33 So I open downloads.
20:04:35 Okay, here's the downloads folder, and it has something.
20:04:39 Hold on you're going too fast. How did you get it in that view?
20:04:43 I get it in like a different view.
20:04:44 Oh, yes. Well, one of the things here is I can't stand it.
20:04:50 The downloads where it comes out in that fan.
20:04:53 Okay, this isn't a fan. It's just got the little pictures of each like a grid kind of thing.
20:04:58 Yeah, I know. But I'm I'm crazy things in here so I can show you what the options are downloads.
20:05:07 It normally comes up in a fan view. So you do this, and I say, open downloads actually, why isn't it Fanning?
20:05:16 Now because I missed it.
20:05:19 Is click on left, click on it, and it should do that.
20:05:22 Okay.
20:05:24 Yeah. Nope, never mind.
20:05:26 Hmm!
20:05:25 Oh, there it is! I find this immensely annoying.
20:05:31 So if you right click on it, you go go into options and you can say list, because when I open up downloads I wanted to give me a list.
20:05:41 I don't want it to do that. But the other way, if it's showing you icons, that's because you have it set to come up here and say, showing icons.
20:05:49 So it's giving you this view, which is annoying, awesome.
20:05:52 Well, yeah, it's yeah. And it's actually not even that nice looking it's all the pictures on your screen like iridescent. I don't know.
20:06:03 It's not that view. But I okay, I know where to change it.
20:06:04 Yeah.
20:06:05 And then you can just click from here and delete.
20:06:07 They are. Just grab them, and right click and say, Move to trash!
20:06:11 Okay, it was because of the view that it was in that I couldn't get them to delete from downloads.
20:06:20 That's and then you opened it in finder.
20:06:23 Oh, I almost always. That's because I want to open the folder.
20:06:27 So if I want to open the folder and use it as a folder.
20:06:32 The downloads folder is a folder.
20:06:34 And use it as a folder. The downloads folder is a folder, so I want it to act like a regular folder.
20:06:38 The downloads folder is a folder, so I want it to act like a regular folder, and if I have a bunch of stuff and downloads, this is easy. I was recently playing around with adobe firefly adobe firefly is an AI
20:06:46 artificial, intelligence-based art program. You give it a text prompt and it draws picture from it, and I must have made 50 photographs.
20:06:55 So they all ended up my downloads, and I wanted to go sort through them.
20:07:00 It's much easier just sort through them when they're listed like this.
20:07:04 Yeah, okay.
20:07:02 Then, if you have icons, because that's just a knowing.
20:07:07 Okay. Thank you.
20:07:13 Okay. Any other questions.
20:07:17 Oh! I answered one question which I told you how to upgrade a Mac.
20:07:22 Get rid of Uhunk mail. Empty your trash, that sort of stink that also applies for your phone.
20:07:31 Hmm! It's bad.
20:07:38 Hmm!
20:07:30 If you're upgrading your phone, basically get rid of your, the, your email trash and check mail, all of that stuff because, as you transfer it from the old phone to the new phone, it just takes longer if it has to move all that junk and the same thing with your
20:07:47 ipad. It just takes longer. If you have to move all that junk and the same thing with your ipad, it just takes longer.
20:07:52 We did it.
20:07:50 If you have to move all that junk. So so just just get rid of that stuff and make it nice and tidy, and throw away things that you're just not using.
20:08:01 When I upgraded to my current desktop machine the oldest program I threw away was from 2,017, which is fairly recent, probably for some of you, but that hadn't been updated, and I wasn't using anymore.
20:08:19 So I just threw it away, and it didn't need to be updated.
20:08:22 Another thing to think about, which I didn't mention. If you, if you can keep your old phone and your new phone, your old ipad and your new ipad, your old Mac and your new ipad your old Mac and your new Ipad, are you in new Mac when you're doing the
20:08:39 upgrade because you can link them so that they'll actually push things out to it for a phone the easiest way to do it is to push everything up to Icloud.
20:08:50 It should be there anyway. But some people like they haven't sync photos, and so on.
20:08:55 So forth, turn everything on sync it to Icloud, and then, when you have your new phone, it'll just download everything from Icloud fast, easy, efficient.
20:09:04 But if you missed something, and you gave away the phone, you can't do anything with it.
20:09:10 At that point. So if you can keep your old phone or your old ipad, old Mac, until you do the conversion for Max, there's usually a lot more things to move, and for that, you can actually link them together using an ethernet cable using a USB, C table whatever whatever kind of
20:09:32 thing that you need. You can link them together that way and do a brain transfer from one to the other.
