June 2023: New Apple Hardware and Software, plus Apple TV

There were multiple topics for our June 20 meeting, each of which could have encompassed a meeting by themselves.

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Video recording of the June 20, 2023 SMUG meeting.

The transcript of the closed captioning starts around 7 p.m., roughly a half hour after the video starts. Note that YouTube generates the closed captioning using voice recognition, and it often makes interesting errors.

19:01:29 Oops!
19:01:37 No, I did not make a sign in sheet Kathleen just asked me, do you have a sign in sheet?
19:01:42 Of course I forgot to make it signature.
19:01:47 Yes.
19:01:46 I have a question. It's I had a hard time signing in going to the link, and I hit.
19:01:56 Go with zoom and everything, but it didn't seem to want to go through.
19:02:04 You should have just been able to click on the link in it. Take you there!
19:02:08 No, and then it said, Allow with zoom! And then it said, and it just spin.
19:02:15 And so I went back and stopped that. And when again?
19:02:19 Yeah, I, that's probably something local with your machine just as an Fy to people before you get on any kind of Zoom Meeting or any kind of facetime meeting or something.
19:02:32 There are 2 things you should do well with Zoom. You should check to make sure you have the current version, and that's why, when I send out the announcements I usually tell you what the current version is.
19:02:43 And the second thing you should do is probably readboot your machine.
19:02:47 A lot of people throughout the day. They launch all kinds of things, and when, especially when you're streaming those other things that are open are using the same kind of resources that zoom uses.
19:03:01 Hey? Thank you.
19:02:58 Zoom is not the world's best written application, and so if you reboot your machine, that forces everything to start over again, it's like a brand new world, and then you can start your Zoom Meeting and probably give you fewer problems, so this this one woman while I was watching she launched a
19:03:18 zooms on her laptop, she launched this zoom, meeting.
19:03:20 I say, wait! Wait! Wait! What was that? She had?
19:03:23 19 applications. Open was a laptop, and when she brought it to into the church, which is where I saw her, she just shut down her laptop at home, but she didn't turn it off she just shut the lid brought it in.
19:03:38 So all these things that she had opened they'd been open for probably a week or more.
19:03:42 So just as an fy. If you reboot the machine, it should respond more quickly.
19:03:47 Thank you.
19:03:49 Anything from our President? Do we have our President? I don't see her.
19:03:58 Oh, there you are!
19:03:57 But I'm here. Oh, welcome, everybody!
19:04:03 I don't see anybody new. So I actually don't.
19:04:08 Well, I have a question. Wanted to know how the meeting went.
19:04:12 I'm sorry. Unfortunately, I missed it. We had friends that were moving, and then another set of friends that were up here on vacation.
19:04:19 That was in the makes for a while, but the one at the church.
19:04:25 How was the turnout, or do you know how many people?
19:04:26 Kathleen, did we have a dozen, 13?
19:04:30 We had 13 people, and they were a mixture of mac and windows in as much as 2 people had windows, machines.
19:04:39 The rest of them were Max, but I covered both, and several people afterwards said that they were surprised that my presentation talked about windows and my presentation, talking about Mac.
19:04:51 Weren't that different? And that's because when it comes to elementary troubleshooting they aren't that the individual techniques are are different.
19:05:01 But the general principles on what you're checking aren't that different?
19:05:07 So, but everyone seemed to be happy. I did have some.
19:05:12 I did have, as I expected, a lot of interesting questions afterwards.
19:05:18 From people that had had problems for a long time, and they were surprised that things that they were doing on a daily basis.
19:05:29 We're actually causing the problems like this one woman.
19:05:34 She? She! She had a risk, rest, rest, and the risk.
19:05:43 Rest was pushing against the option key on her computer.
19:05:48 So when she, if it pushes against the option key, when you type things in the Mac changes what you're typing.
19:05:55 And she said, They'll she'll stop doing that because she didn't know that would happen.
19:06:01 But I thought it II thought it went well.
19:06:04 What's the majority from outside of our user group?
19:06:12 I think about little bit more than half were we were people on the smug mailing list, but there are several people that IA couple of people, were from church from that church, and couple people. One person came from port towns, and one person came from Portland Angeles.
19:06:35 And I didn't really pull them. There might have been more, but at least those 2 people identified them as being from Port towns and Port Angeles.
19:06:41 Huh!
19:06:42 So I thought it went. I thought it went well, and.
19:06:44 Oh, that's great! One more thing before I forget.
19:06:49 I came by this afternoon, and I dropped the check off in your mailbox.
19:06:52 I don't know what time you guys normally get the mail, but I just I didn't ring the doorbell. I just popped it in your mailbox.
19:06:59 Okay, yeah, we'll take a look.
19:07:03 So with that I will turn it over to my mom and let her go over the numbers.
19:07:09 Since that deduction you got reimbursed that way.
19:07:12 Okay.
19:07:16 Okay. Well, we didn't get any deposits in this month, or the last couple of months.
19:07:25 We had that expense to check that. So green is dropped off at your place, Lawrence.
19:07:32 So that gave it was $163 and 26 cents.
19:07:36 Expense for the Zoom subscription for another year.
19:07:41 Yeah. And that was that brings the balance down now to $1,965 and 64 cents.
19:07:51 One comment people had about the meeting at the church is that they thought the screens in the church were up too high, and it hurt their neck.
19:08:02 Hmm!
19:08:15 Okay.
19:08:02 So I was thinking of that because the their audio visual in there is not really designed for what we were doing, and.
19:08:19 Yeah. So they backed up, and then they said they were too far away, and they couldn't see the screen.
19:08:22 But you know.
19:08:28 One moment, said, the next time she was going to bring in her lawn share, because it allowed her to refine.
19:08:32 But I don't know if she was serious enough.
19:08:37 Anything else before I start.
19:08:40 No, not working.
19:08:41 Okay. I'm going to do 2 things. Well, 3 things I'm going to have a quick review of what Apple introduced.
19:08:48 I'm going to show you once again something that I just really think is super cool, and it's free and the third thing is, I'm going to talk about apple TV.
19:09:01 So I'm going to talk about apple TV. So I'm going to start sharing my screen.
19:09:06 And I'm gonna share that screen. And the first thing I'm gonna show you is this thing, this I've told you about last month.
19:09:18 But it's really quite cool. Let's make that thing go away.
19:09:25 This is something called a little little snitch Mini.
19:09:30 You can get it from the Apple Mac store, and it's free, and what it allows you to do is to see everything that you have open at any given time, and if you click on it it'll tell what it talks to.
19:09:44 And I was using this a couple days ago because I was talking to an FBI agent, and he wanted me to use this special super secure.
19:09:55 Thing to talk to him, and I had this open, and I'd forgotten that it was open.
19:10:03 And and I said, Oh, you're talking to me from the data center in Virginia, and he freaked out because that was not something he wanted to talk about.
19:10:12 Okay.
19:10:12 But a little snitch. Mini. It puts up a map, and it tells you everything.
