Apple is hosting a virtual “Special Event” on Monday, October 18. This graphic is the only information released so far:

Apple Special Event, October 18: Unleashed

Things Apple may announce at the event:

  • A new line of clothing created from recycled packing materials from iPhone shipping containers.
  • A new charging connector that not only isn’t interchangeable with any other connector on the market, but it also will be on backorder until at least 2024.
  • A new high-end MacBook Pro, possibly in both 14″ and 16″ flavors, using a new Apple Silicon CPU chip.
  • A release date for the next version of the macOS operating system, macOS Big Sur.
  • Possibly something having to do with robot gerbils.

We will talk about whatever Apple announces on the very next day, at the Strait Macintosh User Group Meeting.