20:09:38 If your Mac is so old that it doesn't have something like all the new Macs have Usbc connectors.
20:09:45 If you have something that's got a firewire connector and doesn't have a USB.
20:09:47 C. Connector, the best way to do this is to buy an external drive.
20:09:52 Do save everything, using time machine to that external drive, plug your new Mac into the external drive and suck everything back.
20:10:02 You! That one of the things that migration is sitting I'll show you what migration is.
20:10:06 Assistant looks like if you bring up migration assistant.
20:10:12 It says, you wanna know, migrate something, continue, and it once a username and password. Okay?
20:10:23 What I am me pretty sure that.
20:10:34 Okay, we're gonna cancel this because it's going to.
20:10:41 Apparently it's going to.
20:10:44 Okay. We don't want to use. We don't want to demonstrate migration assistant, because it's kind of cut my connection to the Internet.
20:10:53 But one of the things that ask are you migrating from another?
20:10:55 Mac, or are you migrating from a from a time machine store?
20:10:59 If you have a fresh time machine store, you cook up the drive to your Mac and say, migrate from that drive and just go out to dinner and come back and it'll come back in and it looks like you're supposed to the advantage of keeping your old Mac if it doesn't work.
20:11:18 You can try again, whereas if you've given it away or something, then you can't do that.
20:11:25 Obviously speaking of giving it away on your Mac and on your iphone and on your ipad.
20:11:33 There are ways of of preparing them to give away, and if you go into Google and Site type in preparing my Mac to give away, it'll tell you through the steps that different steps for the iphone, the Ipad and a Mac and it basically says turn off Icloud log out of find
20:11:56 my Mac, and do some other things, and then it'll just erase the drive, and it'll come back up with the apple logo and nothing on it.
20:12:07 But you don't want to give away your machine with anything on it.
20:12:10 You want it to look like it direct from Apple.
20:12:14 If you are, machine is not bootable, and you want to get rid of it.
20:12:18 The best way to do it is to talk somebody into figuring out how to take the drive out and beat on it with a sledgehammer.
20:12:26 If you're if your Mac has a dead drive and you don't want the machine anymore, the drive should be removed and somebody should hit with something.
20:12:34 Really heavy old dead drives can be recovered.
20:12:39 What about an ipad that's in that shape?
20:12:43 It's not bootable.
20:12:44 If it's not bootable, there's probably nothing that anyone can get off of it.
20:12:49 But if you, you know, get a heavy sack and pound on it you wanted in this heavy sack, so that things don't go flying around.
20:13:01 Yeah.
20:13:01 But what was that?
20:13:02 Lawrence.
20:13:06 Oh, Kathleen asked about a Gaza.
20:13:11 There are de Gazers that will work with computers and ipads and iphones, but the ones that work with computers and ipads and iphones are so powerful that if you have something like a pacemaker, it'll also turn your pacemaker off so
20:13:24 generally speaking, those on the kind of things you're going to have in your own home by, for the example, in in the government, we would take entire servers, and we put them into this room that had this the Gaza we leave the room.
20:13:40 We flip a switch. The lights with dim, and it sounded like we are electricating.
20:13:45 Somebody, but that was really expensive, and and the machines are genuinely dangerous.
20:13:52 For most of us a big camera works quite well.
20:13:58 Lauren has a question.
20:14:02 Yes.
20:13:59 We have a 2014 Macbook pro 15 inch retina screen.
20:14:10 That with 16 gigs of memory we tried to buy the biggest thing we could at the time, cause we wanted to keep it as long as possible, and it still works fine.
20:14:20 But the question is, and it's running a big sur version, 11.7 point 6 like, how do I know when it's time to retire? This puppy?
20:14:31 If you cannot update it anymore. That's the basically, that's the key.
20:14:40 What a developer!
20:14:38 And that apple's worldwide developer. I'm sorry.
20:14:45 That was you being reverberated.
20:14:49 Oh!
20:14:53 At Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference.
20:14:55 They're probably going to announce new operating systems for the Mac, and you.
20:15:00 They'll publish shortly after that a list of what machines are incompatible with the one that's going to come out, and at that point you should probably check that out to see what it is.
20:15:11 If it's 2016, a macbook pro, it might still be covered.
20:15:15 It's 2014.
20:15:15 Okay, 2014, 2014 could be Iffy. I'm pretty sure that doesn't have a T one or T 2, chip.