19:10:21 You're have open, and it shows you where they're connected to which it should be enlightening.
19:10:27 You'd be surprised sometimes what your applications are talking to.
19:10:34 Okay. Now, is there any way for me to move this? Oh, yes, there is.
19:10:40 Zoom puts all this stuff up that makes it harder for me to see.
19:10:44 I have a presentation tonight, and I'm going to go through it fairly quickly and then try and get on with the demo.
19:10:58 Where are the okay? I think that's it. Yes, one of the things that Apple introduced while at the Worldwide Developer Conference Apple introduced a bunch of technologies.
19:11:11 But at the delivery conference, since these are software developers, most of the time they spent talking about software.
19:11:17 But they had hardware developments this year that they talked about last year.
19:11:23 They didn't do that last year. It was all software, and one of the first ones was that the next version of Apple TV, if you have an apple TV and you have a Mac, and you have an iphone.
19:11:37 It will allow you to use your iphone as a camera for your TV, so you can have facetime calls and see on your TV.
19:11:46 So this is a face demonstration of a facetime call where you can see the apple TV.
19:11:51 You there in the corner and the iphone, and and I went too far, and you can have a facetime call.
19:12:01 My daughter, hey is in England, and we have facetime calls with her, and we're usually kind of crammed into using their ipad, or something like that.
19:12:11 But with this we we could sit back in chairs and watch her on the TV, and she could see us using the iphone.
19:12:20 One of the things that they had is when they put the iphone next to the TV.
19:12:26 They put it on the stand so as an unannounced thing, apple apparently has a stand that you can stick your iphone on to act as a prop to hold your phones as a camera.
19:12:38 But the other thing it does is that nighttime. It acts as a nightstand, so that you can look up, and it displays in horizontally cross and big, bold letters.
19:12:50 It shows the time the time, so you can use it as a night clock.
19:12:55 But this may not mean too much to you, but Kathleen and I are both excited about this again.
19:13:04 How do you do that? Yeah.
19:13:06 How do you do that? There's there's a new.
19:13:13 There's going to be a facetime app on your TV.
19:13:15 And so you fire at facetime and ask what camera you're going to use.
19:13:19 You put your eyephone there and it syncs with that, and then your iphone streams.
19:13:24 The video to the people in England, or wherever they happen to be.
19:13:31 Iphone or ipad, or whatever she's using, gets streamed to my TV using the apple TV.
19:13:36 So it it takes 3 things, takes a TV, takes an apple TV, which is that black device that you see there.
19:13:44 Speaking, in which, Kathleen, could you bring me one of the apple Tvs in the bedroom?
19:13:28 Yeah.
19:13:50 The apple TV is that black device in the corner, and it keeps on trying to switch the screen on me.
19:13:58 And then it takes an iphone. So you're using the iphone as a camera.
19:14:01 The apple TV is the interface device in your to, and you're TV.
19:14:07 There should be something on on the apple TV that shows the space-time thing.
19:14:15 That there the apple TV does not currently support facetime. But that's going to be out in the next version of Apple TV, which is coming out this fall.
19:14:24 Oh, okay.
19:14:25 So it's an app that runs on the apple TV. That little black box in the left corner.
19:14:33 The next thing that they had that was interesting. Is that right?
19:14:38 Now on the iphone there is a health app and the health app takes information that's collected by your apple.
19:14:48 Watching your phone, and it displays to you like it tells you how many hours you were in bed, and all kinds of and it displays to you.
19:14:58 It tells you how many hours you were in bed, and all kinds of I don't want that.
19:15:00 Oh, sure! The health app on the phone is kind of cramped in terms of what it does.
19:15:09 Well, the next version of the Ipad OS. Will have the Al-health app on the ipad.
19:15:14 So you have a much larger screen to see a whole bunch of stuff and Apple's adding different things.
19:15:23 To see a whole bunch of stuff and Apple's adding different things that it can do like more information on respirations and hearts and a bunch of other things, and that's coming to the ipad and for me.
19:15:30 That's a huge plus, because I've wanted this for some time.
19:15:34 I have arrhythmia and I've had it my entire life, so it's no great thing.
19:15:41 The the apple watch can take Ekg.
19:15:47 And I wanted to show it to the my cardiologist and the only way I could show it was on my iphone, which is kind of pathetic, but with the with the new, with the having the health app on the ipad that'll make it, much much much more fun easier to
19:16:08 do, Mac OS so no is the new version of the apple operating system, and they didn't talk too much about this.
19:16:16 They just showed some features right now you can have widgets on the on, the on the Mac, on on what's the current operating system?
19:16:27 Whatever I'm currently using Ventura, you can have widgets on the screen.
19:16:31 Well, they're expanding that greatly. So it's going to act more like the ipad and the widgets will allow better.
19:16:40 They're gonna add new widgets that'll just be things that stick up on the screen. So you don't have to go look to see what time it is or what the time zones are.
19:16:49 Just stay up there, but it also is going to allow better integration between your iphone and ipad and your Mac and a bunch of stuff that's coming out on this.
19:17:00 But the integration features are going to be what most people notice.
19:17:05 It's just. It's much easier to move things back and forth and do some things on your iphone and see the results on your iphone and see the results on your on your Mac or Ipad.
19:17:15 On the ipad they're doing a lot with widgets as well, including widgets on the lock screen.
19:17:22 For example, this is the. There's an earth clock, and it not only tells you the time, but it also shows you where the sun is.
19:17:30 It assumes that the that it's positioned right over where you are.
19:17:35 So at 9 41, and the I guess this would be in the morning.
19:17:41 It would look like this, and it shows you that. But notice in particular, that the rotating earth is right over the clock.
19:17:51 So it's being it's doing all kinds of just cool things in terms of graphics in order to get it there.
19:17:58 And you can have widgets on your a lock screen as well, so you can just look at your your ipad without opening it up, and see what the time is.
19:18:09 In various time zones, or what the temperature or the air quality index, and so on.
19:18:14 So forth, is so, they think of this as more with Sonoma and Ipad.
19:18:19 OS! It's a they're working intensely on in integration and convenience.
19:18:27 Aspects of the operating system. They introduced 2 new Macs.
19:18:34 One is the Max studio with them, M. 2. Chip.
19:18:37 It's got A. M. 2 Max and an M.
19:18:40 2 ultra chip, the original ipad.
19:18:46 The Mac studios had an M. One ultra chip.
19:18:50 The M. 2 ultra is essentially 2 m. 2 chips that are stuck together so it's a very, very powerful chip.
19:19:00 The Mac pro is the tall one on the right, and that is basically the same case as the existing Mac Pro.
19:19:08 But it's going to have apple silicon chip inside, and you can put up to 192 GB of RAM in it, and it's got I don't remember for 6 or 7 slots so you can use it in the sound world
19:19:26 they put in sound cards, and there, so you can have multiple channels of sound, or you can have multiple channels of video.
19:19:34 All streaming into it at the same time. The Max studio is not that it?
