Scams and the war in Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in an explosion of online scams, both from opportunists trying to divert donations to their own pockets as well as scams by Russian and Russian-allied hackers. DomainTools, a computer security firm that analyzes security threats at the domain level ( is a domain, is a domain, is a domain), has tracked a rapid rise in the number of domains that mention some variation of “Ukraine,”

While not all such domains are scams, a surprising number are, and there are hundreds of them that try to mimic legitimate domains engaged in disaster relief, refugee issues, humanitarian relief, and other perfectly legitimate purposes.

Peek Performance

Apple has scheduled a “special event” for March 8, 2022, at 10 am Pacific Time. From Apple, the only hint at what is coming is the phrase, “Peek Performance,” which is undoubtably a pun on something (Mac, iPhone, robot vacuum cleaner) that is more powerful than something else that came before.

Personally, I am hoping for a Star Trek-type teleporter pad, making it faster and easier to visit England, New Zealand, and Japan. But the rumor mill is positing that we will see a new iPhone SE, or a new iPad Air, or possibly a larger Apple Silicon-based iMac, or an updated Mac mini, or possibly a Mac Pro with multiple Apple Silicon chips that can render a Disney animated movie in mere hours.

Whatever it is, we will undoubtably discuss it at the March 15 Strait Macintosh meeting, along with references to the Ides of March.

Meanwhile, Apple has suspended all product sales in Russia, suspended the use of Apple Pay in Russia, block the download of the Russia Today (RT) News app and the Sputnik News app in Russia, and has disabled traffic and live maps in Apple Maps in the Ukraine.


And a heads-up for anyone who runs a website, either personal or for a business or organization. Russia and its allies have drastically stepped up their attacks on websites, including those with no military or government purpose, such as the SMUG site. Why are they doing this? They attack such sites to turn them into platforms for launching attacks against more sensitive sites, essentially trying to turn the sites into a robot electronic army. We are monitoring the situation.