20:15:24 It doesn't have the security chip and Apple is is putting that security chip to more and more uses.
20:15:34 So I think that's that's let's put this way.
20:15:40 The average. The average windows machine is kept for 9 months.
20:15:46 That's usually because in 9 months they managed to screw it up so bad that they can't figure out how to use anymore.
20:15:52 And they go out and buy a new one. I'm not making this up.
20:15:54 The average windows machine is kept for about 9 months the average Mac has kept for about 5 years you're way past the 5 year mark.
20:16:04 Is kept for about 5 years. You're way past the 5 year, mark. So you're doing good.
20:16:06 But I would. If you can't update it.
20:16:08 That's when you need to give some serious thought to getting a new machine.
20:16:13 Thank you.
20:16:15 Or if there's a capability that you can't use like, for example, there are some things that I cannot do unless I have a apple silicon chip, and so I went with an apple silicon machine.
20:16:35 Okay.
20:16:29 But it it that's entirely up to whatever you, whatever you normally do, and what your needs are.
20:16:38 And so you were talking about the different, you know that for many people and M.
20:16:42 One two-based machine works, and I think you may have talked about this before.
20:16:48 But if when we're thinking about upgrading and thinking about an error versus a macbook pro you know the lighter, I mean at this point it seems like they're very similar in terms of capabilities.
20:17:06 Am I missing something about that?
20:17:08 The Macbook air M. 2 is pretty much just as powerful as the Macbook pro.
20:17:17 I think the Macbook pro has more ports on it.
20:17:19 So if you wanted to hook that up for more things that's that's of use.
20:17:24 But the macbook air and one I found to be too slow, so if you were thinking about saving money by buying the M.
20:17:30 Yeah, yeah.
20:17:31 One, I think the M. One is too slow. The M. 2 is much, is much faster.
20:17:36 The Mac mini, M. One. On the other hand, it's perfectly happy.
20:17:41 It just depends upon what you're doing with it.
20:17:46 The Macbook, air.
20:17:40 Bye, you, too, what you're doing with it. Okay?
20:17:50 Yes.
20:17:49 I spent a lot of time waiting for it to do things in that way.
20:17:54 Thank you.
20:17:57 Other questions.
20:18:00 Yes.
20:17:59 I have a question you talked about clearing out applications that are no longer used, and I have a little bit of ambivalence about that, because it seems like I've heard that you should uninstall them.
20:18:18 Yes.
20:18:19 And that sounds kind of like, what? How do I? How do I uninstall versus just delete?
20:18:24 Okay. That's a good question. And I will share my screen.
20:18:30 Okay.
20:18:29 And I wish you what I do. There is a free utility called app cleaner.
20:18:45 I think I asked me half this.
20:18:40 And this is great. Yeah, app cleaners free. And if you want to know something about it, you can go to their website and just go into Google and type it app cleaner Mac, so that you know you're getting the right thing app clean or Mac, and it takes your here, it's produced by freesoft which really is
20:19:09 free, and if you want it, you just press that blue downloads button and it downloads it, and what it does, and I'm not actually going to delete anything, because I don't think there's anything I really want to get rid of.
20:19:19 But I want to show you how it works. If you, if you go into appations and you find something that you don't want like big, mean, folder machine.
20:19:33 And you say, move to trash that will move it to the trash.
20:19:36 It might ask you for your username and password, but it'll move it to the track if you move it to here.
20:19:43 It not only moves it, to the trash well, in this case it doesn't have anything else.
20:19:47 Well, that's kind of disappointing. My demonstration didn't work too well, let's find this ones.
20:19:53 Let's see about that one. Okay, you'll see that this particular program is called Blue Canoe Pronunciation Dictionary.
20:20:02 And if you wanna know what it is, you type, in a word, and it tells you how to pronounce it.
20:20:06 If you throw it away here at the finder, it only throws away the application, and you'll see that it's actually stored things in all kinds of other places.
20:20:18 And if you're throwing away the application, you probably want to get these other things, which is why app Phena is is a good utility to get rid of things.
20:20:26 I will warn you, though, that there are lots of things that people say that they don't know what they were so they threw them away.
20:20:33 For example, in the utilities folder which I'll a lot of people never bothered to look at. They say.
20:20:39 Well, I don't know what key chain access is, so I'm gonna throw that away. And I don't know what migration assistant is.
20:20:46 So I'm gonna throw that away. No, really. Only throw away things that you know what they are, because you might find out that your machine really needs some of those things.