19:19:41 The low end price is like $2,000. The low end price for the Mac pro is basically costs as much as your Ferrari.
19:19:50 It's it's not cheap, but for the for the recording industry and people crunching codes and so on.
19:20:00 So forth. It's probably just gonna be hot stuff.
19:20:04 The M. 2 itself. I have some figures up here.
19:20:08 You can put up a hundred 92 GB worth of RAM by comparison.
19:20:12 My first computer had 16 k. Of RAM. So you know, a bit more it's got a 32 core neural engine and neural engines are useful for things like speech processing and rendering things and cracking codes and so on, so forth.
19:20:30 800 megapascals of memory, bandwidth.
19:20:35 That means moving memory from one part of the chip to the other part of the chip to the other part of the chip.
19:20:40 It can do it really, really, fast, it'll display up to 6 apple studio displays at on that Mac studio.
19:20:50 So if you could plug 6 of those Mac studio device, the Max Apple studio displays you can plug 6 of in it at one time, and it's got a hundred 34 billion transistors which I don't know how many of you are old enough to remember the original
19:21:07 meeting transistor range, the original Sony transistor radio that I saw was, I was living in California at the time, and I was probably in first grade, and there was this thing about the oh, about the size of a brick, and it had 2 transistors in it.
19:21:31 So what this one chip, which is oh, smaller than a than a post.
19:21:37 It. This one ship has a hundred 3,234 billion chips on it.
19:21:46 Really interesting thing. Watch OS 10. They talk mostly about health things different different metrics that it can.
19:21:57 That it can pick up in terms of your health and movement and and respiration and heartbeat, and so on, so forth.
19:22:06 For most people what they're really going to notice are the new watch faces and the snoopy watch face tickled me greatly.
19:22:15 At 1 point a Woodstock slides down the minute hand and bounces off of Snoopy's head, which is pointless and doesn't mean anything, but I thought I was Kathleen, and I both giggle.
19:22:31 We thought that was cool in terms of what it does.
19:22:37 It also tells time, but most of what they spent the time on was that talking about the health benefits of the apple launch, and Kathleen and I use it specifically for that purpose.
19:22:47 They introduced a new 15 inch macbook air, and the big thing about it is that it's got a bigger screen.
19:23:00 And because it's physically larger, it also has a longer battery life than the existing macbook air.
19:23:07 What they spent the most amount of time. It was on the vision.
19:23:13 Pro, these are a set of goggles that you put on to put yourself in a virtual environment, whereas Meta talks about the virtual environment from playing games and a lot of other people do this, too.
19:23:28 They use it basically for gaming. Apple has done something very different, and Kathleen and I, we're fascinated and watched it twice because we wanted to catch up on some of the nuances it creates a virtual environment.
19:23:46 Around you so you can use your computer so you can use your phone so you can use your phone so you can integrate with data as well as showing you things like virtual couches and so on so forth.
19:23:56 But we were intrigued with it for people who were mobility and impaired, or had cognitive issues.
19:24:03 Your head, shoulder, surgery once, and I tried to type one-handed on a computer, and that was very difficult with the with the vision.
19:24:19 Pro, you can type by just moving your fingers. You don't actually have to type.
19:24:23 You don't need a keyboard, so you can type.
19:24:26 You can talk to it, you can give it verbal commands, it watches your eyes.
19:24:32 So if your eyes move in one direction, it watches your eyes, so if your eyes move in one direction, it'll move to a different part of the virtual spreadsheet, or whatever you're using.
19:24:38 We were really, really fascinated with it. The part that we were not so wild about was the price which is, it starts at $3.5.
19:24:47 What was what they didn't tell you. That was interesting, though, is that you can see someone's eyes through the screen if you look at visions, Meta, or a lot of the other.
19:24:58 All of the other ones. They're opaque they just got this brick in front of someone's face, and you can't see their eyes well, you can see the person's eyes through the through this mask.
19:25:09 We thought, Wow, how do they do? You're not really seeing the person's eyes.
19:25:12 There are cameras inside that display. What the eyes look like.
19:25:19 So if they're looking at you, or they blink, you can see it through the goggles.
19:25:23 But you're but they really are opaque. There's essentially a screen in front that shows you what their eyes are looking at and what they're eyes are doing.
19:25:32 So it was. It's a it's a fascinating piece of technology.
19:25:36 And Kathleen and I were mostly interested in in terms of people like disabled vets, or people who have had cognitive or physical limitations, because we see just a a wealth of uses for it, especially if it wasn't price.
19:25:55 $3,500, but you can go on apple sites, and they have some video showing you how it works.
19:26:01 And I encourage you to go. Do that. The Ios 17 has a bunch of new features, but the couple that are going to be the most interesting people is you can set up photocards for people.
19:26:14 So, for example, on the left one say, my daughter calls me when she calls me, rather than just have a phone number.
19:26:21 It'll display card. So that card can be a picture of her or a picture of her, or picture of her house, or whatever it is that tells me something about my daughter, or picture of her house, or whatever it is that tells me something about my daughter you can also set up memojis that are based upon
19:26:33 photographs. Emoji is kind of an emoji, only it moves so you can take a photograph of a cat, and that can be your memoji that represents you or somebody.
19:26:45 And on the right is I get my phone number is 240, area code, which is the it?
19:26:53 Which is Maryland. I didn't change it when I moved here, and when I get calls from 240, or any of the other Washington, DC.
19:27:02 Or Maryland area codes. I just don't pay any attention to them, because it's probably if I don't answer the call, the new phone will give me a transcript.
19:27:14 If they start talking so it'll show up on the screen.
19:27:18 And at that point I can decide whether or not I accept it. You might remember back in the good old days when we had answering machines in the house, you would have an incoming call.
19:27:28 You didn't know who it was you'd ignore it, and then you they start talking.
19:27:32 You realize it was your nephew, or something. You go dash to the answering machine.
19:27:38 Well, this is essentially the modern-day equivalent of that.
19:27:41 Instead of talking to them, they start talking, and it gives you a transcript, and at that point you want to listen to them.
19:27:46 You press the little green, except button, and you can talk to them, and I think this sounds like a splendid idea.
19:27:54 Kathleen jokes that I have a phone so that I won't talk to people and this way I might actually talk to some more people.
19:28:03 And are those they talked about a bunch of things?
19:28:07 The apple keynote addresses normally are 2 h.
19:28:10 This one is 2 h and 8 min, and it really was quite something, and if if nothing else, I encourage you to go look at the the videos they have of the vision pro to see how it works.
19:28:26 Because I really do think they've come up with something very, very different.
19:28:30 I noticed that this the day before Apple announced it.
19:28:35 Meta came up with a new set of goggles from Meta for gaming, and those are only 500.
19:28:44 Bucks, but they also are owned and operated by Facebook, and probably worth less than 500 bucks.
19:28:53 But I don't have a great opinion of Facebook.
19:28:59 Okay. Apple TV. It was been requested several times that I had talked about Apple TV apple TV is 3 different things.
19:29:07 It is a device, it is a service, and it is an app, and I'm going to talk first.
19:29:15 About the device. This I couldn't find screenshots that I like. So I took a bunch of photographs of R TV, the one that Kathleen's looking at right now.
19:29:26 So this is off of our TV. And if it's it doesn't look like a professional photograph.
19:29:31 This is just something I took very quickly at around midnight.
19:29:35 So when you bring up apple TV, it says the you have different choices just sticking with the apple TV part.
19:29:44 You can watch now something, and down at the bottom you see thumbnails of things that I've recently been watching, or things that we own, and I just bought a 6 pack of mission impossible movies.
19:29:59 So it's showing mission impossible. And maybe in Boston, DC.
19:30:03 Stargirl so that's on the menu there so the watch now is you can watch these things, or you can go over the next tab, which is TV apple TV-plusplus.
19:30:14 Apple tvplus is the service so on the apple TV, you can watch apple TV plus, and for that it will show movies that are on apple Tvs.
19:30:25 Such as 300, which has nothing to do with apple.
19:30:28 But apple currently is showing it, or you can watch various series that are on TV or movies that were made for apple TV.
19:30:37 You can watch sports which I see skipped over entirely entirely, because I don't watch sports on it.
19:30:42 You can go into the Apple TV store and buy or rent movies, or you can go into.
19:30:53 Why?
19:30:56 Are. You can go into your own library, and it shows you libraries of things that you already own.
19:31:02 So these are digital movies that we purchased or were given to us, or whatever.
19:31:10 So that's that's the apple TV service running on the apple TV device.
19:31:16 If you go beyond, you look into this, Ted Lasso is on Apple TV, plus.
19:31:24 It's a series that's in its third season, and probably the last season.
19:31:30 It's for the last 3 years. It's the highest rated streaming series on TV.
19:31:37 It's about a football coach from Kansas who is hired to run an English football team, and so it's filled with a whole bunch of yeah in English football, as we call soccer and it's filled with a whole bunch of culture clashes in terms of food
19:31:57 and language, and customs, and so on, so forth. I should warn you that the language is a little bit colorful, because the English on TV, if you watch masterpiece theater, you think that everybody speaks in the Queen's English, and really their language is much more blue than it is in
19:32:17 the United States. So the English people, and in Ted Lasso tend to say very colorful things.
19:32:26 But it's still quite, quite funny. We greatly enjoyed it.
19:32:31 It also has original movies. This is from the movie Greyhound, which is a Tom Hanks movie about a destroyer captain fighting the Nazis in the Atlantic during World War.
19:32:43 2. It was supposed to be released in theaters, but the pandemic came about and Apple bought the movie and has it on apple TV.
19:32:54 It is extremely well done, and I was impressed with the set design, because the it looks like they're really fighting this battle from this destroyer.
19:33:04 But the destroyer itself was strapped a long time ago, so I was curious how they did it, and they actually built a huge set to mimic the bridge, and a lot of it was done with computers.
19:33:15 So really impressed with that apple, also produced this movie which is on the eighth of Tetris into the United States, and it is hilariously funny.
19:33:30 And I was really shocked when I was looking about looking it up.
19:33:33 It's really pretty much true. There are some things that they made up like dialogue, but the events are just bizarre beyond.
19:33:44 Belief. And now there's a movie about it really like that.
19:33:49 And they are even show the original Tetris, which was character based.
19:33:54 That wasn't even graphics based. So it's a really interesting movie which was also produced by Apple.
19:34:02 Hey? It was the first streaming service the apple ever produced, and it won 3 Academy Awards.
19:34:10 It was also one of the very first feature films ever that have deaf sign language as a major portion of the dialogue.
19:34:21 So a large portion of the movie is done in American sign language.
19:34:26 Really, really, really, well, done. If you are a science fiction fan.
19:34:35 They also have started a series based upon Isaac Asimov's novel foundation.
19:34:40 Which has been long thought to be unfillmable, because foundation takes place over hundreds of years and advanced civilization in the far future.
19:34:52 But Apple's doing it, and the second season starts again.
19:34:56 I think in July.
19:35:00 We also have on our apple TV, an app called Youtube TV, that's run by Google, and with Youtube, TV, we get our local news off of our apple TV using the Youtube app and the Youtube app, the ABC Nbc Cbs, these are all seattle Stations.
19:35:23 So we get Seattle news. We get the local news. Anything that they're showing in Seattle that we can actually see unless we had cable.
19:35:31 We don't need cable. We can use the Youtube app for that.
19:35:34 And if you look at the this is a screenshot of apple TV, there are large icons, and you can tell it's for Amazon, Prime and Youtube TV's for Amazon, prime and Youtube TV's for Amazon prime and Youtube TV, and apple TV, and Disney
19:35:48 blast. And some of these things come with it like you see the joystick, red joystick, icon, the third row that's for Apple Arcade.
19:36:01 You can see the little bullet. That's that's the activity monitor.
19:36:06 The same thing that you have on your apple watch and your iphone.
19:36:10 So tracking your activity, and you can do exercises and exercise videos, and so on and so forth.
19:36:15 And you'll see here in the upper left that there's a little gear icon that's the settings program from for Apple TV.
19:36:24 It looks a lot like the settings, icon, that you have on your Imac or your ipad, and works pretty much the same way, and on the third row down on the right side you'll see that blue icon with the looks like an a that's for the apple TV app store where
19:36:43 you go and buy apple TV apps. So it's the interface is very similar.
19:36:50 I'm gonna stop screen sharing for a second to show you something physical.
19:36:55 If I can ever find my!
19:37:00 Stop. Okay, this is the remote that you use for apple TV.
19:37:07 The circle up here at the top and you can use it to go in various sundry directions, and it's got a mute and up and down and volume control, and so on.
19:37:16 So forth, and this is what an apple TV looks like.
19:37:19 It's just a black brick, and it's actually fairly heavy.
19:37:24 This is an older model that's got an HDMI port on the back, so that you can plug your TV into it.
19:37:32 And it's got an Ethernet, Jack. There are 2 models out now.
19:37:35 One doesn't have an Ethernet, Jack, and one does the advantage of an ethernet well, if it doesn't have an Ethernet, jack, then it works entirely over Wi-fi.
19:37:45 The problem with TV over Wi-fi, especially if you're using.
19:37:49 There are people gamers like to use the apple TV for games is that Wi-fi has a built-in latency that most people wouldn't notice.
19:37:58 You know, just things are split. Second off, but with gamers they get upset with that and with the you don't have Wi-fi latency if you plug it into ethernet.
19:38:08 So the Ethernet model currently costs a little bit more than the Wi-fi only version.
19:38:15 But that's what an apple TV is.
19:38:18 And you plug your TV into it and you run it through your phone.
19:38:24 And this is how we get TV. So we don't.
19:38:28 We're on wave, but we do not subscribe to waves TV services because they're really expensive.