20:20:53 But I highly recommend app cleaner. If you're going to clean your machine because it gets all those little hidden things that are that belong to the to the application that might be stored elsewhere.
20:21:07 Alright. Thank you.
20:21:10 Any other questions?
20:21:17 I have a question for you, which is, I am not able to open the form link to add, my username attendance.
20:21:26 And it should be fairly easy. Yeah.
20:21:35 If you click on the link in the chat, it should bring this up.
20:21:39 Oh, oh, well, I didn't do that. Let's see.
20:21:58 Yeah, just double click on it. Should launch your browser and take you there.
20:22:05 I have one question for everybody, which is, what are we going to do in June?
20:22:17 I will tell you that Steve Lockwood has sent me several requests that I talk about Apple TV, and I've been putting that off because I'm having difficulty trying to figure out how to demonstrate it.
20:22:31 For example, Kathleen is watching me share the screen.
20:22:36 My screen on our TV and we're using apple TV to do that but I can't figure out a good way to demonstrate that to anybody.
20:22:44 But we're using apple TV to do that. But I can't figure out a good way to demonstrate that to anybody.
20:22:55 But but for.
20:22:55 How about a review of whatever apple announces?
20:23:06 Okay.
20:22:58 Oh, we yes, that is almost a given. I'll probably do that, even if nobody wants me to, because I'm going to be.
20:23:08 I'm going to be watching that also. If anyone wants to be get up at 7 Am.
20:23:15 This, Saturday to listen to David Pog talk about artificial intelligence, email me, your your email address, so that I can tell Washington apple pie.
20:23:26 So they can let you in. But I'm going to get up at probably 5 30, so that I can watch as 70'clock presentation because he is entertaining David Pogue, for if you've never some of you probably read I can't
20:23:47 remember what what do you call it? David? Pogue's Missing manuals, Microsoft word Missing Manuals, Mac OS, Missy Manual. He produced a whole bunch of these missing manual things in person.
20:23:59 He is just really full of himself, which at times I found annoying.
20:24:06 But he's still entertaining. So, even if he's annoying, he's he's entertaining.
20:24:11 So I'm gonna watch it. Yeah. So.
20:24:16 One more thing. I don't see anything here that looks like I could click on to be a sign-on sheets.
20:24:25 Me, neither.
20:24:23 It's in. It's in the chat window.
20:24:29 And I'll copy the link, and I'll paste it in again.
20:24:32 So it'll be at the bottom of the chat window.
20:24:35 If you don't see the chat window, there's a icon at the bottom, says Chat Window.
20:24:40 If you don't see the chat window, there's a icon of the bottom, says Chat. You click that open and it pops up the chat window, and it should say something like https.
20:24:46 Slash slash forms dot glee. If you're looking for the icon, it's at the bottom of the of the zoom screen.
20:24:52 It's goes cross horizontally at the bottom.
20:24:54 I can see it, but I don't see the form.
20:24:59 In the chat window. It should be at the bottom of it, should say, forms dot gle dot slash something rather, and if you double, click on it'll bring up the form.
20:25:11 I found it now.
20:25:13 I'm still working on it.
20:25:19 No!
20:25:24 It's not opening.
20:25:28 Well, maybe mine.
20:25:31 I need to get a mouse out instead of.
20:25:39 Laurence, how do you spell David's last name?
20:25:43 I'm sorry.
20:25:42 P o g u e p o g u e.
20:25:42 Code, yes, P. O, yes.
20:25:48 T is in Tom.
20:25:49 No p o G. Is in Gary u g ue sorry.
20:25:55 Got it. Thank you.
20:25:57 I'll put that in chat, too, just for the heck of it.
20:26:00 Alright got there!
20:25:50 T
20:26:09 Okay.
20:26:13 Any other questions?
20:26:15 Laurence, you don't have a really old Mac around still do yet.
20:26:19 Hmm!
20:26:20 The last. All, Mac id have I gave to my nice, anyway, I don't.
20:26:29 I don't have any Macs, that I'm not currently using.
20:26:32 So the reason I asked is because I had a scanner that has a thing to put slides in, but it can't handle any newer than OS.
20:26:44 10.15 point 7. I think it is so.
20:26:48 Actually, I have a solution for things like that. It's a I run things under parallels.
20:26:58 Oh, oh, yeah.
20:26:58 So on my intel-based Mac, I run.
20:27:01 There's a program that what doesn't run on anything past 10.12, and so I've got a virtual 10.12 machine.