19:38:34 We use the Youtube TV the other advantage in having this brick to get your TV when you use wave for your TV service wave sells your TV habits, everything that you watch it sells them to TV companies.
19:38:50 It sells them to Disney and Cbs. And so on, and so forth.
19:38:54 Everything that goes to the apple TV is encrypted.
19:38:58 So nobody gets it.
19:39:02 It's all encrypted. So Wave has no idea what I'm doing with with my with my.
19:39:08 Hey? Notice! Have you noticed that your remote for your apple TV?
19:39:11 Is extremely sensitive.
19:39:16 The the original ones were that used to infuriate me.
19:39:21 The new one. Isn't that bad?
19:39:23 So so mine looks just like the one that you have there.
19:39:27 And it's it's a 4 K version.
19:39:31 It's yeah. It's probably same one.
19:39:30 So I think it's probably the newest one but it, but it has a setting that you can.
19:39:39 Yeah, that's exactly the same one has a setting in there that you can go ahead and turn off the sensitivity.
19:39:45 It has either tactile type of things where you have to actually push things to get them to work, or we were having troubles with even just getting our finger close to it.
19:39:54 And it was sensitive enough that it would change things on us so.
19:39:59 But you can turn that off and make it much less aggravating.
19:40:01 I did not know that I'm going to investigate that.
19:40:03 Yes, yes, in settings for apple TV.
19:40:08 It's wonderful.
19:40:09 Ron. Which where would that be? In which setting?
19:40:14 Well, I'm not where I can see my unit, but it if you Google it, it'll tell Ya.
19:40:20 Why is my apple TV remote, so sensitive, or something like that?
19:40:24 And it'll tell you how to fix it.
19:40:25 Yeah, if you go into this settings app here, it's got a whole part on the remote.
19:40:33 And I just never paid attention to it. So Uhhuh!
19:40:35 Yeah, yeah. It's just made a maddening thing.
19:40:39 Just wonderful.
19:40:42 Lauren. Everything that you're describing is based off of having the apple TV.
19:40:51 Yes.
19:40:48 You know the box, the unit itself. Does all this apply like on our Lg, I have apple TV, just the app, and then I can do the same things.
19:41:01 Does all this apply the same way? Are you specifically talking the?
19:41:13 Oh, okay.
19:41:05 No, the apple TV that is on your lg, TV is the service, which is the next thing I'm gonna talk about the apple TV physical brick.
19:41:17 I add, apps to the apple TV, and everything goes through the apple TV on your lg, it goes through the Lg and it goes through wave and they sell your data.
19:41:29 Among other things, it's it's quite a bit different than the service, which is what I'm going to show next.
19:41:36 Yeah, I have a older TV where we have the actual brick apple TV hooked up.
19:41:42 But then the newer TV came with it. So then the older TV got the brick one.
19:41:57 Okay.
19:41:47 Okay. Well, the the brick one actually does things that the that the one that comes with your TV does not because the the TV has the service.
19:42:01 This is, the. This is the Apple TV service, and, for example, the watch now, and so on, so forth.
19:42:09 It looks a lot like it did on the apple TV, except that you can't do things like Youtube Tvs.
19:42:17 It doesn't offer Youtube TV. You can't add other apps to the service.
19:42:22 So this service that you get a use subscribe to it.
19:42:26 If you buy a new iphone sometimes Verizon throws it in for free and things like that.
19:42:30 But this is a service. So these are things that you can.
19:42:36 Apple TV is an app on your Mac. If you go look for it, you you can find it unless you're operating systems to old.
19:42:45 But it's it's a service.
19:42:48 And the Apple TV service works. The pretty much the same way on a Mac as it does on a ipad, as it does in a iphone.
19:42:57 Obviously the big difference is on a Mac. You've got a much bigger screen than you do on your ipad or iphone, but under the apple TV, plus tab, you can go through, and they've got various sundry programs that you can scroll up and down sideways one of the things that
19:43:18 we're very fond of right now is is a new series called Cyo, which is a Science Fiction series about people.
19:43:27 10,000 people live in this huge underground silo, and none of them know why, because they have a governance that basically says that history started when they moved into the silo.
19:43:40 So nobody has any idea what it's like on the outside, except they have this one external camera.
19:43:45 That shows that people go outside die. It's not a warm, fuzzy series, but it's very, very well done.
19:43:54 It's based upon a science fiction book of the same name.
19:43:58 But these these are programs that you can get through apple TV plus, and they range from series like, these are all series, or they can be movies.
19:44:14 Such as the Tom Hanks, ones that I talked to you about, and if you click on it'll give you a little preview of it.
19:44:21 Well, since I.
19:44:27 I don't know if it'll actually play this for me, because.
19:44:37 Nope, it's not going to play it.
19:44:46 I. It's not gonna play Uhhuh. It's playing it on our TV.
19:44:51 But it's not on the zoom.
19:44:55 Well, but anyway, it's it sound really well done, and but it's got a bunch of different movies.
19:45:07 300 came out there long before the apple TV existed.
19:45:11 But apparently that's showing that as well, and all kinds of there's just an awful lot of content Kathleen and I were noting that something that came up on TV had to do with somebody was doing a report on the data that people were buying.
19:45:29 For based upon people's TV habits and Kathleen and I were thinking about it other than the nightly news.
19:45:35 We don't really watch that much broadcast TV. Most of the stuff we watch is streaming.
19:45:40 And since it comes through Apple TV, they really aren't getting anything on us.
19:45:49 Then they also have a an agreement with Major League baseball, major, league, Soccer.
19:45:57 So you can much sports and and the apple TV, including things that we cannot get from your local one.
19:46:05 You can buy different movies and series, and so on and so forth.
19:46:10 Or rent them, and then of the library.
19:46:15 The you might have noticed that in the newer versions of the Mac operating system there is no itunes anymore.
19:46:20 Itunes used to have not only music, but it also had podcasts, and it had movies, and it had books, and so on, and so forth.
19:46:29 And they've split all those things out. So there's now an Ibooks.
19:46:32 And now there's a podcast, application, and so on.
19:46:35 So forth. But you're video that you used to have on your machine is now on the apple TV.
19:46:42 So if you wonder where that video went, you go look under your apple.
19:46:46 TV app and so these are things that I've recently added.
19:46:51 And these are movies. And these are TV shows, none of which I add.
19:46:54 So I have no idea where these things came from. Home videos.
19:46:59 I used to take my regular Dvds. And I used to rip them, and I'd watch them on our TV and it because those are not purchased videos.
19:47:11 A all considers those home movies so battlefield star Galactica got a whole set of Dvds of that.
19:47:18 And now they're it considers his home movies, and it's broken out by different types of genres.
19:47:27 And that's what that's what the service is, so that there's a difference between the application on the Mac, which is called apple TV.
19:47:41 The server which is called Apple TV. The service which is called apple TV-plus, and the physical device and it's kind of confusing because Apple calls all of apple TV, and I've been talking for quite a bit.
19:47:55 So do I have any questions.
19:48:03 Yes.
19:47:58 I have a Roku TV that streams only, and II have apple TV on it.
19:48:08 And I can watch Ted Lasso and some of the things they have there.
19:48:14 But.
19:48:13 Yes, but you see that that is the service and.
19:48:16 That is the service. I. It is not apple TV per se.
19:48:21 Yes. Okay.
19:48:23 That's is that the app do you call it?
19:48:26 Yes, it's the same as the app that's on your your Mac, or on your iphone or ipad.
19:48:33 That's what the Roku has. It's not the same.
19:48:36 It's not this box that encrypts your in and out, and you can't add other applications.
19:48:43 I didn't show you what some of the other applications are.
19:48:44 There are workout applications. There's a free application that you can watch penguins at a zoom that I'm very fond of, because I'm very fond of penguins.
19:48:55 There are hundreds of apps for the for this, for the physical device, and some of them are free and some of them are not you the one app that does nothing but the earth rotates, and as the earth rotates, and as the earth rotates and as the earth rotates and as the earth rotates you can watch the
19:49:15 watch as the terminator line moves in and things turn into darkness.
19:49:19 So if you watched it for 24 h, you watch a complete rotation.
19:49:22 Why, you'd want that on your TV I don't know, but I was free.
19:49:25 So I got it.
19:49:29 The screen savers on it are pretty special.
19:49:32 The screen savers are phenomenal.
19:49:34 Yes.
19:49:36 The what Apple did was they got it went out with some 4 K.
19:49:41 Or possibly Eightk. I'm not sure exactly. Cameras mounted on stabilized helicopters, stabilized cameras, mounted on stabilized helicopters, stabilized cameras mounted on a stabilized helicopters stabilized cameras on stabilized helicopters and their overhead
19:50:04 views and Greenland, and just fantastic shots, and it's Kathleen and I were joking that they, the city shots, seem to be focused on cities that have flagship apple stores.
19:50:20 So there's London, and there's New York, and there's San Francisco.
19:50:23 It's really just a joke. They were looking for just things that our iconic things.
19:50:29 And there's just and you you can set the physical device so that the screen saver is on for hours on end.
19:50:38 Normally I mindset so that if we haven't used it in 15 min it turns the cell phone.
19:50:43 But my nephew, who was in a he, was in the Air Force.
19:50:48 He wasn't a severe accent, and he had to be discharged from the Air Force he has very, very limited vision, and he likes the apple TV because he's got like an 80 inch.
19:51:01 TV he likes the Apple TV cause. He can see it, and he likes the screen saver.
19:51:08 So when he's having parties over his house. We were just at my grand niece's graduation party.
19:51:14 He'll just have screen savers play one after the other for hours on in no sound or anything.
19:51:20 Just the screen saver. And you see these slowly moving vistas of San Francisco or New York, or ice lows, and they have recently added shots from outer space and from under the ocean.
19:51:33 So it's it's really quite cool.
19:51:36 Just wish they would put on their what you're looking at, you know.
19:51:40 What is this location?
19:51:41 If you just gently tap the the circle, don't actually click it.
19:51:46 Yeah.
19:51:48 Just gently tap it. It'll briefly show up where it is.
19:51:51 Oh, cool! I'll try that.
19:51:54 Yeah, it's one of the first things that I figured out. I said.
19:51:59 There's gotta be a way to show the location, and that's the way to do it.
19:52:05 But we really like the apple TV.
19:52:10 This is an older one that we had from my, actually, this is our original one.
19:52:17 My mother was using it, and it gave her a great deal more control over her TV.
19:52:24 Then then she would have, with a regular, remote, and she liked that, although sometimes she managed to do things with it, that I'd never figured out how she had it set on a sieve assistive technologies.
19:52:42 One she wanted closed captioning, and it was reading the closed, captioning.
19:52:46 But it was reading it really, really, really fast. Neither one of us could really follow what it was saying.
19:52:50 So she did discover things that I haven't been able to do duplicate, but it gave her a great deal more control.
19:53:00 Yes.
19:53:10 Yes.
19:53:00 Lawrence, when you're subscribed to the so Youtube for your your local and nationwide news, can you go back?
19:53:14 And watch something. My whole thing is we only use the Dvr.
19:53:19 Yes.
19:53:19 We never watch, live because we don't wanna watch commercials, or it's at a time that is inconvenient for us to watch it.
19:53:27 So? Is that possible with the Youtube that you're using?
19:53:30 Yes, in fact, they call it they call it an unlimited Dvr.
19:53:37 Because you can say, record everything it will. But as an example, it's not working right now, because of the writer's strike.
19:53:48 But I never watch the tonight show, or the late show, or any of those things on, because they're too late.
19:53:54 But I can record them, and you record them just by tapping them.
19:53:58 And it says, yes, we'll record this, and you can record the entire series so you only have to do that once and it'll record it every day, and you can say record only originals or record originals and repeats, and it when they say it's unlimited
19:54:14 storage from Youtube's perspective. They're just storing a file and they're storing a software on their server.
19:54:20 And other people are probably stored that file, too. So it's not taking up any space on your apple TV or on your device at all.
19:53:32 Okay, so.
19:54:28 It's just a pointinter. So you can. You can go back and pick off any day you want and watch them in the wrong order and watch them repeatedly.
19:54:36 Can you fast forward through the commercials?
19:54:40 It depends upon what it is. It's a recording.
19:54:44 If it's something like, for example, if if you record something from a is an example of a Star trek, we were watching it on on TV.
19:54:59 But there is a Cbs or whoever has a paramount, whoever it is, they have an app, and it sees that you want watching it, and it switches you to the app. And if you're using the app they force, you to watch commercials so.
19:55:16 So you're better off to stay within apple and not go.
19:55:21 It depends. If it's not available, it depends upon how we.
19:55:27 Is, the streaming was working really nice until paramount, and Columbia, and so on.
19:55:36 So forth, decided they were gonna make money off of it. Now it's very confused, you know, whenever.
19:55:40 Yeah, we could like on certain things like, Oh, I think it's on Hulu, on my subscription, I added.
19:55:49 The of course, it's an extra cost, but to have no commercials, cause I absolutely hate commercials.
19:55:54 Yes.
19:55:56 So you pay. I don't know. 4, 99 extra for what?
19:55:59 On top of whatever you monthly is so I was wondering if the Youtube, the news part of what you're doing.
19:56:09 Yeah, yeah. If if you're watching the news and the commercial comes up.
19:56:07 If there's an option, because that's my biggest pet peeve.
19:56:15 But you've recorded it. You can just skip right over the commercial.
19:56:18 And I, wanna, okay.
19:56:20 Well, you can forward over the commercial and the the way you forward on it.
19:56:25 If you tap on this circle at the top it'll go for forward or backward, 10 s at a time, or you can just hold it down, and it'll scroll through it so.
19:56:33 I definitely need to do what Ron did there and figure out the sensitivity.
19:56:38 I mean you can hardly even put it in your hand.
19:56:41 In that sucker goes all over the place, and then.