20:27:10 And I run this program on that. So.
20:27:13 So if you're interested in using this scanner, or at least trying it to do your slides, it's manual.
20:27:23 But and if you got thousands of them, I think you said then that might be more of a hassle than but you're welcome to it. If you'd like.
20:27:32 Well, there are places that will allow that will scan them as a service.
20:27:40 Yes. Yeah.
20:27:40 They are hideously expensive, and the quality is terrible. So I I am.
20:27:50 I am looking for. I will come. I will give you a call.
20:27:53 Sure!
20:27:56 Okay.
20:27:57 Yes.
20:27:56 I have a question. Hi! Heather! Mac is probably oh, I wanna say 10 years old.
20:28:04 The processor is built right into the machine. If I were to upgrade, do the newer machines now have the processors built right in, or do you have this extra little box?
20:28:19 It's in the year, Imac, that you have.
20:28:24 There is a processor. There are a set of memory. Chips.
20:28:30 There is a separate hard drive. All of these things are separate pieces in the new machines.
20:28:34 The Apple, silicon machines. It's one giant chip that giant chip is everything.
20:28:39 It's the graphics processor. It's the CPU, it's the RAM.
20:28:47 Okay.
20:28:44 It's the storage. Everything is one and and that's why they're so fast.
20:28:50 No!
20:28:50 Because the limitation with a lot of screen with a lot of machines is a speed of light, and you may not think about it.
20:28:56 But if you got a one foot of one square foot, one square foot footprint for your machine, with its chips scattered all over in you're running things at millions of times a second.
20:29:09 And right now we're running them actually at billions of times.
20:29:11 A second. If you move a one foot, wire through that maze billions of times a second.
20:29:20 A second.
20:29:18 That's a big of feet a second. If you put it on a little chip that's one inch square.
20:29:26 It's much, much faster. So that's why that's why everything is on one chip.
20:29:32 It's one large, and it's got the memory.
20:29:35 The graphics processor is the security chip, the everything is in one chip, and that's why it can't be upgraded, because it will.
20:29:45 One.
20:29:45 Yeah, I'll be here.
20:29:50 Okay? The answer, then, is the new machines. It's it's still the same name.
20:29:55 But it's all within the no, the box go to speak.
20:29:58 Yes, and if that's why you want to be very careful when you buy it, that you're getting enough memory and enough storage, because that's it.
20:30:08 Okay.
20:30:08 You can add it externally, but you can't add anything into the box.
20:30:12 Very good, sir, thank you.
20:30:14 Yeah, I have a question. I think I recall last year you talked about getting for buying the apple studio display and I don't know if that's accurate.
20:30:26 But did you get that studio display?
20:30:31 And tell me a lot of some consumers have panned it.
20:30:38 But other people who reviewed it found it quite, quite satisfactory. What's your experience?
20:30:43 Been.
20:30:28 Yes, I I'm looking at you on my studio, just I I have nothing I'm kind to say about it.
20:30:50 It's it's expensive, but the if you do, if you do photography, if you do video, the it's a really bright, crisp display.
20:31:00 It's got built in. Speakers. Gotta build in microphones.
20:31:04 Got a building camera. It's got all this stuff built into it.
20:31:07 It's got built-in USB hubbub, USB see?
20:31:10 Hub on the pack so you can plug other things into it.
20:31:13 I wanted more space, and I went out and bought a display which I've only had for a month and second display.
20:31:23 And it's connected to the studio just using a USB cable.
20:31:29 Nothing complicated, no HDMI or anything. Just USB Cable.
20:31:35 And what was interesting is that people complain about the cost of the studio display.
20:31:39 They said, it's really expensive. This other display which is made by Acs Acs, is famous for having incredibly cheap things to get something that had the same resolution as the apple studio display the apple studios display something like $1,500 this thing was $1,300 so a really cheap
20:32:03 way monitor with the same resolution, costs almost as much as the apple studio.
20:32:10 I can't complain about the apple studio display at all.
20:32:14 Okay. Thank you.
20:32:18 Okay.
20:32:20 Any other questions?
20:32:24 My mother!
20:32:28 Okay.
20:32:23 Then I will see you next month. Good night, everybody.
20:32:29 Alright. Thank you.
20:32:30 Thanks.
20:32:29 Thank you.
20:32:32 Thank you.
20:32:30 Thank you. Look forward to the zoom. One report or June 2. Whatever.
20:32:37 June fifth, before.
20:32:39 Good night.
20:32:40 Hey!

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