19:56:43 Yup, that's the problem we were having. Yup, it's all gone now.
19:56:45 Yeah, bye.
19:56:44 Yeah. Well, the older ones that had the black control.
19:56:49 See, II have the older one. Mine's not that new one that you have.
19:56:54 The ones with the black control, I used to say really bad things about it, but the this one's not.
19:56:59 Yeah, we have worked with it, and it wasn't pretty.
19:57:02 This one's not bad. The other thing that you can do with apple TV is that you can.
19:57:10 Oh, I have the remote on my phone for that exact reason.
19:57:15 Yeah.
19:57:13 Yes, I'm gonna switch back to sharing notes that people can see this.
19:57:23 Oh, no, that's not how to do it.
19:57:26 I'm not going to do it that way. Stop! Go away!
19:57:32 I get a move it closer to the camera and it went to sleep.
19:57:37 So huh! That is a an apple TV remote on my phone.
19:57:47 And if you have the current model of the apple of the iphone operating system, it's on there already.
19:57:55 If you go into control center, you can add a whole bunch of different things to your phone and including for flashlights, apple TV, remote magnifier code scanner screen recorder, voice, mammal, a whole bunch of stuff that you can add and so I added the remote so
19:58:17 that I can control. We have a frequent issue that we'll.
19:58:21 We'll watch the news during dinner, and I'll leave the remote closer to the TV.
19:58:27 We're sitting at the table, and we want to do something.
19:58:31 So just take out your phone and and control the TV without.
19:58:37 Getting it from dinner. So it's really handy.
19:58:43 I can see you're really impressed with the fact that I can control my TV with my phone.
19:58:47 But it really is quite cool.
19:58:49 I was just looking at it so. But the TV itself has to be on because it says, which television does it want?
19:58:57 Well, believe it or not. That's not true anymore. If you have something like a home pond, I'm not gonna demonstrate it right now.
19:59:04 But there's a trigger word to use to talk to the homep that may or may not be Seri.
19:59:10 But I will. I will tell the homepod to turn on the TV and turn on the TV.
19:59:15 Well, you're just that sophisticated.
19:59:18 Here's what I found. And I'll stop it.
19:59:23 I was trying to avoid that. But my watch is trying to tell me how to do this.
19:59:27 Once the TV is on, you still can't launch anything.
19:59:32 But I found out that I can say, launch Youtube, TV and the launch Youtube TV won't change channels.
19:59:40 But at least I've got Youtube TV up. So I can do that just with my voice.
19:59:43 Well, then, the remote works on the, on the phone. It'll find it.
19:59:47 Then the remote works on the phone.
19:59:49 I got it. Okay.
19:59:50 Yeah, it's quite cool.
19:59:55 So it's a little bit confusing. But there are 3 different apple Tvs.
20:00:00 The device, the the service, and the app, and the app on on your, on your roku, or on your Mac, or on your ipad or your iphone.
20:00:17 Does some things, and if you subscribe to the service, it does more things.
20:00:22 But if you have this box it does a lot more stuff.
20:00:24 So it's a little bit confusing.
20:00:30 Any other questions?
20:00:33 Doesn't have to be about apple TV can be about something else.
20:00:37 We were talking about.
20:00:40 How many of you are gonna go out and buy on $11,000, Mac.
20:00:46 Pro with with a hundred 92 GB of Rand.
20:00:53 We'll leave that to you.
20:00:57 The.
20:00:56 And then you can teach us.
20:00:58 Yeah, yeah.
20:01:00 The the Mac pro comes in 2 different versions. One is a regular one, that you know goes upright, but then they also have one.
20:01:08 That's rackbound, so you can buy a whole bunch of them, and I know somebody who put in an order for a of those.
20:01:19 They crack diplomatic codes for a living, so they're using them to do.
20:01:27 Hi-in cryptography.
20:01:31 But II don't have that need, so my needs are more modest.
20:01:40 Any other questions?
20:01:43 How do you like your apple studio display?
20:01:49 When well, I like the apple studio display.
20:01:53 I the the sound for something like this. The sound is fine when I'm watching a movie, it doesn't have the.
20:02:00 The it's not as doesn't sound as full as listening to a month home pods, or something like that.
20:02:07 But that's about the only place there's really not top-notch I'm a photographer, and I really really liked the color foridelity.
20:02:16 It's much more accurate than any other display I've ever had.
20:02:20 It's got a hub on the back so I can plug other things into it.
20:02:24 It's I really like it a lot. I was a little bit surprised, though, when my old monitor died, and I wanted to get something that had comparable specs because if you're looking at really accurate color on one screen, and then you turn to this other screen and the colors are different
20:02:42 it's really annoying. And to get something that had decent specs costs as much as the apple studio.
20:02:50 And yet it doesn't have the security chip inside.
20:02:53 It doesn't have the the Usbc. Ports on the back.
20:02:59 It's just it's just not nearly as capable.
20:03:03 And yet the price is comparable so that took me by surprise.
20:03:08 I was not expecting that so it's even a better bargain, I guess, than I thought it was.
20:03:13 It's not cheap, but it's I'm really impressed with it.
20:03:23 No other questions. I have a question. Then what are we gonna do next month?
20:03:31 How about a session on how to use apple maps, especially?
20:03:36 How to use. Say for us service maps with apple maps so you can use Gp.
20:03:45 Hmm!
20:03:43 S. For example, when you're hiking.
20:03:47 That's a good question. I don't even know if I know the answer to that.
20:03:52 I have some friends who are really fascinated with this one app, and I can't remember the name of it.
20:03:58 That it's a server, so it costs money, and I haven't invested.
20:04:02 There's all trails for one, and there's a G.
20:04:05 A IA, or something like that. The other one?
20:04:08 I think all trails is the one they were using.
20:04:12 But it's specifically designed. So you can use your iphone when you're nowhere near cell towers, and it uses the Gp in it to update the map of where you're going.
20:04:23 And it's based upon some fairly high definition.
20:04:28 Trail maps and using us Forest Service and Us.
20:04:34 Park service databases, but it costs money, and I've never used it.
20:04:40 Hi! I've reached the age of my life that if I'm not near a road I probably don't wanna be there so.
20:04:49 If my bicycle can't go there, I probably shouldn't go there.
20:04:56 Other ideas.
20:04:59 I'm not opposed to doing the apple maps thing.
20:05:02 For one thing, I've been shocked at how improved apple maps is.
20:05:08 We used to use Google Maps for everything. And I'm just really impressed with the progress apple has made with apple maps and it's getting the press.
20:05:21 Now that Google mimics some of the apple maps feature.
20:05:24 If you are writing a bike, for example, and you're telling it where you want to go, the your watch will will tap to tell you whether or not you're supposed to turn left or right, and that worked also when you were in the car with taps tell you turn left.
20:05:44 Or right. And now Google does that too, which is which is new.
20:05:49 It took me by surprise when when Google started doing that.
20:05:52 So they Google's learning from apple. So they've greatly improved it.
20:05:59 And if you're in a city particularly San Francisco or New York apple maps, just is phenomenal when you come out of the subway it'll tell you which direction to turn to when you're in the subway and you're spiraling upwards you lose track of
20:06:15 which way is north? Which way south and apple maps will tell you to turn that way, and Google will kind of just strand you on the street and tell you to figure it out.
20:06:24 So I've been impressed with the what they've done.
20:06:28 I'm interested.
20:06:27 Didn't for a while, but it was apple maps was so bad they used Google as well.
20:06:36 But when we came cross country in 2,018, we use Google Maps.
20:06:41 We did not use apple maps, because as soon as we hit the deserts in the Western United States we weren't going to.
20:06:50 We weren't going to subject ourselves to that, we might have ended up in Mexico or Canada.
20:06:56 So we skip that we moved that here we went the southern route because there were having terrific snowstorms in the north.
20:07:06 So we went through Mississippi and Texas and Arizona, and whence, when you're in West Texas, from there to California.
20:07:18 Well, wireless signals are really kind of hard to come by.
20:07:24 But Google Maps would just use GPS and send us on our way, and apple maps would get confused.
20:07:32 I'm interested in tracing ships in the Straits.
20:07:40 Is there an app that's good for that?
20:07:42 Yes.
20:07:44 There are, and there are so apps that'll tell you that with large planes are flying overhead, it'll tell you what those planes are and where they're going.
20:07:55 But there are apps for tracking ships and their apps for tracking planes.
20:08:01 When the Coast Guard does, one of their rescue flights?
20:08:04 That's those aren't logs. So won't help you with that.
20:08:08 But for most things it'll. It'll tell you what the plane is overhead, or you could look at a ship and say, What is that?
20:08:17 Okay.
20:08:15 And and assuming that your sense of direction's halfway decent, you can look at this app, and it'll tell you what that ship is.
20:08:22 So!
20:08:29 Yup!
20:08:22 Carol, I would download the app called the Marine Traffic it's so cool we use it on a nightly basis because we see the the cruise ships going in and out or at night when they're coming back in.
20:08:38 And so we want to know which one we just earlier, we're using it trying to see the cruise ships that went by yesterday.
20:08:45 How far north they had gotten to Alaska, and then I was looking at in Alaska the ones that are heading back that'll be coming through here, usually at about 2 or 3 in the morning.
20:08:57 They come back through the street you can pay for the app, and then you it's like, I think it's a monthly subscription.
20:09:04 I personally didn't find it necessary, because I didn't need all the information, but it definitely.
20:09:10 You can try it, and then see if you want to know way.
20:09:15 More details about the specific ship or the speeds, how there are certain things that are locked on that you can't get without subscription.
20:09:28 But like I said, I'm I'm okay with just seeing the pictures and where it left, and what it's destination is.
20:09:34 Yeah, I live on Dunyness day. So I'd like to.
20:09:37 Okay.
20:09:39 I'd like to have that. I don't care where I mean.
20:09:42 I've been on Alaskan cruise, and I didn't see the lighthouse because we stopped at Victoria, and then you were too far away. Then.
20:09:58 Thank you.
20:09:52 Oh, I see. Yeah, but we find the marine traffic super interesting. Yeah.
20:10:01 By the time I think they leave in Seattle at 5, and at 70' clock they're in front of our house.
20:10:04 Yeah, yeah.
20:10:04 Yeah.
20:10:06 I think you can save favorite votes, too. You know both names or their call signs, or whatever it is, and then you can ask where it is right now, like full star. You know one of those, and it'll show you where it is, and it'll show you where it is and instantly and what they're up to.
20:10:28 Oh!
20:10:32 Yeah.
20:10:33 Hmm!
20:10:24 Yeah, I did that. But I didn't keep paying but that's part of the paid subscription so you can follow your favorite cruise ships, or whatever it is that you're in.
20:10:35 Not a cool thing you're into.
20:10:39 Any other suggestions as to what we do next month.
20:10:47 Okay. Well, if you come up with something, even email me and we'll see what we can do.
20:10:54 Awesome. Also, there's there is a possibility.
20:10:58 I might have jury duty next month that could scare us up.
20:11:04 This courts have been way, way way backed up, so the chance that they won't select me for something is probably fairly small, but it might be, you know, case of shoplifting, or it could be something big.
20:11:20 Have no idea but we shall find out any.
20:11:22 Did you say that you didn't have a sign in sheet?
20:11:27 No, I forgot.
20:11:32 Sorry.
20:11:35 I don't think he really is.
20:11:38 Well, it. It is nice for keeping track, so it would.
20:11:43 It would have been helpful if I'd remembered.
20:11:46 I'm I'm sure Chris wrote it all down.
20:11:49 Yeah, I think she was writing.
20:11:51 I'm a member of. I'm an officer of another user group in the in the DC area, and on Saturday we had Rob Pegoraro, who was a Washington post columnist who wrote about computers and such, and he asked if they had a
20:12:08 sign-in sheet. And there's this deathly silence, because he had.
20:12:12 He goes to these conferences worldwide conferences, where he talks about personal electronics.
20:12:19 So appliance, conferences and computer conferences and security conferences.
20:12:25 And they give them these bags full of stuff, quite often quite useless, sometimes quite useful.
20:12:31 And he was giving away this stuff, and he wanted to use the sign in sheet for a drawing, and he said, Do you have a sign in sheet?
20:12:38 Deathly silence. 80 people in the room, no sign in sheets, so they.
20:12:45 He gave the stuff away. Anyway, it was oh, well, such as live.
20:12:54 Anything else.
20:12:56 Something we might consider is everybody bringing their favorite app that they like, or something, and sharing it with a group either either.
20:13:06 I would I would be fascinated with that if you could.
20:13:10 That's a good idea, that talk about your favorite iphone app or ipad app, or just app on your on your computer.
20:13:21 I find that what I use my computer for today is so radically different of what I used it for in 1,977 that it's not even I, personally wrote my first word processor.
20:13:35 I bought it, so I could turn it into a magic typewriter.
20:13:40 Nobody had written a word processor for my machine, so I wrote my own when I was at Noaa.
20:13:46 They didn't have. You couldn't get Web servers. Software didn't exist.
20:13:52 So I wrote the Web Server software for my agency, and that that that software was our first webinar.
20:13:59 So the kinds of things that I used to do with computers is very different than what I do today.
20:14:04 So I'd be, I'd be very curious what your favorite apps are. So we should definitely do that.
20:14:13 That's something that we could do every month, I mean, just does anybody have their paper or something like that?
20:14:18 Yup!
20:14:19 Give a 2 min, feel on it, or something.
20:14:21 Or if you got something new that you just think is super cool.
20:14:26 Then, yeah, that sounds like an excellent idea.
20:14:29 It doesn't happen. You don't have to listen to me every month.
20:14:32 We enjoy it, though.
20:14:36 Well, thank you. Good night.
20:14:39 Thank you.
20:14:38 Thank yo